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Designing Killer Apps for Mobile Devices ModevUX May 9 2013 mclean VA - @iRajLal


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Designing Killer Apps for Mobile devices! - Raj Lal

What makes a mobile app standout from the crowd? When we look at a successful App it seems like a "no brainer" but still so many developers struggle to to get the mobile design right. What's the secret ingredient to get the Mobile App design right. In this session go behind the scene of 10 successful Windows Phone app and see why Design is not how it looks but how it works. Learn ten essential tips for designing Mobile Apps, the Right Way.

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Designing Killer Apps for Mobile Devices ModevUX May 9 2013 mclean VA - @iRajLal

  1. 1. MCLEAN, VA , MAY 9-11, 2013Designing Killer Apps forMobile devicesRaj LalNokia Inc.@iRajLal
  2. 2. Mobile Developer Evangelist5+ years on Mobile dev.Author• Digital Design Essentials• Smartphone Web Development• Gadgets and WidgetsAbout Me
  3. 3. Learn how to design a Killer Mobile AppGoal of the Session
  4. 4. Define: A Killer Mobile AppWhat is a Killer Mobile App? Anyone?
  5. 5. A Killer Mobile App• More than 100 reviews• 4.5 Star ratings in the app store
  6. 6. ExampleMini Recorder•236 ratings•4.5 stars
  7. 7. Mini Recorder: User Interface
  8. 8. Mini Recorder• One page app• No design elements• Visual hierarchy• Modern UI, Big tap-able content• Color icon similar to native icons• Familiar UI, look and feel & SettingsAnd btw It also works
  9. 9. Mini Recorder uses Metro UI Guidelines
  10. 10. Other Recorders
  11. 11. Other Recorders
  12. 12. Tip #1Use Device Design GuidelinesFamiliar visual design is 200% better thana New and ”better” design
  13. 13. Context of the user
  14. 14. Context of the user• Mobile• In the middle of a session/class• This speaker is awesome• Need a FREE app to record audio• Search “audio recorder” in app store
  15. 15. App Store View
  16. 16. App Store View
  17. 17. Give extra attention• Icon• Title• First 3 lines of description• Description• Screenshots
  18. 18. Tip #2Grab user attention in App StoreApp store is your first point of contact withyour customer make it count
  19. 19. User is Mobile
  20. 20. User is Mobile• User is distracted• Focused for a short amount of time• Divided attention
  21. 21. Top Games AppBreakoutPopball
  22. 22. Tip #3Design for a mobile userA mobile user needs quick App
  23. 23. User don’t want to spend timeWikipedia Flixter
  24. 24. User don’t want to spend time• Make the app self explanatory• Have defaults• Don’t make user signup• Add value for unregistered users
  25. 25. Tip #4Make it self explanatoryA mobile user needs to access data fast
  26. 26. The Clock App
  27. 27. The Killer Clock AppFull Screen Clock
  28. 28. Tip #5Simplify the user interfaceSimple is always better than sophisticated
  29. 29. The Clock App
  30. 30. Nokia Lumia 920Modern UIPure view cameraPure view cameraNokia HERE8 mp cameraWindows Phone 8Image stabilization4.5"Vibrant colorsLive TilesCarl zeiss32 GB768 x 1280Wireless charging1 GB RAM1080p HDNFC
  31. 31. Nokia Lumia 920
  32. 32. Tip #6Utilize the device potentialMaximize the impact by integrating with thehardware
  33. 33. News / Information App
  34. 34. News/Information AppBaconit Astronomy Hub
  35. 35. Tip #7Understand the categoryKnow and apply the best practices
  36. 36. Style + Fashion App
  37. 37. Tip #8Add CharacterMake your App stand apart from the competition
  38. 38. Finance AppChase Mobile
  39. 39. Tip #9Make it AccessibleAccessibility is about making you Appavailable to more user
  40. 40. One More AppSmartboard Calculator Free
  41. 41. Tip #10Have FunIf you are not having fun, you are not doing it right
  42. 42. 10 Tips for Killer App Design1. Use design guidelines2. Grab user attention3. Design for Mobile User4. Make it self explanatory5. Simplify the UI6. Utilize device potential7. Understand the category8. Add character9. Make it Accessible10. Have Fun
  43. 43. MCLEAN, VA , MAY 9-11, 2013Thank YouRaj LalNokia Inc.@iRajLal