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Training ppt

  2. 2. Welcome to Govardhana Holiday Village…… Govardhana has been known as “ Home of Good Cooking” since it opened it doors & still maintain that reputation. We are located in a private reserve, east of Malampuzha, surrounded by a wellpreserved Ecosystem & wild life and above all it is one and only Eco-lodge in the Area, with 12 lovely cottages, having all modern amenities.
  3. 3. Information …. The F&B Dept. apart from handling banquet & ODC have to cater to 3 types of In-House guest. They are: 1.Company guest, 2. Airline guest, 3. FIT or Walk in guest 3. The guest are charged under 4 types of plan. They are: E.P- European Plan ( Room charges only), C.P- Continental Plan( Room+ Continental Breakfast), A.P- American Plan ( Room+ BF+ Lunch+ Dinner) M.A.P- Modified American Plan( Room + Lunch or Dinner)
  4. 4. Some Points to avoid… Grouchy greeting or none at all. Letting ladies seat themselves. Improperly Set tables. Empty Cruet sets. No granulated sugar for cereals, fruits, etc. Guest having to ask for silverware. Service from wrong side Not saying “ Pardon me” Sir or Madam. Dirty or bent silverware. Chipped Glasses or Chinaware. Finger marks on plates or glasses. Carrying Waiter’s cloth under arm or on shoulder. Touching mouth nose with fingers. Loud Talking or arguments in guest areas, i.e. restaurants, near to room
  5. 5. Continued, points to avoid… Clattering of Dishes. Forgetting Items, Empty water glasses. Dirty Ashtrays, Holes in or stained Linen. Rushing guests when not in a hurry. Not providing fresh napkin or silverware when his falls on floor. Forgetting the guest order. Not repeating it to get it confirmed. Cold Plates for hot food, Hot plates for cold food. Touching food with hands. Removing plates before guests are finished. Not removing dishes when guests are finished. Dirty Dummy waiter, side stands. Ignoring guests on another stewards station when called
  6. 6. Continued.. Points to avoid… Making guest wait for the bill. Not Thanking Guest. Forgetting to assist guests when leaving, not saying goodbye. Counting TIPS in dinning room. Dirty nails & Hands, crumpled uniforms & unpolished shoes. Stewards smoking, chewing pan or gum Body odor, bad breath ,too much makeup. Uncombed hair & no shave. Hand & napkin in the pocket. Singing, whistling or rocking to the tune of music.
  7. 7. Personal appearance Guests judge a dining room not only by the food tableware & decor, but also by the food, tableware & décor and lastly by the kind of people who serve them Efficiency & Courtesy do not compensate for poor appearance. Personal cleanliness & proper grooming are essential for good relations. 1. Body cleanliness: Take a cleansing bath daily, use body deodorant & change undergarments. Posture : When standing and walking, hold the body erect with shoulders & head back, the chest up & the abdomen flat. Proper posture improves appearance & reduce fatigue. Be careful not to slouch, lean on chairs or against walls or pillars. Skin : A good complexion is based on good health & requires proper food ,plenty of sleep & regular exercises. Hair: The hair should be clean, free from dandruff, odorless & glossy in appearance.
  8. 8. Continued, Personal appearance… …Keep it this way by frequent shampoos and daily brushing with a clean brush. Waiters must keep their hair trimmed & carefully combed. Waitresses should have simple hair styles in keeping with their uniforms. They should always wear hairnets or headbands. Hands & Nails: Wash hands & nails frequently & always before leaving toilet. Waitresses must put on nail polish. Teeth: Brush carefully at least twice a day, in the morning and at night. Have teeth examined by a dentist at least once a year, preferably twice a year. An attractive smile & pleasant breath depend on clean and good teeth condition.
  9. 9. For more information… Contact us on : 8714363362 or 9567447213 E-mail: Visit our website: or write to us at : Institute of Hotel Management Studies, In Association with Sree Valsam Catering, Near Sree Rama Temple, Thriprayar.
  10. 10. For more information… Contact us on : 8714363362 or 9567447213 E-mail: Visit our website: or write to us at : Institute of Hotel Management Studies, In Association with Sree Valsam Catering, Near Sree Rama Temple, Thriprayar.