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Published in: Education
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Zenstory 090423035703-phpapp02

  1. 1. Zen Motivational Story The Thief and the Monk Motivational Stories
  2. 2. Once a famous Buddhist monk lived close to the city. Whenever he spoke a large crowd gathered at his place. Motivational Stories
  3. 3. One of his disciples happened to be a thief. Every time he stole, he’d be caught. The monk would advise him and let him go. . Motivational Stories
  4. 4. This went on for sometime till all the disciples ran out of patience. Motivational Stories
  5. 5. “ Sir, you must send this thief away from your discourses or we’ll all have to leave,” they threatened. Motivational Stories
  6. 6. “ Then, you can all go. The thief shall stay,” said the monk. The disciples were shocked. Motivational Stories
  7. 7. “ All of you know that stealing is a sin. But this fellow doesn’t know that. If I don’t teach him, who will?” asked the Buddhist monk. Motivational Stories
  8. 8. The thief who heard this cried. And he was never the same again. And so were the disciples Motivational Stories
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