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S R Corporate Business Profile


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Company formation in India, Branch office, Laision office, Business Registration, VAT Registration, Accounts outsourcing, Legal Compliance

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S R Corporate Business Profile

  1. 1. Elemental Business Solutions Service Solution Satisfaction
  2. 2. The Creation Forged from the spark of ambition, S. R. Corporate Services Private Limited (SRC) began its journey in 2000. Comprising of a group of talented professionals, SRC's core elements are based on the individual strengths of each of its co-founders, who have imbibed values like trust and dependability into the very foundations of this company. The main goal of SRC is to act as an 'enabler', providing total solutions to their clients, ensuring each client's success in the Indian marketplace. SRC also ensures speed and acts as a catalyst, making the client's dreams of effortless growth a genuine possibility. Since its inception, SRC has seen tremendous growth and has built a strong and credible reputation for itself in the 'Knowledge and Process Services' industry. It has consistently achieved its goal, enabling its clients and in many cases exceeding the client's expectations. Keeping in pace with the fast-paced Indian market, SRC designed its services to include business entity setup and management services. Providing a variety of essential services under one roof, SRC gives every client the added benefit of a one-stop-shop solution to business management. Over the years, SRC's clientele has grown rapidly and includes a long list of very satisfied customers. The success of this company can be attributed to the cohesive efforts of its strong team, backed by the leadership and values of its founders.
  3. 3. Empowering Elements Each of SRC's services has been designed, keeping in mind the power of simplicity. Simplicity that is inspired by the most basic, yet most powerful forces of nature. The Panchamahabhuta or the 'five great elements'. Earth, wind, water, aether (space) and fire each represent certain elemental strengths that have shaped our world, our culture and traditions over the centuries. They continue to do so, even today. Their qualities, if harnessed correctly, yield a great source of power. Much in the same way, each of our services provides an irreplaceable, elemental foundation to any new or existing business in India. Each service, unique in its strength, provides power and prosperity to those who choose to harness it. Allow us to take you through the various business-essential services we offer.
  4. 4. Vision: To be India's most prestigious organisation in the field of Entity Setup and Management Services. To be an 'enabler' and catalyst for growth, providing a platform for business expansion in India to the global community. Mission: To provide unparalleled Entity Setup and Management Services to the global business community, for expansion within India. To be a trendsetter in providing business solutions to the client, adding value to their organisation. To achieve the highest level of satisfaction for the client, coupled with rapid rate of growth for their business. To create a transparent environment, resulting in the overall growth and development of our associates by maintaining high moral and ethical standards. To encourage the spirit of teamwork within the organisation. To continuously adapt to the changing business environment, remaining up-to-date and current at all times.
  5. 5. The Power of Earth Entity Setup Services Every business entity begins with a dream of its founder, for its success and prosperity. But, setting up a business in the real world takes a lot of effort. We, at SRC, understand the intricate needs of a new firm trying to establish itself in today's competitive market and have packaged our services accordingly. We draw our inspiration from the element 'Earth' when it comes to setting up and registering new business entities. With a view that it can begin its journey with an attitude of Earth or Bhumi fearlessness and a belief in the abundance of nature. The Entity Setup Services we provide ensure that starting a “The 'Earth' element in classical business activity is an encouraging and hassle-free activity Hindu mythology is represented for our clients. We understand that the time spent by an investor or entrepreneur is most crucial at this stage. The by Bhumi Devi or Mother Earth. multitude of tasks that are involved in preparing an entity for Representative of fearlessness multiple registration include voluminous documentary flow and need to be completed within specific time lines. and abundance, earth is the most solid of the five elements. SRC's Entity Setup Services empowers our clients, at this first stage, by educating them about the necessary It provides a strong foundation formalities and by assisting them in completing the various and holds limitless possibilities registrations in time. for growth.” Like the earth element, our Entity Setup Services acts as a foundation on which a strong business entity can be built, can take root and can thrive, well into the future. Some of the services we offer under Entity Setup Services are: Company Incorporation Liaison Office Formation Branch Office Formation RBI Approvals Income Tax Registrations VAT Registrations Service Tax Registrations State Law Registrations
