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Rakesh das

  1. 1. GROUPMEMBERS Abhik Barui. Aritra Das. Rahul Saha. Rakesh Das.Shambo PaikChoudhary.
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction.. What is a Smart Phone? The Characteristics of a Smart Phone.. Statistics of Smart Phone Usage.. Advantages & Disadvantages of Smart Phone.. Effects on Productivity.. Effects on Communication.. Effects on Education.. Some Facts.. More Facts.. Bibliography..
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION.. In this presentation we will see how smart phones affect our daily lives.. You will get to know more about smart phones..  The advantages and disadvantages of smart phones..
  4. 4. What is a Smart Phone?  A Smart Phone is an advanced cellular communications device that provides endlesspossibilities. Both its functions and its hardware are closely related to a personal computer..
  5. 5.  A Smart Phone is a Phone with more advancedcomputing abilities and includes the followingfeatures..• Qwerty Keypad: The keypad is laid out in the same form as that of a computer keyboard.• Web Access: It can access the web at higher speed.• Operating System: This allows the phone to run productivity applications.• Software: The smart phone software will have the ability to do more.• Messaging: A smart phone supports multiple e-mail accounts. It also grant access to a number of instant messaging applications.
  6. 6. • Smart phones are designed to storethousands of applications and havemany different features.• This phones are much larger than astandard, simple mobile phone.• Smart phones are equipped withadvanced hardware, similar to that ofa personal computer.• A Smart phone is equipped with asmall keyboard indicating individualsletters and numbers.• The Smart phone also hasadvanced facilities in comparison to astandard mobile phone.
  7. 7. • This table indicates the worldwide smart phone salesin 2011.
  8. 8. Research Findings on..
  9. 9. Disadvantages of Smart Phones
  10. 10. • Businesses becomeslow as employees areto stuck on to theirphones.• It makes productionfaster in the sense thatproducers can contacteach other much fasterand conveniently thanbefore.• Employers cantransfer e-mails andother informationbetween employees ina short time span.
  11. 11.  Research has found that 68%of people are addicted to theirsmart phones and that anumber of students havereplaced their laptops withsmart phones. According to a survey of300,000 mobile consumer, 88%of whom owned a device runningone of the five most popularsmart phone operating system,more than 30% said that mobileis the “most important medium”to access breaking news,narrowly followed by desktopweb browsers(29%),television(21%),newspaper(3%)..
  12. 12. TelevisionMobileRadioMagazinesNewspapersPC