exchange rate policy of developing economies. developing countries' concerns controversy over regulation of international finan international monetary system: the international f development banking. private banking corporate banking investment banking nbfcs. types of banking: wholesale and retail bank specialized banks small finance banks mudra bank private banks & foreign banks scheduled banks regional rural banks nationalized & co operative banks banks and nbfcs: types of banks & nbfcs: central b real time gross settlement (rtgs) system national electronic funds transfer (neft) system electronic clearing service (ecs) petty cash and datanet omr ocr micr atm rtgs electronic banking concepts in banking and accounting of transactions imps. role of sebi in capital market. global debt instruments american depository receipts global depository receipts debentures and bonds fixed deposits convertible cumulative debentures (ccd) non-voting shares equity shares capital market instruments - preference shares primary & secondary market operations capital market: components & functions of capital financial markets and banking operations gold etc. impact of fluctuating prices of crude oil inflationary trends world recession issues in brexit globalization in reverse gear-the threatened re-em fair globalization and the need for policy framewo globalization and its impact on india contemporary issues and challenges in global econo international labour organization and internationa payment systems in international trade dispute settlement procedures under gatt & wto copyright and neighboring rights. intellectual pro trademarks patents international trade insurance international trade laws: international contracts comparative analysis social market capitalism developmental capitalism market oriented capitalism differences among national economies theory of hegemonic stability introduction to global economic & political system players in the indian money market role of central bank in money market structure of money market money market instruments money market: structure and components: participan indian economy multilateral trade agreements bi-lateral developments in international trade theory threats to open trading system nafta asean saarc opec oecd trade blocs – eu the uruguay round and world trade organization effects of globalization on indian economy. the reforms in indian money market. m.b.a. 206 fin personal financial planning question bank mba bhati fieo – iift – eous – sezs import export documentation import export exim strategic management international business environ introduction to basic concept of ifrs. international monetary fund (imf) united nations c impact of pandemic covid-19 on international trade outsourcing and global value chains. labor and oth digitalisation emerging issues in international business environm deloittle placement orinteation law of demand determinants of demand types of demand consumer’s equilibrium - budget line and consumer indifference curve law of diminishing marginal utility measurement of utility utility analysis williamson’s managerial discretionary theory. (6+1 baumol’s static and dynamic models marris’ growth maximisation model cyert and march’s behavior theory economist theory of the firm objectives of firm: profit maximization model market managerial economics and decision-making. concept macroeconomics. nature and scope of managerial eco microeconomics economics managerial economics: concept of economy impact of trade wars in liberalized economy the trading system: debate over free trade – funct impact of trade wars in liberalized economy. (6 effects of globalization on indian economy. (6) 2. 208 - geopolitics & world economic systems crypto currency market foreign exchange markets futures markets derivatives markets money markets commodity markets bond markets capital markets functions and classification. money market role of financial system in economic development. basic concepts of indian financial system: structu imps the reforms in indian money market indian money market profit maximization and wealth maximization mangerial economics
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