  6. 6. The Power of Wind Talent Solution Services The success of every business entity is determined by the power, strength and commitment of its people. This makes it extremely important for every company to acquire the right mix of people to achieve organisational objectives. At SRC, we look at the workforce of a company as the life- force of a company. Like the element 'Wind', people act as a 'vital breath' to the company, bringing it to life. Each employee possesses a unique capability and talent. This is why we choose to refer to the recruitment services we offer Wind or Vayu as Talent Solution Services rather than simply recruitment solutions. “In classical Hindu mythology, We help our clients identify, match and recruit the right the 'Wind' element is a primary talent for their organisations, maintaining a delicate balance which ensures success. Staffing services also deity. It is also referred to as the form a part of our service menu, helping our clients with 'Deity of Life'. Spiritual father to both short-term and long-term talent recruitment needs. Lord Hanuman, this 'vital breath' We look forward to strong support and a positive attitude can easily overpower and without from our clientele in this regard. This enables us to continue to deliver a high-standard of services with timely and it all is lost. It represents the successful outcomes for our clients. ultimate life-force.” Our own well-balanced mix of core management professionals has been instrumental in meeting client needs across all verticals and sectors. Our aggressive and ethical approach has worked wonders, placing us in the Top 3 service providers list. Some of the services we offer under Talent Solution Services are: Finance & Legal Professionals Operation Professionals H. R. Professionals Administration Professionals Sales & Marketing Technical Specialists Niche Profiles
  7. 7. The Power of Water Accounting & Compliance Services One of the key components of a successful organisation is its ability to develop and setup efficient accounting systems that keep track of and guide the flow of finance and management information. The flow of finance resembles the flow of the element 'Water'. If used correctly, it provides the ultimate source of power and without it all is lost. Like water is to life, finance is the pulse of an organisation. At SRC, we tap into this pulse with the help of an efficient accounting system, one which Water or Jala takes a broader view of accounting and not one that merely focuses on bookkeeping. “The 'Water' element in classical Setting up the basic procedure of the accounting system, Hindu mythology is considered a timely updation of the books of accounts, adherence to the compliance requirements of Income Tax, VAT Laws, deva or God. It brings abundance Service Tax Act, etc. all form a part of our Total Accounts and life to every path it touches, Management Services. empowering others with the force We even customise our services to the need of the client by of its flow. It is also associated assisting them in the preparation of their monthly reports which are important in the management decision making with Chandra or the Moon. This process of every firm. This leaves the client free to element represents the power of concentrate on the core competency of their business, enabling them in achieving greater success. intuition and imagination.” Some of the services we offer under Accounting & Compliance Services are: Regular Bookkeeping Statutory Payment Filing Service Tax Return E-TDS Return VAT Return Monthly MIS
  8. 8. The Power of Aether Consulting Services In the world of business, the limitless possibilities that present themselves can make decision making a huge challenge for an organisation. But, it is these very decisions that set an organisation on the path to its future success or failure. The element 'Aether' possesses the unique quality of limitlessness, combined with divine guidance. For us at SRC, aether's vastness represents the vast number of business opportunities and business risks a company Aether or Akasha faces. While its cohesiveness or oneness, the guiding force of consciousness, represents the need of every company “The element 'Aether' in classical for a sound, stable, all-knowing guiding force. Hindu mythology is the essence SRC's Consulting Services focuses on the field of taxation, finance, expansion, etc. These services act as a guiding of all things. Better known as the force to an organisation, ensuring its sound growth well into 'Fifth Element', aether is the future, with limitless possibilities for success. represented by sky or the vast SRC's expertise in the field helps generate the best ideas expanse. It is the all-pervading, for our clients, resulting in the best outcomes for their companies. The expert planning and control we offer eternal, limitless physical through our Consulting Services, helps portray our clients oneness. The basis for both the in a very good light while interacting with Taxation authorities and other governing bodies. material world and the spiritual Some of the services we offer under Consulting Services realm of consciousness.” are: Direct Taxation Indirect Tax Consulting Finance Consulting Project Financing
