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Brainstorming before presentation


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Published in: Education
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Brainstorming before presentation

  1. 1. BRAINSTORMINGGetting Ideas Before You Write
  2. 2. What is brainstorming“The best way how to have a good idea is to have many ideas” means of generating ideas. can be used to identify alternatives, obtain a complete list of items and to solve problems.
  3. 3. HOW DOES IT WORK in a group of people free associations to the topic given relaxed and friendly atmosphere deferred judgements – release the human mind, lateral thinking
  4. 4. WHY DO WE NEED IT?BRAINSTORMING CAN: It’s the best way to collect your thoughts.generate new ways of thinking.facilitate team building.encourage team problem solving.
  6. 6. BRAINSTORMING CONSTRAINTS does not rank the ideas cannot help you select the important ones does not suggest the best solutions must be amended by other methods
  7. 7. Getting Started “Writer’s block” is a commonproblem to many students. This iswhen ideas for writing do not comevery easily. It is easy to get veryfrustrated when beginning to write.Brainstorming activities can helpyou get ideas for your essay andhelp you become less frustrated.
  8. 8. Brainstorming Three Activities Clustering Listing Freewriting
  9. 9. Brainstorming Clustering Listing Freewriting Clustering1. Start with the main topic of your essay. Write that word in the center of your paper.2. Write down any sub-topics that are connected to that main topic. Draw arrows to the sub-topics from the main topic. Transportation Alcatraz Museums San Francisco Chinatown Golden Gate Bridge Fisherman’s Wharf
  10. 10. Brainstorming  Clustering Listing Freewriting Clustering 3. If you have new ideas, connect those words to the appropriate sub-topic. Cable Car BART Bus Civilian American Prison Legion1934-1963 Transportatio Modern ArtOld Military n Museum Prison Alcatraz Museums Asian Art Famous MuseumPrisoners San FranciscoRestaurants Chinatown Golden Gate Completed Stores Bridge 1937 Fisherman’s Scenic View Theaters Wharf Clam Ships Chowder boats
  11. 11. Clustering  Clustering Listing Freewriting Example View of Sunny Trees Yellow View of Sky Good- Windows Bedroom Sized Favorite RoomSoft Bed Comfortable Big Closet Furniture Rocking Chair Quiet
  12. 12. Brainstorming Clustering  Listing Freewriting Listing1. Start with the main topic of your essay. Write that word or words at the top of your paper.2. Write down any word or phrase that might relate to your main topic underneath. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. Your goal is to write down as many ideas as quickly as possible. Why I Want to Become a Nurse
  13. 13. Brainstorming Clustering  Listing Freewriting Listing Why I Want to Become a NurseLike science Challenging jobLike problem solving Opportunities for promotionMany jobs available in nursing Interested in study of diseasesGood salary Interested in study of humanLike working in a hospital bodyWant to help other people Flexible hours Will always learn something new
  14. 14. Listing Clustering Listing Freewriting Example How to be a Successful Language Learner•Practice speaking with •Ask others to correct youothers •Look for patterns in your errors•Take classes •Organize your study time•Guess at the meanings of •Use special techniques to rememberwords new words•Listen to radio or TV •Ask for help when you don’t•Observe others understand•Set reasonable goals •Review material regularly•Don’t be afraid to •Use a dictionaryexperiment •Choose a good textbook•Study vocabulary in relatedtopics
  15. 15. Brainstorming Clustering Listing  Freewriting Freewriting1. Start with the main topic of your essay. Write that word or words at the top of your paper.2. Freewriting is like talking to yourself on paper. Write as much as you can in connected sentences (not lists) about your topic. Write as quickly as you can without stopping to think about grammar or organization.
  16. 16. ThankYou