Usefulness of social network for small business


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Usefulness of social network for small business

  1. 1. Usefulness of social network for small business To set up a small business and make it a success story is not an easy thing. The hardest part of it is the publicity of the business. But now in the time of hi-fi technologies and up to date gadgets a flood named social networking marketing change the whole concept of marketing and advertisement. This new genre of marketing surely helps one to promote his or her company and its requirements. It is a boon for those small enterprises which generally don’t have much budget for publicity. So now days, the social network has become one of the most important marketing tool. Various social networking sites namely Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Flickr, LinkedIn, and even YouTube are the hot spot for many small business organization. The online presence of the organization is enriched by the help of these social networking sites. In these sites you can put your message that is made to promoting your small business organization. And whenever you try to socialize by any of these social networking sites, your promotion will get bigger exposure to a larger audience. As in these web sites many community or group have been created by like minded people, one can also get his or her target customers without any hardship. It is also used to find out new business partners or employers by developing his or her business presence. Whenever any company registers under any social networking sites, it gets it unique domain name. As soon as the domain name becomes the identity of the organization, anyone can visit the profile, customized for the particular business house. It will be great if the owner creates many profiles in various social networking sites because it will help it to get good search engine ranking for the unique brand name of the enterprise. In this way, social networking sites help one who is seeking information or looking for the name of the particular brand. The unique URL of the domain name of the small business body becomes the title tag of the product and enhances its brand value as well. Social networking marketing depends on three main things: 1) unique content, 2) good SEO and 3) useful links. After registration under any social networking site, one gets a space to write down the endorsement message for public view. This content should be clear, user friendly and rich of right number of keywords. The clarity and proper word selection make content more attractive. The proper SEO handling helps the URL to gain good optimization. And as soon as you get the social networking link index, it will be treated as inbound links to your main website. This is a right option to gain not only the traffic but also the sale of your product or service. In this way you can get link of your own small business organization and the best part of all is that it is free of cost. Once you get the entry in this magical world of social network marketing, you can start socializing and interaction with your target customers by scrapping, chatting or simply twitting. This personal interaction helps one to make a bond of trust and belief on the mind of the customers. By this powerful tool, one can not only convince the customers to purchase the product but also can take advantage of conveying the further information
  2. 2. about the product, company or services. Moreover, the customers can give you the feedback of the product or the service instantly and directly. This type of feedback surely helps you in advancement of your product or providing better service in future. By this tool, you can easily channel various messages like information about the product or service, the details, any promotional offers like discounts or free gift the background of your company etc. This new genre of promotion with a personal touch makes its way to popularity day by day. Social networking sites also make a new path for communicating with like minded people. One can not achieve success without any co operation from its peer group. Getting help and ideas from the people of the same field is the most productive way in small business organization. You can also get in touch with the business tycoon of your field simply by following him or her and can share thoughts and opinion of each other at any point of time. Additionally one can discuss about his or her business with the people of same field and can get new and useful information. Social network marketing is also very cost effective way of advertising and PR which is a perfect choice for the small budget business organization. It is a time consuming way also. The owner of any small business enterprise can communicate with general people and disseminate his or her message in many ways through various social networking sites. Among many available options, blogging is the most simple and powerful way to communicate with the potential buyers. You can write blog via RSS feeds about your product, company or service and can have a continuous conversation with your readers. Micro blogging in social networking sites like Twitter or its business version Yammer is another useful path for instant customers back up. Discussion on the forum of any social networking site is beneficial for them. One can have many -to- many communications in this way. Web sites like Facebook, Linkedln or Orkut are successfully used for promoting, recruiting, marketing and brand endorsing. In this techno age, social network marketing opens a new cost effective and trendy door of advertising for the minor businessmen. Through this gateway, they can convey their messages, share their thoughts, listening to the customers all over the world and above all create a personal bonding with them. In this way, small business enterprises can embrace the social networking sites to get huge success in future.