Green tea cosmetology


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Awesome effects of green tea

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Green tea cosmetology

  1. 1. GREEN TEA COSMETOLOGY Mrs. RAJINY.Ch.,M.Sc.,B.Ed., PGDN&D., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor, PG & Research Department of Home ScienceBharathidasan Govt. College for Women,Puducherry
  2. 2. GREEN TEA• Green tea is tea made solely with the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing.• Green tea originates from China• Green tea contains many antioxidants, including the powerful chemical EGCG.• It has also been shown to aid in the prevention of heart disease and to lower harmful LDL cholesterol levels while raising the "good" HDL cholesterol levels.• Some also use green tea to aid in weight loss, improve the appearance of the skin and to help quit smoking.
  3. 3. Types of Green Tea products
  4. 4. Benefits of Green Tea• Green tea contains antioxidants that combat free radicals also called oxidant radicals. Free radicals are byproducts of the human body and cause damage to cells and tissues. The antioxidants neutralize free radicals so they cannot cause any harm. Free radicals are one of the causes of many illnesses and they are one of the reasons for our aging.• Green tea contains vitamins, particularly a large amount of vitamin C, minerals (fluoride, in particular), and amino acids. Although vitamin C is very sensitive to heat, a large amount remains in a hot cup of tea, because vitamin C in green tea is combined with another substance and is thus protected from heat.• Vitamin C in green tea reduces chloramines in drinking water, and heating the water to make tea drives off tricloromethane (a carcinogen in chlorine- and chloramine-treated water).• The active ingredients in green tea skin care are flavanols, polyphenols, and epigallocatechin gallate(or EGCG for short). EGCG is a potent antioxidant - between 20 - 100 times more powerful than vitamin C and A.
  5. 5. Study on Green teaTitle of the Study: Green Tea- The natural secret for a healthier life.Place:PuducherrySample Size: Total 120 – among which 60 samples were control group and 60 experimental group. Among 60 samples , 25 obese , 20 hypertensive and 15 hypercholestrolemic samples were selected after anthropometric measurement and biochemical assessment . Twenty samples using green tea cosmetics were interviewedGreen Tea Sample: Tetley tea was selected as samplePeriod of supplementation: 50 days-8 gms/ day
  6. 6. OBJECTIVES• To estimate the presence of phytochemicals in green tea(qualitatively & quantatively)• To administer internally in the form of tea and note levels of cholesterol, BMI & BP• To identify the type of green tea cosmetics used and their remedies obtained
  7. 7. RESULTS-I• Qualitative test revealed presence of phytochemicals like- alkaloids,catechins,flavonoids,phenols,sugar and tanins, in both green tea and black tea• Quantitative test revealed Sl.No Constituents Green Tea Black Tea (mg/100ml) (mg/100ml) 1. Total Alkaloids 26.7±1.3 21.9±9.3 2. Total Flavanoids 29.6±4.7 21.7±6.8 3. Total Carbohydrates 11.7±7.1 4.3±6.2 4. Total Polyphenols 37.4±3.2 29.7±7.6
  8. 8. RESULTS-II• BMI results after green tea intake reduced to a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6.• A difference of 2-6 in cholesterol levels were found after green tea intake.• Blood pressure was found to be reduced• Twenty four percent stated their tummy reduced, 60 percent stated their skin glowed and 56 percent approved skin lightening.46 percent felt reduction in pigmentation
  9. 9. Types of green tea cosmetics• Moisturising creams- 30 percent• Sunscreen lotions-48 percent• Scrubs- 15 percent• Green tea oil- 38 percent• Facial masks- 8 percent• Antiwrinkle creams- 22 percent• Soaps- 36 percent• Perfumes- 6 percent
  10. 10. Benefits of Green Tea Externally• Green tea extract is 20 times more antioxidant powerful than vitamin C and provides superior protection from free radical damage. This defense against free radicals is especially important for sun protection. Twenty eight percent stated that they were benefited through green tea suncreens• Green tea may be valuable as an acne treatment. Benzoyl peroxide present acts as both a drying and a peeling agent: it allows the outer layers of skin to renew themselves and clear pores, reducing much of the bacteria responsible for acne breakouts. Green tea creams reduced acne to 18 percent of the samples felt green tea creams treated their acne problems• Green tea might also help to heal skin tanning. Women who used a tropical green tea lotions experienced a 70 percent improvement in their skin.
  11. 11. Green Tea External Applications• Ease tired, puffy eyes can be treated with green tea. Brew a cup of green tea and put it in the refrigerator to chill. Dip two cotton balls in the cool tea and put them on your closed eyelids. Sit back and relax for 10 to 15 minutes. Chilled, used tea bags also work.• Treat face to a refreshing green tea spritz. Steep 5 tsp. of loose green tea in a cup of boiling water. Strain the leaves and put the water in a small spray bottle. Mist the face whenever needed to tone and refresh.• Enjoy a relaxing green tea bath soak. Put some green tea leaves in the middle of a coffee filter, gather the top, and tie it with a string. Drop it into warm bathwater, and enjoy.• Spend a few minutes with a green tea facial mask. Mix 1 tbsp. of powdered green tea with an egg white and 1 tsp. of pure honey, and whip them together with a fork. Apply the mixture to the face and leave it for about 30 minutes. Rinse it off and apply a moisturizer.• Exfoliate skin with a green tea and almond body scrub. Mix 1/3 cup of finely ground almonds with 1/3 cup of wheat bran, and stir it into 1 cup of hot green tea. Stir in 1 tbsp. of olive oil, and massage the body scrub into dry areas. Rinse the scrub off with warm water, and follow with a moisturizer.
  12. 12. CONCLUSION• GREEN TEA HEALS INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY• The polyphenols have cancer protecting properties and is attributed to blocking Cancer causing agents• Green tea lowers BMI, Blood pressure,• Green tea rich in antioxidants is used as a anti ageing product reducing free radical damage and an anti inflammatory agent• Green tea improves Gloss and shine of hair too• SO SIP AND SPREAD THE GOODNESS OF GREEN TEA