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Tcs file

  5. 5. ABSTRACTTCS Courier Company has been working since1983, serving customers across the globe. Theyare very much concerned about theircustomers. They want to build leadership in themarket, and give best service to theircustomers across the boundaries in a shortperiod of time. They want to grow as a regionaland global player, with emphasis on Europe,Middle East and North America. By keeping inmind their responsibility as no 1 couriercompany they are also social responsible. Theydo not only courier logistic but they have otherservices too to facilitate customers such asMMS, OCTARA, SENTIMENTS EXPRESS, VISAFACILITATOR. Thus, they keep one thing intheir mind, TO CONTINUALLY STRIVE TO ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE- BOTH ON AND OFF THE JOB.
  7. 7. INTRODUCTION TO TCS:TCS came into being in 1983 as a domestic couriercompany. The TCS journey since its inception hasbeen exhilarating and as recorded in the HavardBusiness Case Study, the Company that EngineerKhalid Awan established with his brother has founditself in trailblazing roles, and developed an entireIndustry that has withstood the trials and tribulationsof cohabiting with the Government sector, and stroveevery inch of the way to find win-win solutions in theservice of Pakistani prosperity.COMPLETING 29 YEARS OF SERVICE &INNOVATION:29 years into its existence the TCS brand hasevolved, into a formidable symbol of trust &reliability. TCS provides express and logisticsservices in the C2C, B2B and B2C segments. This itdoes through a wide network of "155" offices makingit the biggest network in the country, along with over" 425 " retail outlets and over 2000 online and offlinelocations nationwide ideally located for easycustomer access. TCS has 1 dedicated charteredplane Boeing 737 and over 230 fully equippedmodern satellite-tracked ground vehicles, 2700 plus
  8. 8. couriers and more than 6000+ experienced people tofacilitate the swift and secure operations.INTRODUCTION TO Mr. Khalid Nawaz Awan ChairmanMr. Awan is co-founder and Chairman of TCS. Hisbusinesses developed over the past 25 years arecollectively called the „Tranzum‟ group.A mechanical engineer by education, Mr. Awan andTCS, are subject of a Harvard Business School CaseStudy on „International Entrepreneurship‟ - includedin the MBA curriculum for the past six years.Besides business he devotes his time to severalwelfare, and professional bodies.Mr. Awan is a lifetime member of the „WorldPresidents Organization‟ an alumni and past ChapterChairman of the Young Presidents Organization –YPO, and member of their Peace Action NetworkForum that works for global peace.He is Toronto Committee member of „Human RightsWatch‟, is Director of the Toronto based Canada-
  9. 9. Pakistan Business Council, and member of the Dubaibased Canada-Arab Business Council, and herepresented the Paris based „International Chambersof Commerce‟ ( at the United NationsGeneral Assembly session on „MillenniumDevelopment Goals‟ in 2003.Mr. Awan is a Fellow of the Royal AeronauticalSociety, of UK.He is married and have three grown up children.VISION STATEMENTTCS will be recognized and respected asprofessional, innovative, profitable information, andknowledge based logistics/services enterprise.MISSION STATEMENTTo direct all organizational efforts at building uponthe existing organizational strengths and brand
  10. 10. recognition to achieve enhanced levels of profitablegrowth in the core business.Diversify into new areas that compliment andsupplement the core business. With thediversification aimed at achieving excellence andindustry leader status in the new areasTCS People will however be encouraged to be opento unconventional ideas and services and recognizenew trends at very early stages".TCS MILESTONETCS has achieved many milestones by developinginto a business model that continues to growstronger. Realizing the customer needs andambitions to lead the courier industry of Pakistanhave always been the driving principles in themilestones that TCS has achieved over the years.This has resulted in setting benchmarks to improvethe overall quality and standards in the expresscourier industry.
  11. 11. TCS MISSION STATEMENT"To direct all our organizational efforts at buildingupon the existing organizational strengths and brandrecognition to achieve enhanced levels of profitablegrowth in the core business, and diversify into newareas that complement and supplement the corebusiness, with the diversification aimed at achievingexcellence and industry leader status in the newareas. The TCS People will however be encouragedto be open to unconventional ideas and services andrecognize new trends at very early stages".CORE VALUES
  12. 12. QualityTCS people should direct every effort to delivermaximum value and satisfaction to our customers.Profitability through EfficiencyEfficiency will be the hallmark of TCS people tooptimize profitability and growth.EthicsNothing unethical shall be practiced by TCS people inrelation to our customers and the world at large.JusticeJustice to be the guiding principle of TCS people.Creative GrowthIn its quest for expansion TCS shall encourageinnovative thinking amongst its people.HIERARCHYThe hierarchy of TCS is very simple and well defined.Board of directors is stated at the top in hierarchy.
