M&R Poster P1 Event Manager Website Rajopadhye Mhatre Nimmagadda


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Poster presented at the 16th Annual OHSUG conference, 2011, in Toronto, ON,Canada.

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M&R Poster P1 Event Manager Website Rajopadhye Mhatre Nimmagadda

  1. 1. Event Manager Website Prashant Rajopadhye, Kiran Mhatre, Raj Nimmagadda CoreLab Partners, Inc. ABSTRACT WEBSITE CONCEPT PROCESS IMPROVEMENT TECHNOLOGY A few internal departments and clinical project teams at CoreLab Developed using in-house skilled resources and the latest open- Partners used discrete Excel spreadsheets for tracking study source milestones and statistics, and managed calendar for study transfers. Clinical Data Coordinators used the MS Outlook calendar •Apache Ant (Latest Version) while the DM manager used a master spreadsheet to schedule and keep track of data transfers. CDCs would request the Clinical •Apache Tomcat 7 technology production support team to generate data transfer files •Java 6 for verification of data accuracy and wait for the production •Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers support team to fulfill the requests. •Spring 3.0.5 •Spring Security 3.0.5 Drawbacks of silo spreadsheets included lack of central repository •Hibernate 3 of information, no efficient tracking of any transfer log •JQuery information or capturing of any sponsor responses associated with a study transfer. •JUnit 4.8.2 •UNIX Shell Scripts The Need: To improve and integrate internal processes so that the • SQL Scripts same information is shared and used by all concerned teams, saving time, increasing efficiency and productivity. on Linux server with Oracle 11g database supporting IE6, FireFox, Google Chrome Web browsers. The Solution: An idea of an internal website was put forward by Clinical Technology team members for easier setup and tracking of study milestones, scheduling and managing events for study data transfers, real time reconciliation reports (to generate reports on DATA MODEL discrepancies between RadSTART (Siebel CTMS) and CVS image repository), and execute preview data file generation jobs, to be developed by using available in house skills and resources These in-house resources. were the goals set up for the website release 1.0. The website was CONCLUSIONS developed and launched for the Clinical Data Management, Clinical Technology, Imaging Operations and Clinical Project Teams. •Eliminate discrete spreadsheets to track study information •Ability to schedule Study Data Transfer / Real Time Reconciliation OBJECTIVES / Study Dataset Preview Events The poster aims to show the issue, the stake holders, the impact, an abstract architecture of the solution, and briefly explain the •Link log information to scheduled events technology used. •Give Clinical Data Coordinators control to execute preview dataset scripts •Centrally locate all above information accessible to Clinical Technology/Clinical Data Management/Imaging Operations (and later Project Teams) •More importantly, release the demand on OC Operations group in doing routine work so that they can focus on other improvements. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND CONTACT USER PRIVILEGES Prashant Rajopadhye Scheduled Events Kiran Mhatre Study Setup RTR Data Transfer Raj Nimmagadda Role Execute  Job Log Detail Schedule,  Edit Event Log Detail Schedule,  Edit Event Data Mgmt OC Opps RTR David Lucas CDC User Joseph Cartaxo RW R RW R/RW1 RW R R R CDC Admin RW R RW R/RW1 RW RW R R Miral Patel IO User Hide RW R Hide R R R R IO Admin Hide RW R Hide R R R R Jonathan Zimmerman PT User Hide Hide R Hide R R R R PT Admin Hide Hide R Hide R R R R OC User Hide Hide R Hide R R R R OC Admin RW R RW R/RW2 R R RW RW 1. Sponsor Response & Comments are Read/Write; all other fields are Read‐only. 2. Sponsor Response is Read‐only; all other fields are Read/Write.RESEARCH POSTER PRESENTATION DESIGN © 2011www.PosterPresentations.com