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Building a Business Plan

Building a Business Plan - Must for SMEs

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Building a Business Plan

  1. 1. Religare Finvest Limited Building A Business Plan M u s t f o r a n S M E
  2. 2. Need For A Business Plan?
  3. 3. Purpose Roadmap Outlines the roadmap to achieve both short & long-term objectives
  4. 4. Helps present business strategies to external audiences and thereby generate funding. Provides an operational framework that allows businesses to enjoy distinct competitive advantage. States a company’s vision, mission and financial goals and helps sharpen business focus. We offer a complete suite of financial products Competitive Advantage Prioritize Generate Funding Objective T h r e e K e y B e n e f i t s
  5. 5. Creating a Business Plan
  6. 6. Key Components of a Business Plan Making a business plan plays a pivotal role in the success of the firm and thus needs to follow a scientific approach. Executive Summary Vision & Mission Growth Prospects It should be the reflection of the business and therefore cover the key facts about the business . This section outlines vision & mission clearly and provides description of business structure. Defines market size, structure, growth prospects. It lists out the key competitors in the market, and helps assess their relative strengths and weaknesses. 1. 2. 3.
  7. 7. Key Components of a Business Plan Products & Services Sales & Marketing Operations This section contains the description of the products and services that the business will supply to its customers. This section, should detail out one’s sales and distribution plans. This section puts forth the manufacturing or service delivery process, including what equipment or machinery will be used, etc. 4. 5. 6. Making a business plan plays a pivotal role in the success of the firm and thus needs to follow a scientific approach.
  8. 8. Key Components of a Business Plan  A well structured plan helps understand all aspects of the business.  Business plan helps gauge actual performance against business goals. Organization Structure Financial Detailing the organization structure, roles and responsibilities of senior management and the overall manpower requirements. This section is the backbone of the plan as the overall capability of the business is mirrored here. Sound financials are key to raising capital in the form of equity or for obtaining loans. 7. 8. Making a business plan plays a pivotal role in the success of the firm and thus needs to follow a scientific approach.
  9. 9. Reviewing Business Plan
  10. 10. Reviewing Business Plan  Review your plan regularly  Valid only for a finite period: 1-2 years at best  Adapting to changing market conditions  Helps frame an action plan for the future Validity…
  11. 11. Seeking Help
  12. 12. Getting Help…  Professional help  Chartered Accountants  Qualified Consultants  Banks or NBFCs W h o C a n H e l p Self-help gives a great insight into your business
  13. 13. Kavi Arora Mr Kavi Arora is Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at Religare Finvest Limited (May 2008 to present) managing the SME focused commercial lending business. He spearheads the company's vision of partnering with their clients as they grow to new heights. By imbibing his vision in the customers success, Religare Finvest Limited has achieved a book size to the tune of $2 billion and recently acquired ISO Certification 9001:2008. About the Author… Read the complete article at:
  14. 14. +91-9582218813 – Mohit Gupta ; Thank You

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Building a Business Plan - Must for SMEs


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