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Research methodology


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Research methodology

  1. 1. Research Methodology Rajesh Timane
  2. 2.  Research Methods are the ways or techniques employed by the researchers in conducting research operations. On the other hand, Research Methodology is a scientific and systematic way to solve research problems.
  3. 3. HypothesisHypothesis is the assumption in themind of the researcher about theresearch work selected; before startingthe actual research work.It is the proposition as statements aboutthe observable phenomena in this researchstudy that may be judged as true or false.As a declarative statement about the twoor more variables, the hypotheses are ofthe tentative and notionalnature. Hypotheses have been seendescribed as a statement inwhich variablesare assigned to the cases.A case is defined, in this sense, as anentity or thing the hypothesis talks about.The variable is the characteristic, trait orattributes that, in the hypotheses, isimputed to the case. A variable is anythingthat may assume different numerical
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  5. 5. Recommendations Suggestion is the name given to the psychological process by which one person may guide the thoughts, feelings or behavior of another.… the words “suggest” and “suggestion” were used in senses very close to those which they have in common speech; one idea was said to suggest another when it brought that other idea to mind. Recommendations are basically ideas offered by the researcher for corrective action. These suggestions should be based on one or several alternatives that are supported by theRead Full Article: A further research initiative should findings. also be recommended at the end.