Annual Convocation IIBM Patna


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The 31st annual convocation ceremony of IIBM Patna for the batch 2010-12 was held on 14th June, 2012.

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Annual Convocation IIBM Patna

  2. 2.  IIBM Patna organized 31st convocation for the batch of 2010-12 on 14th June, 2012. The main objective was to present the passed out students with their diploma certificates, and more importantly, to felicitate the rank holders.
  3. 3.  Prof. Dr. G. K. Singh, AIIMS, Patna as the Chief Guest Prof. P. R. Trivedi, Chancellor of Global Open University, Nagaland Prof. U. K. Singh, Director General, IIBM, Patna Mr. Sangram Singh, Airtel HR Head, Bihar and Jharkhand Prof. S. K. Sudhanshu, Director, IIBM, Patna Dr. Sharatchandra
  4. 4. Mr. G. K. Singh with First Year PGDM Students, in Library
  5. 5. The Guests of Honour along with Faculty Members Mr. Gaurav Singh, Mr. Rohit Singh, and Mr. Rahul Singh
  6. 6. The event was attended by:- Around 48 2010-12 batch students, Around 15 students of fresh batch 2012-14 10 faculty members including Mr. Gaurav Singh(Dean), Mr. Rohit Singh(Ex.Director), Mr. Rahul Singh(HR Head), Mr.Chandrashekhar Dayal, Mrs. Chetna Preeti among others. 15 media persons from some of theprominent newspapers like Prabhat Khabar, TheHindustan Times, The Times of India.
  7. 7. The Passed out students of 2010-12 batch
  8. 8. The Press Members
  9. 9. Presenter of the event, Mrs. Shweta Gaur
  10. 10.  The first position was secured by an army man Col. J. K. Sinha. He scored 82% marks, and was awarded a gold medal. He was followed by Neha Sinha and Rajeev Kumar at the second and third positions. Neha Sinha was presented with a silver medal and Sanjeev Kumar with a bronze medal. They were followed by Jyoti Vasu, Neha Chandra, Eti Kumari, Abhay Kumar, Shashi Ranjan, Kamil Abuzar and Sushmita Nayan.
  11. 11. First Ranker, Col. J. K. Sinha Accepting his Certificate from G. K. Singh, P. R. Trivedi and U. K. Singh
  12. 12. Second Ranker Neha Sinha Accepting her Certificate from G. K. Singh and Rohit Singh
  13. 13. Third Ranker Rajeev Singh
  14. 14. Top Three Rankers with Guests of Honour and Faculty Members
  15. 15. Passed Out Students along with Guests of Honour and Faculty Members
  16. 16.  While welcoming the guests, Mr. U. K. Singh said that the institution never used false and misleading tactics to lure students. He added, “We never promise anything other than good education. And we are always confident that our students will perform their best wherever they go.
  17. 17. Prof. U. K. Singh Dr. G. K. Singh said, When facing problems that you feel are tough, be patient and look for every possible solution. Give your best. You know your
  18. 18.  He also added, “Do not be afraid of thetough times. Because WHO puts you in suchsituations, HE only gives you the strength to overcomeit.” Dr. G. K. Singh
  19. 19.  Prof. P. R. Trivedi praised the institution highly for setting good education standards. He further told the students, “There is no doubt that you, the students, will excel in any field you choose. But, never compromise on your moral values. For, without them, you will not get far.” Prof. P. R. Trivedi
  20. 20.  Mr. Sangram Singh advised the students to earn rewards rather than waiting for them. He also said that entrepreneurship should be encouraged in the state so that students learn to take risks and become employers rather than employees. Mr. Sangram Singh
  21. 21. Mr. Rohit Singh Addressing the Students and Guests while Delivering the Closing Speech
  22. 22. Report Presented by a Group Effort of RAJLAXMI, ANKITA, JYOTI, PANKAJ and PIYUSH.