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Overview of Sustainable Silicon Valley - NGO in Santa Clara, CA

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SSV Overview

  1. 1. Where are we heading? Collaboration for Innovation
  2. 2. Collaboration for InnovationWork with Sustainable Silicon Valley™ Sustainable Silicon Valley (SSV) was formed in 2000 as a multi- stakeholder collaborative initiative to produce significant environmental improvement and resource conservation in Silicon Valley through the development and implementation of a regional environmental management system (EMS).How do we get it done? Sustainable Silicon Valley in conjunction with over 120 public and private sector partners, accelerates transactions between business leaders with technology innovators, researchers, and government agencies to make enterprises more sustainable and profitable.
  3. 3. Building Capacity Sustainable Silicon Valley provides educational forums and events for building awareness and knowledge on a range of topics…. Sustainability Leaders Forum to share best practices and build mastery of sustainability knowledge. Forum meetings feature peer-to peer learning, expert instruction and opportunities to network and explore issues of common concern. It is by invitation only. EcoCouncil for executive sharing of sustainability strategies. It is a quarterly series of evening conversations aimed at catalyzing change at the highest levels within organizations. Often taking place at a “green” executive home in the Valley, these intimate networking events involve challenging topics and an opportunity to openly dialogue on successes and challenges with other leaders.
  4. 4. Pilot Projects EcoCloud: Virtual Industrial Ecosystem Launched Beta in December 2010, EcoCloud™ ( is a platform providing information, networking and tools to collaborate with Silicon Valley businesses, industry experts, academia, and policy-makers to make your enterprise and region more sustainable and profitable. Smart Micro Grid for Santa Clara University SSV helped Santa Clara University and its utility service providers launch a campus-wide smart microgrid, as the University works towards it’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2016, provides the basis for knowledge transfer among SSV partners as they also move to create their own smart micro grids – integrating smart buildings, renewable energy, storage and communications. Public Environmentally Preferable Purchasing System(PEPPS) SSV government partners, led by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, developed a website to support aggregation of demand by public agencies to increase purchasing power for environmentally preferred products and services. This tool is being migrated into EcoCloud.
  5. 5. EcoCloud: A Place for CollaborativeInnovation•  Founding principle: sustainability is not an obligation, it’s an opportunity. The goal is to create an innovation community around sustainability.•  EcoCloud provides an open platform where companies, municipalities, thought leaders and academia can collaborate through shared agreements and innovate around sustainability•  EcoCloud is a living, breathing proof of concept that the best way to stimulate sustainable innovation is through open innovation and unleash forces to accelerate our green economy.•  EcoCloud invites your case studies and product launches. This is also a place to find ways to overcome common challenges. We are a community of practice for building a sustainable economy.
  6. 6. Industrial Ecology:Eco-industrial parks consist ofindustries and businesses locatedin close proximity, working inpartnership to minimize theirenvironmental impact through anumber of collaborative projects inbuilding design, landscaping,energy efficiency, renewableenergy production, pollutionprevention, resource recovery, orby-product exchange.EcoCloud™ is designed to be avirtual industrial ecosystem,providing a forum for companies inthe Bay Area to collaborate andestablish the linkages key to anyindustrial ecosystem.
  7. 7. Water:RecycledDecentralizedConservationEnergy/WaterPolicy & Planning
  8. 8. Materials:• Disposal• E-Waste• Hazardous Materials• Recycling• Design forEnvironmentRecycling MarketDevelopment ZonesThis program providesattractive loans, technicalassistance, and freeproduct marketing tobusinesses that usematerials from the wastestream to manufacturetheir products and arelocated in a RMDZ zone.
  9. 9. Energy:Smart Grid & Micro GridRenewables• Solar• WindEfficiency• Green Building• Green Vehicle TechEnergy Policy Laws
  10. 10. Sustainability:Sustainable environmentsare built on healthyecosystems.An ecosystem is ainterconnection ofproducers and consumersof a material or resource.
  11. 11. Recent Events: 1. Sponsor and Host events4/1/2011 Making the Case: Storytelling for Engagementand Investment in Sustainability 2. Launch products Hosted by and services3/11/2011 Creating a Carbon Reduction Strategy 3. Meet Silicon Hosted by Valley Leaders through EcoCouncil 2010 West Summit – Annual Conference 4. Expand your Business through targeted marketing and Outreach 5. Introductions to angel investors and Venture capitalists
  12. 12. Advantages of JoiningSustainable Silicon Valley•  Best Practices – Your company staff learn from others at competitors and also other types of organizations and business sectors•  Peer-to-Peer learning from experts•  EcoCloud Tools and information•  Great networking for business development and product launches•  Branding and Sustainability - Opportunity to build partners visibility and leadership in Silicon Valley
  13. 13. SSV Partners include: Join Us! Valley/130078980367297