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w3Police is the online reputation specialist global businesses trust when wishing to leave a strong positive presence on web. By making use of SEO, link building and other web techniques, it assures a good name on web.

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  2. 2. MEANING OF ONLINE REPUTATION Online reputation management services refer to safeguarding the web image of a business, individual, celebrity and organization. Positive image is promoted, active threats are treated and future ones are checked.
  3. 3. SOURCES OF REPUTATION ATTACKSReputation threats can come from; o Exaggerated critical reviews o Defaming user generated content o Comments o Complain boards o Discussion forums o Blogs
  4. 4. WHO CAN DEFAME?Online reputation of a company can come under attack from; • Disgruntled clients or customers • Web mischief makers • Trolls • Hackers
  5. 5. WHO CAN PROTECT? A reputation experts company protects aggrieved individuals, organizations and businesses from reputation assaults. Reputation specialists make use of different tools and techniques to achieve flawless web name.
  6. 6. HOW EXPERTS DO IT?A reputation management firm upkeeps online goodwillof a client by;Building reputationRepairing reputationMonitoring reputation
  7. 7. ACTIVITES UNDERTAKENA web reputation company undertakes followingactivities to do its job;Article postingBlog postingActivating email alerts on client’s brand namePromoting positive reviewsForum postingPerforming other technical tasks
  8. 8. WHO NEEDs REPUTATION SERVICES?• Businesses• Politicians• Celebrities• Law firms• Software firms• Health care professionalsIn today’s web obsessed times, professionals from most of the fields require services of a reputation management firm.
  9. 9. WHY IT IS NEEDED?Online and SEO reputation management is critical because;More and more people turn to web for informationPeople like to compare products before buyingProduct reviews are influencing purchase patternsA bad word can dissuade a buyer or client.
  10. 10. HOW TO FIND REPUTATION SPECIALISTS?Following points can come handy in the search ofbest reputation management company ;Reputation experts with SEO knowledge are better.Research thoroughlyDiscuss projectAsk questionsFirms solely active in reputation business are better informed and enthusiastic.
  11. 11. ABOUT PACKAGESA brand reputation company offers services in theform of packages.  Study packages carefully to find the one that suits you.  Compare packages to find better deals.  Ask if there are any doubts.
  12. 12. POINTS TO REMEMBER• Results sometimes, take time to surface. So, be patience with reputation repair services.• Read terms and conditions thoroughly before reaching an agreement• Consider outsourcing.• Compare quotes and invest wisely.
  13. 13. ABOUT SLIDE-MAKER w3Police is a reputation expertscompany India that has assisted global names and personalities in attaining robust web health.
  14. 14. For more information on the company and itsservices, write or call them for customized quote! http://www.w3police.com/ Thanks Reputation Experts Company w3POlice