Aplan z for nso introcollat-ver20


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A fantastic Project Management platform created specifically for the Retail Industry.
Check it out.

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Aplan z for nso introcollat-ver20

  1. 1. THE COLLABORATIVE PROJECT aPLANz MANAGEMENT PLATFORMKandor Solutions The new way to manage projects!
  2. 2. What is aPLANz? A project management platform Connects teams, vendors and service providers Uses Social Networking features to provide engaging user experience Allows rich collaboration among team members Alerts, Notifications and Reports to keep your project on track
  3. 3. Project Management - I Create Multiple Projects For each project, you can:  Plan activities and milestones  Assign responsibilities  Assign due dates  Define Checklists for every milestone
  4. 4. Project Management - II Update status of activity Complete milestones Update and share Project / Team Calendar Upload and share documents / photographs / drawings Provide notifications to team members Generate Reports and Review the Project progress
  5. 5. Managing New Store Opening NSO is a regular activity for most of retailers The journey – Signing up for the property to Opening of the store - is full of surprises Delay in opening hurts a lot – in rentals as well as loss of sale – very difficult to make up later aPLANz reduces uncertainty, stress for the team members and helps in delivering on time!
  6. 6. NSO using aPLANz - I Each New Store is defined as a separate project Team members from IT, Projects, Merchandising, Operations, PMC, Vendors are assigned tasks All Activities and their dependence is planned Users can update their tasks as well as review the progress and view the Project Calendar The Document Management feature allows central storage of all the documents under various categories
  7. 7. NSO using aPLANz - II Users can update milestone completion by confirming each item in the checklist associated with that milestone Users can upload evidence such as photographs, drawings, scanned documents, etc. Project Manager can view the project progress, look at recent updates in a very easy to use dashboard
  8. 8. User Interface aPLANz is built using Social Programming tools and techniques Ample use of AJAX / Web 2.0 controls helps in reducing number of clicks / keyboard entries making user more productive Very easy to use tool; needs no training at all Integration with MS Project, MS Excel, Outlook, BBM as well as supports smartphone and tablet browsers
  9. 9. Create Project – New or From Defined Templates
  10. 10. Set Milestones
  11. 11. Detailed Each Milestone- Tasklist-Tasks -IssuesAssign Responsibilities and Set Timelines
  12. 12. GNATT Chart - Graphical Expandable / Collapsible View of the Project
  13. 13. Manage the Project – Collaborate and Monitor Progress
  14. 14. Have Calendar View – Manage and Plan the Day Effectively
  15. 15. aPLANz Vs MS ProjectMS Project aPLANz A desktop tool  A web tool  Built for sharing and collaboration Sharing and collaboration not  Rich support for calendaring and possible Document Storage  Flat per month subscription for the No support for calendaring and organization Document storage  Import and export from/to MS Project file format (XML) Per user licensing cost  Support for Mobile phones via RSS readers for updates on project activities
  16. 16. Next Steps• Demo / POC• Purchase Order• Setup• User And Admin Training• Porting in-flight projects to the tool• Go Live
  17. 17. Thank you! Contact: Vinay Hinge Email: vinay.hinge@kandorsol.com Cell: +91-98201-48100