JUGChennai UserGroup BestPractices


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JUGChennai UserGroup BestPractices

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JUGChennai UserGroup BestPractices

  1. 1. Rajmahendra Hegde (Raj) JUGChennai Founder & Leader Tweet: @rajonjava Email,G+,Fb.: rajmahendra@gmail.comAsia Pacific Oracle User Community (APOUC) Leaders Meet, 17th 18th May 2012 at Shanghai,Chennai
  2. 2. More about JUGChennai @May/June 2012 edition of Java Magazine
  3. 3. Group Forum● Is the heart of the Group. Run in any free service or java.net. Watch-out for members select No Mail for Delivery mode● Keep it open and member only● Post Announcement, Doubts, Queries● No Ads, no job hunting in the mailing list ● Job Search/Post keep it separate group/linkedin● Keep it live always● Dont post links, or one liner threads. Keep them meaningful and useful● Moderate each post● Moderators are the Guardians/Elders of the group (We keep our group focussed on these rules Jobs are posted in only on Linkedin Group, links and small info posted on facebook group)
  4. 4. Meetups● This is the spirit of your group to make it alive.● You can talk about news, discussions, sessions, debates, what change you like to see etc● Meet once in a month at least.● This is platform for meeting people, Networking and more.● Discuss anything and everything. Good, bad, ugly.... you will enlightened to make the Java moving forward.● Be the voice of change. Share your voice in the technology groups you discussing about. (forum is not good for this.) (Since we started, we had a non stop meeting on 2nd Saturday, we also do many Ghangout,IRC Chats)
  5. 5. Special Interest Groups● Its better to divide and rule● Encourage some active members to be leaders. (including students) (We have SIGs for NetBeans, JavaFX(ScalaFX, VisageFX), Scala,JEE, AdoptAJSR(3 JSRs), thinking of AdoptJDK)
  6. 6. Events● You can have following events ● Expert ● Launch ● Code ● Annual ● Student ● Etc..● Make your team to participate in organizing. Let them work on the event organizing. Students are very good guys to get help. (We have invited Venkat, SteveChin,KevinNelson, ArunGupta..., We did Hackergarten, CodeRetreat, Netbeans Platform Certificate etc)
  7. 7. Annual Event● This is a celebration of you Group ● For a grown group its must● Make it different than any of your other events.● 6 months once is also possible. Depends on the team spirit. (We have Chennai Java Summit as our Annual Event)
  8. 8. Contribution for Open Source● Its not just Talking its not just listening its all about collaboration.● Encourage members to participate in OS projects.● Introduce member to JSR, OpenJDK, Many projects like Apache, Jboss and other community. (We contribution in JSR(3 JSRs), JavaFX (Visage Compiler, VisageFX,JFXtras,ScalaFX), Scala, Groovy)
  9. 9. Adopt a JSR● Initiative done by JUG around the world● All JUG can participate based on JCP.org process● There are already many JUGs joined http://jcp.org/en/participation/JUG_list (we participat(int/ed) in JSR 331 – Constraint Programming (contributor) JSR 354 – Money and Currency API (EG) JSR 357 – Social Media API (Initial EG) We have 6 member in the SIG)
  10. 10. Adopt OpenJDK● New initiative by JUGs around the world.● Make your members to involve in moving Java forward. (we yet to explore this SIG)
  11. 11. Duchess● Encourage local Women community (We have Chennai Duchess in Chennai which we support them in organizing, Speakers and support.)
  12. 12. Support local OUGs● Join hand with local OUG (We tried to have a Java track in AIOUG in Sangam 11. We also had a one-to-one event in Chennai, AIOUG (Oracle Tech Day) and JUGChennai Chennai Java Summit)● We are working with AIOUG again for AIOUG Sangam 12