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African Industries Group

African Industries Group one of the best steel leading company of Nigeria.African Industries manufactured steel, Chemicals,Non ferrous materials and Glass.

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African Industries Group

  1. 1. Message of Raj Gupta Chairman of African Industries Coming into the second half of this decade Nigeria confronts a large group of difficulties: a sharp drop in the cost of oil, the proceeded with security issues, the debasement of the Naira and a financial constriction. While not hopeful about any of the difficulties that face us as a nation or a business we keep on being idealistic about Nigeria over the long haul. Nigeria has demonstrated enormous development in a well-run decision that brought about an officeholder president losing force in a race surprisingly. President Muhammadu Buhari has expansive backing the nation over and has a notoriety for being genius administration ace change pioneer. We should likewise recall that Nigeria is Africa's greatest economy with a populace of more than 175million.
  2. 2. At African Industries, we keep on putting resources into Nigeria and in different parts of West Africa – we have extended our workplaces to Ghana and keep on taking a gander at trading our Nigeria fabricated items into different ECOWAS countries. In the all the more difficult transient we have made new interests in organizations where we see amazing open doors, are coordinating new innovation to enhance proficiency and streamlining our operations.
  3. 3. Our long haul duty to Nigeria and Africa in general is basic. We invite you to go along with us. Yours sincerely, Raj Gupta