  9. 9. The Power of Fire Assurance Services It is extremely important for every organisation to exercise complete control when it concerns monitoring various aspects of the business process. Like the complete control wielded by Lord Agni, the Assurance Services we offer our clients performs the vital role of a controller. Here, we enable our clients by conducting thorough evaluations of their control systems and test their preparedness to face risks to their businesses. We also test the strength of the installed Fire or Agni processes they utilise. These services give a sense of security and certainty to our “In classical Hindu mythology, clients. Leaving them assured that all the systems and the element 'Fire' is represented processes, that have been set in place for efficient functioning, are correctly installed and fully operational. by one of the most important SRC has the ability and skills to look beyond the obvious, Vedic gods, Lord Agni. This picking up on any irregularities and inconsistencies. This element takes the form of fire, has time and time again served in ensuring our clients lightning and the sun. The complete security and certainty. And above all else, complete control. acceptor of ritualistic sacrifices, Some of the services we offer under Assurance Services Agni is the messenger from and are: to other gods. He wields Performance Analysis complete control.” Process Audit Risk Assessment Internal Audit
  10. 10. The Power of Teamwork Narayan Toshniwal Chairman & COO- Taxation & Banking At the helm of our organisation is our Chairman, Narayan Toshniwal. He has 18 years of expertise in the industry, with in-depth experience that includes managing the Consulting Services of SRC. From our inception in 2000, Narayan has been instrumental in providing Project Finance Consulting Services, Debt Restructuring Services and Debt Settlement Services with Banks to the various corporate houses we service. He has also consulted in formulating the business strategies for many corporates. Rakesh Parik Rohit Dubey Chief Executive Officer & Chief Human Resource Officer & COO - Company Law Practice COO – Talent Solutions Rakesh is a true ideator and is responsible for the Since our inception, Rohit has been heading our creation and development of our Entity Setup Talent Solution Services. He ensured that we Services which takes into consideration the varied maintain the highest quality standards and a fast needs of our global clients. pace of growth, keeping up with the rapidly changing global market environment. Over the years, he has The services he has helped setup within SRC have been instrumental in recruiting the right talent for helped clients get total solutions to their business SRC and its clients. The very efficient SRC team has problems under one roof, with un-matched service been handpicked by him. standards. His professionalism has made our clients more confident about the prevailing systems in India. Rohit has a deep understanding of the personnel Rakesh has also successfully built awareness and requirements of his clients and is able match key confidence in our clients about India's potential as a recruits to vacancies, taking into consideration the niche market on the world stage. job specifications and the skills of the recruits. Possessing excellent negotiation skills, he strikes a balance to the satisfaction of the client and its newest employee.
  11. 11. Manoj Karnani Dilip Singh Chief Financial Officer & Chief - Corporate Development COO- Corporate Finance & Accounting COO - Assurance & Business Process Services Manoj is at the helm of the Finance Consulting Dilip has been a guiding force to SRC, taking the Services at SRC. Manoj has been successfully company through the route of Corporate providing solutions to our clients with regards to their Development. He has helped made SRC's company's Funding & accounting system. This processes transparent and has streamlined them for involves a variety of fund arrangement such as Term better efficiency. This has enabled us to consistently Loan, Working Capital Loan from Bank. With his deliver high-quality services to our clients. expertise, he has helped them streamline Complete With his experience in the Assurance services, he accounting systems. has been able to provide clients with many valuable Well known for his keen analytical mind, Manoj has inputs. This has helped SRC manage client's risks in played a vital role as SRC's financial controller and today's dynamic business environment. Further, he advisor. Stemming from a belief in solution-driven has been instrumental in developing business work processes, he has managed SRC's finances process services for various clients, enabling them impeccably. Providing the best possible financial with a sense of certainty in today's dynamic business advantage to the company, in any given scenario. environment.
  12. 12. Industries & Geographical Areas Served Sweden Canada Denmark United Kingdom Germany Netherlands Slovakia Switzerland Austria France Italy United States of America Spain China Japan Israel Egypt India Hong Kong United Arab Emirates Thailand philippines Vietnam Singapore Mauritius Australia South Africa New Zealand SRC's industry exposure covers: Agri-business Manufacturing Automobiles & Auto Ancillary Real Estate and Construction Banks & Mutual Funds Service Organisations Chemicals & Fertilizers Software Consultancy Telecommunications Engineering Textiles Food Processing Trading Entities Gems & Jewellery Travel & Tourism Healthcare SR Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd. Head Office: Room No. 2, 3rd Floor, Abbas Manzil, Sahar Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 099, India. Branch Office: 11, Mistry Industrial Complex, Cross Road A,Near Tunga International Hotel, Andheri (E) , Mumbai 400 093, India. Tel. No.: Board line: +91 022 4236 9555 (10Lines) Enquiries: +91 022 4236 9560 For further information, visit our website at