  13. 13. CEOs.OCTARA is the separate entity of TCS whichconducts trainings and event management. The CEOOCTARA is Mr. Jamil Janjua. Upon Jamil‟s initiative,TCS launched its own HR & ManagementDevelopment Services under the name OCTARA tosource local and overseas trainers of repute andconduct seminars and workshops for the corporatesector. Both these initiatives have received anoverwhelming response, and very favorablypositioned the TCS brand image as a concerned goodcorporate citizen.In 2004, Jamil Janjua re-located toDubai as Group CEO to oversee the internationalexpansion while exploring the future and identifyingnew opportunities for the Group.CEO functional is MR. Saqib A. Hamdani.Saqib meansthe action stations at TCS. He has the over-all controlon VPs and all the VPs are mandatory to report Mr.Saqib Hamdani. Saqib was responsible for theconcept and financing of the state-of-the-art PrintShop, and the creation of the Mail ManagementSolutions product. He also has to his credit theintegration of TCS Road Transport and TCS Courier,
  14. 14. leading to the development of new Warehousing andLogistics products.After the two CEOs then comes the layer of VPs. Eachdepartment of TCS has its own VP excluding thedepartment of human resource.1. Ali LeghariVP - External Affairs.2. Imran YounusVP - Finance & Corporate Affairs.3. Jamil AhmedVP - BPR & Special Projects.4. Rizwan HafeezVP - Strategy & Retail.5. Salman AkramVP – Sales.After the layer of VPs there are no of heads of thedepartments. Different departments have differentheads.Domestically TCS is divided in to 3 regions; North ,South, and Central region and there are regional
  15. 15. directors who controls the operation in theirrespective regions.Then, the huge layer of managers. In Pakistan,around 150 managers are working and giving theirbest and being the role model for the people workingunder them.There are number of regional heads working underthe supervision of their managers. Working hard tolead their organization towards the height ofsuccess.CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR)
  16. 16. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become afundamental part of businesses today. Being thelargest courier and logistics company of Pakistan,TCS has not disregarded the expectations of itsstakeholders, and realizes its responsibility towardsthe country and society. CSR constitutes the payingof taxes and the running of a tight and transparentoperation wherein the employees are well taken careof. In this regard, TCS has few peers and canrightfully claim the high moral ground.In terms of Corporate Philanthropy TCS providesFree of Cost services to various welfare societies andNGOs, helping their cause in its own way byproviding Free of Cost (FOC) basis delivery of theirdocuments, as well as material and moral assistance.Included in this list are organizations like SIUT, SADAWelfare Trust, SOS Village, The Citizens Foundation,The EDHI Foundation, etc. Through its CustomerMagazine CONNECT, TCS communicates profiles andnews of these worthy causes to its vast database ofblue chip customers, providing them with itsendorsement.
  17. 17. In the Education Development sector, TCS providessponsorships and free of charge services to variousinstitutes like IBA, LUMS, School of Leadership, aswell as different student bodies.TCS also helps various governmental organizationslike Drug Enforcement Cell, projecting the spirit ofpatriotism and working for a better Pakistan.WAR! And The Longing for Peace inSwat...TCS and GEOs PUKAR Team Up for Relief WorkInnocent people have had their lives disrupted androutines shattered by those who would force theirirrationality upon civil society through brute force.As a service provider to the rank and file of civilsociety, TCS too has borne part of the brunt of thistrauma, and shares in the resettlement concerns ofthe Internally Displaced People.
  18. 18. TCS is doing its bit in alleviating the suffering of theaffected from Swat, and has teamed up with GEOTVs PUKAR, an NGO involved in relief work.TCS Couriers throughout its Network will respond todonation calls made in response to GEOs publicservice announcements, collect the cheques anddeliver them to GEOs PUKAR for onward distributionto the needy.A number of TCS Couriers have been caught up in theSwat upheaval, and have been provided timely reliefby the Company for as long as required until mattersreturn to normal.Flood Relief Activity
  19. 19. TCS Joins Hands with Leading Media Partners forflood Relief activityThe recent floods in Pakistan have causeddevastation of enormous proportions, leaving at least1600 dead and millions homeless. A large area thesize stretching from Pakistan¹s north to south hasbeen destroyed. The ravaging floods wiped outthousands of houses, schools, shops, markets,hotels, parks, crops, and billions rupees ofinvestment. Till now many have lost the battle of theirlife. The affected and survivors are also facing threatof death & disease. At the moment more than sixmillion desperately need emergency aid but most stillhave not received it. Tens of thousands of villagesremain under water. The floods are now covering anarea size of England. At least 160,000 squarekilometers of land is covered with water. It isestimated the countrys economic losses could spiralto approximately $80 billion.As a service provider to the rank and file of civilsociety, TCS too has borne part of the responsibilityof this trauma, and shares in the resettlementconcerns of the Internally Displaced People. TCS isdoing its bit in alleviating the suffering of the affectedpeople and has joined hands with Leading Media
  20. 20. Partners GEO TV, ARY DIGITAL and AAJ TV for floodrelief work.All media partners have made Flood Relief Funds.TCS couriers throughout the length and breadth ofthe country will respond to donation calls forcollection of crossed cheques from official andresidential addresses and deliver them to MediaPartners accordingly. Similarly these crossedcheques can be dropped at 398 Express Centerslocated all across the country.PLANNINGLONG TERM PLANNINGTCS have Long term and Short term plans. Toachieve their long term planning they work on shortterm plans.Their plans are basically to build leadership inmarket.To increase their customers earn profit by winningtheir hearts.They want to make financial bank where they canprovide loans etc.
