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Pavan Soni - Ignite To Innovate


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Ignite To Innovate

Published in: Technology, Education
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Pavan Soni - Ignite To Innovate

  1. Pavan Soni Let Sparks Fly Ignite to Innovate
  2. Beyond Reason Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people - George Bernard Shaw Attract Unreasonable People
  3. Innovation ≠ Invention Don't confuse the art of the possible with the art of the profitable. - David Tansley Great ideas are just the beginning! Most Innovative Firms Highest R&D spent Most patents filed Toyota Pfizer Ford J&J DiamlerChrysler General Motors Microsoft GlaxoSmithKline Siemens IBM Apple Google Toyota GE Microsoft P&G 3M Walt Disney IBM Sony IBM Samsung Canon Mitsushita Intel Microsoft Toshiba Sony Micron Tech HP Not more than 0.2% of all the patents have ever been commercialized
  4. Acute Consumer Insight When I asked what you want, people said – A FASTER HORSE CART. - Henry Ford Look at Problems, not symptoms Anthropology | Day in Life | Diary Research | Insight Clinics
  5. Customer as Co-creators There are Lead Users who know what the problem is and may event help you arrive at a solution Empower Customers Stop the Guess work, and let the customer create what she wants Nokia Concept Lounge Dell Idea Storm P&G BMW Innovation Lounge - Eric von Hippel
  6. A Market of Ideas, Talent, Capital Fact is: out there in some garage, an entrepreneur is forging a bullet with your company’s name on it. You have only one option, you have to shoot first. - Gary Hamel Bring Silicon Valley Inside Academia + Start-ups + Large Enterprise Cisco Nokia P&G Intel $ $ $ $ $X $X $X $X $X $X $X CO-IDEATION CO-CONVERSION CO-DIFFUSION
  7. Let a Million Flowers Blossom We call the projects late and give as much time as possible for these ideas to blossom, as innovation is a very fragile process. - Douglas Merrill Call the shots as late as possible Multiple Ideas Project Clusters The cost of killing a good idea could be fatal!
  8. Ambidextrous Organization Established companies can develop radical innovations and protect their traditional businesses. In our study, more than 90% of the ambidextrous organizations achieved their goals. - Charles A. O'Reilly III Exploit the Present+ Explore the Future Teams autonomous at bottom, connected at top Corolla Lexus Prius
  9. The Whole- Brained Talent If you never change your mind, why have one? - Edward de Bono Think + Feel Creativity calls for hunch, guts and reason Left Right Logic Rational Sequential Objective Emotion Intuition Subjective Looks at parts Looks at wholes Holistic T Shaper Personalities
  10. An Inspired Leadership There’s one face missing here… Steve Jobs Page & Brin Kiichiro Toyoda Bill Gates Akio Morita Sam Walton Richard Branson Gordon Moore Jeff Bezos Michael Dell Pierre Omidyar … that could be you
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