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Optimizing location-based apps with open data

Open data is on the rise, and freely available data sets - like municipal data - can bring huge value and new features to applications, at no upfront cost. For example, open crime data can be leveraged to support features that make location based apps safer for users.

However, the challenge for developers is to efficiently wrangle, store and deliver open data sets without having to build complex data architectures.

Using the example of crime data applied to a new safety feature for Pokemon Go, this webinar will demonstrate how to harvest open geo data, store it natively in a cloud database (Cloudant), and ensure it is highly available for applications and analytics platforms.

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Optimizing location-based apps with open data

  1. 1. IBM Cloud Data Services Optimizing Location Based Apps with Open Data Raj Singh, PhD Developer Advocate: Geo | Open Data twitter: @rajrsingh
  2. 2. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Read my newsletter on open data! My background Developer Advocate, Geo + open data IBM Analytics MCP, Ph.D. Urban Studies & Planning Crime data blog hot off the presses
  3. 3. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Agenda • Finding and harvesting open crime data • Data wrangling & schema reconciliation • Products • data service • safety app
  4. 4. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Architecture
  5. 5. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Harvesting Crime Data
  6. 6. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Open data is on the rise open data? Technology maturity curve
  7. 7. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Where to find open data US • UK crime data: • Europe • •
  8. 8. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services The Socrata API
  9. 9. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Data Wrangling Gaucho Data Wrangler. Picture by Dave Werkley,
  10. 10. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Data wrangling crime codes
  11. 11. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Querying Socrata for Boston Crimes • $where= occurred_on_date>=“2016-08-23” AND occurred_on_date<“2016-08-24” • Then run it every day…
  12. 12. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Boston crime data query response
  13. 13. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Crime reconciliation • CDSNV: non-violent • CDSDV: domestic violence • CDSSTREET: street crime
  14. 14. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Data Products & Offerings By Patrick Denker from Athens, GA - DSC04878, CC BY 2.0,
  15. 15. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services REST API & Mapping
  16. 16. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Cloudant / CouchDB replication Warning: Cloudant Free tier only supports 1Gb of data
  17. 17. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Then this happened…
  18. 18. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services The danger zone
  19. 19. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Safety app architecture 1. Built using Ionic framework 2. Cloudant -> mobile replication 3. Safety rating decision 4. Notification | by Jason Smith
  20. 20. @rajrsingh IBM Cloud Data Services Safety app phase 2 • Add Census demographics • Population: crimes per capita • Housing quality • Add Points of Interest • Commercial activity: busy areas are safer
  21. 21. IBM Cloud Data Services Raj Singh Developer Advocate: Geo | Open Data Twitter: @rajrsingh LinkedIn: rajrsingh Thanks • REST API • • Crime demos • • • Crime code reconciliation tables • • Harvesting service code • • IBM Cloud Data Services on Bluemix •