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03 C Extra Profile Raj


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03 C Extra Profile Raj

  1. 1. Raj K Pandey Chhetri (MBS, MA), Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal, Mobile: 977-01-98510 86884MY SUPPLEMENTARY PROFILE: RAJ K PANDEY Profession: Raj K Pandey started his career in 1990, at the age of 16 with: 1) Save the Children Norway (Redd Barna); 2) Japan Medical Association (JMA)/School and Community Health Project (SCHP); 3) UK Governments Department for International Development (DFID)/Rural Access Program (RAP); 4) United Nations Population Fund, Country Technical Services Team for South and West Asia (UNFPA CST for SAWA Countries); 5) Himalaya Broadcasting Company (HBC) Radio Station; 6) Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers through Strengthening the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Project funded by DFID; 7) DFID/Enabling State Program-Nepal. Moreover, he was also implicated as a short-term Consultant with: i) UNICEF/Regional Office for South Asia (ROSA); ii) USAID/International Federation of Electoral System (IFES); and iii) USAID/National Democratic Institute (NDI). Prior joining one of the Specialized Agencies of the United Nations (UN) System in 2008, where he is working as an administrative staff in these days, he was involved with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Nepal Office in the capacity of an AS Officer. Education: He has completed his Double Masters Degree i.e. Masters in Business Studies (MBS) and MA (Rural Development), both in the first division. Simultaneously, he is also perusing his third Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA) Course in the early morning in these days. Moreover, he has strongly made his mind to enroll for MPhil Course as well sometimes in the future to upgrade himself for PhD in a long-run of his life, which is one of the significant long-term dreams of his life. Attributes: He is a self-disciplined, self-made, self-developed and self-directed person without guidance from anybody. He dreamed, visualized and worked hard to materialize his vision, goal and aim, which made him active, laborious and confident to cope the difficult challenges and circumstances. On the other hand, when he was in his early teenage and younger age, he used to work exceptionally hard both for his professional career as well as education. He was able to work for up to 18-19 hours daily in that struggle period and used to sleep merely 4-5 hours. Consequently, he successfully continued his full time job and education simultaneously. However, when he gets leisure time in these days, particularly during Saturday and Sunday, he simply enjoys for — laying on bed, traveling around countryside, reading newspapers, listening music, working in a computer for writing something, dine delicious meals, chatting, sharing and joking on generic issues with all the family members, especially two sisters, who are living very closed to his house, reviewing literatures/reports, watching latest movies/TV and sleeping for very late hours. Personality: He is liberal minded, independent, honest, talkative and extroverted person. He often trusts people easily but they exploit his gentleness, soberness and softness for their own vested interests, which makes him sad. He prefers simple life with the better human capital for own inner satisfaction purpose. Ideal: He respects women and men who are simple, gentle and liberal, although he likes straight forward nature and speak of mind. However, he disgusts and immediately discontinues even the humanitarian relationship with the liar, hypocrite, arrogant and sadist persons as they are good for nothing for others. Strength: He is strongly determined person for his goals and visions, which makes him exhausted and burnt-out. Consequently, he can hardly smile, laugh and get pleasure in his life! Moreover, he mostly feels loneliness as he can hardly sacrifice his time for an unproductive purpose and social relationship. Weakness: a) He is, however, not a perfect household manager particularly for cooking, laundry, ironing and other domestic work as he never practiced such activities in his entire life due to sufficient love and take care rendered by his mother/sisters. b) When someone behaves dishonest, sadist and egoistic way, he completely ignores him/her and never attempts to reestablish any further humanitarian relationship.,,, Mobile: 977-01-9841 813529