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Ajax World West I Phone Summit


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ajax World West I Phone Summit

  1. 1. Incorporating the Apple iPhone into the Enterprise Senthil Krishnapillai, Director of Product Management
  2. 2. What enterprises want? • What matters to IT? • Security & Management • Integration with existing infrastructure • Supportability & controlling cost • What matters to users? • Device choices • Usability • Features and applications
  3. 3. Managing and Securing the Device Life Cycle Provision Production Manage Manage ion • Assign group membership and policies • Track asset data • Configuring device for connectivity • Update/repair software vis • OTA delivery of management client • Monitoring & self-healing • Initial application deployment • Maintain/modify device & app configuration Pro Pr • Distribute & update LOB data & files od Secure • Software license usage and tracking • Establish security policies • Scheduled and automate activities uc • Initialize power-on password • Remote Control of devices ti • Install and encrypt data on device on • Install & configure AV, firewall, port/peripheral controls Secure • Back-up device data • Apply patch and security updates Decommission • Enforce security policies • Monitor/track security violations/threats Decommission • Compliance activity logging Secure Manage • Disable lost/stolen device • Reprovision/reimage device – Remote kill/lock – Replacement device-same user – Access violation lock – Repurposed device – “Data fading” • Redeploy software assets • Disable device, network, application • Restore data (after device kill) access
  4. 4. Communication • Communication Security – End-to-end encryption (SSL/TLS vs. data encryption) – Certified against standards (FIPS 140-2..) • Deployment Security – Behind the firewall or hosting solution • Data Staging (NOC vs no NOC)
  5. 5. iPhone as enterprise device • Communication • SSL and VPN support • Encryption libraries available • Security • No on-device encryption support • Sandbox approach provides limited protection • Management • Limited Security through and iPhone Web Configuration Utility • ActiveSync provides limited Support • Deployment • Through AppStore; may not work for enterprise applications • Adhoc distribution: For internal developed applications
  6. 6. Enterprise User Enterprise User wants.. • Wireless email • Wireless PIM • Business Applications
  7. 7. Wireless Email & PIM Wireless Email • Built-in Secure IMAP Client • Exchange ActiveSync support • Custom Email client Wireless PIM • Exchange ActiveSync • APIs to access Contacts • No APIs to access Calendar • Custom Calendar application
  8. 8. Mobile Enterprise Mobile Platform Data Driven • 4GL RAD Tooling Mobile Inbox Applications • Design once, deploy to multiple of the Future • Mobile & Embedded devices • Fast Email SQL Database • Message-based architecture • Business • Mobile data • Mobilization of multiple applications Process synchronization and business processes Mobilization • SQL Developers • Enterprises with strategic • 24X7 Mobile • Embedded ISVs view of mobility Executive Device Management and Security
  9. 9. Approach: Inbox of the Future • Mobilize business process and work-flow to devices using an email-centric approach • Medium and large enterprise have an average of 60 business processes • Purchase Order Approvals • HR Requisitions • CRM Sales follow-up workflow • Expense approvals • Consolidated in a single Inbox for seamless user experience • Increase ROI in wireless-email solution by delivering simple processes as email messages
  10. 10. Introducing Inbox of the Future •Mobilize business process and work-flow to devices using an email-centric approach • Purchase Order approval, CRM Alerts, Notification, Sales bid approval etc. • User can act on critical business processes in a timely manner • Improve response time to keep business workflow moving •Consolidated in a single Inbox for seamless user experience • Leverage familiar and intuitive inbox experience • Avoid launching separate applications
  11. 11. Mobile Productivity Applications Approve View Sales Purchase Activities Orders Receive Approve Alerts Expense Reports
  12. 12. Information Anywhere Suite Platform for • Email and Collaboration Strategic Mobility • Secure access to email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes • Enterprise instant messaging and presence services • Management • Market-leading technology optimized for mobile environments and frontline devices • Security • Authentication and encryption services as well as protection against lost or stolen devices • Mobile Application Enablement • Middleware and tools to create high-performance mobile applications to leverage the platform
  13. 13. Thank you! For more information visit