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Global capital newsletter


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Global capital newsletter

  1. 1. GLOBAL CAPITAL NEWSLETTER MARCH 14, 2014 Saudi Arabia – Dubai GLOBAL CAPITAL represents in the Philippines a number of foreign lenders and investors, mostly from the Arabian World. We have a number of projects for private business and government in the Philippines. We are looking for possible partners on a strategic alliance. THERE IS NO INVESTMENT REQUIREMENT FOR THE STRATEGIC ALLIANCE BUT WE ARE WILLING TO SHARE OUR BROKER’S FEES WITH OUR PARTNERS IN AFFILIATION All project funding will be sourced from our foreign lenders and investors. All you need is your digital wealth and digital technical knowhow over the INTERNET. In most cases, our foreign principals will only be involved in project financing – and not in the management and operations of the project so funded. For the moment you need only to reply to this NEWSLETTER via email at Should your company be open to partner with GLOBAL CAPITAL ,Then we shall send you Profiles Of How We Do Business and How We Make Money that we shall share with our Partners In Affiliation. THANK YOU