  21. 21. Their next target is to hit North America.SHORT TERM PLANNINGTheir everyday targets, to retain customers andprovide best service to them. Delivery of courier tothe right place making records and satisfying thecustomer incase of any lost.ORGANIZINGThey keep logistics in ware housing and thendistribute.They have to maintain ware house management inwhich they keep record of everything, the things theyreceive keep them in a way that there should be noloss.They have ware house management and processautomation.CONTROLLING
  22. 22. They ensure the package safety, they courierfrom every single delicate thing to heavymachinery.The next step is allocation of packages. Whichvehicle has to carry the courier?They ensure the availability of delivering teamsmeans their courier team has to complete thetask no matter whatever the conditions arethere. You have to drop what you have to.They control their employees by managementstaff they do give freedom and openenvironment to work. Give your ideas, you willbe rewarded.REGIONS350 CITIES IN PAKISTAN.NETWORK DIVIDED INTO THREE REGIONS.
  23. 23. SOUTH REGIONKarachiQuettaSukkurCENTRAL REGIONLahoreMultanFaislabadNORTH REGIONRawalpindiIslamabadPeshawar
  24. 24. SERVICESInternational Express ServicesTCS has a strong presence not only in Pakistan butalso in the UAE, UK and Canada. TCS offersinternational delivery services - InternationalDocuments and Parcel Express Delivery - to over3,500 destinations across the world through itsextended International Network.Domestic Express ServicesTCS has emerged as the most trusted name fordelivering a wide range of documents, packages,parcels and cargoes within Pakistan. DomesticExpress Delivery Services include.Logistics ServicesRealizing the potentials of Supply Chain Managementin Pakistan, TCS launched its Logistics Wing as aregistered company in 2002 as TCS Logistics(Private) Limited.TCS Logistics has 3 divisions,namely (a) Overland Express, (b) W&D (Warehousing& Distribution), and (c) Fleet Solutions. TCS Logisticsemploys 898 professionals, working day and night toadd value to your businesses.
  25. 25. LEADING:This is a leading function. When managers motivatesubordinates, help resolves work conflicts, influenceindividuals or team work as they work, select themost effective communication channel, or deal in anyway with employee behavior issue, they are leading.LEADING IN TCS • VP’s LEADS THE ORGANIZATION: In TCS organization their VP,s(vice presidents) can hold the leading function and lead their organization. • THEY TRAIN THEIR JUNIORS OR NEW EMPLOYEES TO ADJUST IN REQUIRED ENVIRONMENT: In TCS the senior staff can give trainings to their junior employees for work better or to adjust in their organizations environment what they
  26. 26. required. They also polish their juniors for future managers.• MANAGERS MOTIVATE TO SUBORDINATE: In this organization manager motivates subordinate by giving benefits like: Increasing in salaries. Increasing in annual leaves and bonuses. Provide best quality of food and peaceful environment.• VP’s CAN APPRECIATE THE IDEAS OF THEIR EMPLOYEES: The VP‟s of TCS organization can appreciate the new ideas of their employees and if the ideas will becomes profitable for their organization then they gives rewards to their employees.• INFLUENCE INDIVIDUAL OR TEAM AS THE WORK: In TCS organization the senior staff checkout the growth of individuals and teams either they work properly or not and in this organization all members can done their works in groups or teams because the organization can‟t be run by one.
  27. 27. CONCLUSIONTCS is an organization with its vision andcontinuously working to achieve it. They are givingtheir services across the globe. Due to their trust andreliability and effective service the word courier hasbeen replaced by TCS.THEY ARE BUILDING THE RELATIONS WITHCUSTOMERS.