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Presentation at Milagrow SME Conference


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Presentation at Milagrow SME Conference

  1. 1. The Magic Lamp in our Lives for Employees and Customers Rajesh Jain NetCore Solutions
  2. 2. 3 Questions – and Answers • What’s happening in Digital India? • What are the Opportunities going ahead? • How can the Mobile help your Business? 2
  3. 3. What’s the Digital India story? 3
  4. 4. Digital India: Internet and Mobile PCs and Internet Mobile • PCs: 30 million (growing 8+ • Market 1 million / year) – 100 million users – ARPU of Rs 500 – Equally split between Homes, • Non-Voice ARPU of Rs 75 SMBs, Large Enterprises+Govt – Mix of Enterprise and Youth • Internet: 50 million (growing 10+ million/year) • Market 2 – 6 million broadband (256 – 300 million users Kbps) connections – ARPU of Rs 100 • Non-Voice ARPU of Rs 3 – 50% access from cybercafes – Mix of Urban and Rural – Ads: Rs 700 cr (3% of media spend) – Transactions: Tickets, Trades, • SMS Use: 50-60% (200+ million) • WAP Use: 3-4% (10-15 million) Matrimony 4
  5. 5. Reality of Indian Mass Market: 2 screens, not 3 (Nielsen report) • 3 Screen opportunity exists with the affluent, high-spend segment • A game-changing, opportunity that extends to the masses exists across 2 screens: – First screen: TV – Second screen: Internet/Broadband will not reach the masses due to costs associated with laying copper – Third screen: Mobile will be logical area of growth for wireless internet across the rich and the poor 5
  6. 6. Where are the Opportunities? 6
  7. 7. Five Structural Changes will create new opportunities in India’s mobile space 3G / Mobile MNP MVNO Broadband Voice MVAS Competition Competition 7
  8. 8. Way Forward Multi- Mobile First Multi-Modal Monetisation • Devices exist • Mobile + PC • ABC Pays but Services • Advertiser missing • Show Value of • Business PC Experience • Consumer (subscriptions, • SMS & Voice • Create a transactions) • Mobile Web Mobile-PC • Mobile Apps Continuum 8
  9. 9. India can be the Harbinger • Drive Killer Services (with focus on “Usability”) to drive demand for PCs and Broadband – Education – Mobile Social Networking • Learn from Mobiles: Digital Services Operator – Think ARPU, Prepaid, Cash Balance – An Open Publishing and Micropayments Platform • Extend to other Emerging Markets – Made in India, Made for the World 9
  10. 10. What can you do to drive Business? 10
  11. 11. Mobiles can transform Customer-facing Business Processes Multiple Modes of Usage Enterprise Uses • SMS • Customers – Request Reply – SMS Request-Reply – Push – SMS Push (Alerts) – Subscriptions – Voice: IVR • Voice – Apps – IVR • Prospects – Outbound – Advertising (SMS, WAP) • WAP – SMS Database Push – Mobile Website – Voice: Outbound • Apps • Employees – Email2SMS – SMS Groups 11
  12. 12. Five Actionable Ideas 1. Invertising (Permission Marketing) 2. Profiled Database Marketing 3. Transactional Alerts 4. Promotional Messages to Customers 5. Email2SMS 12
  13. 13. Idea 1: Invertising to build Hotlines to Customers TM-ECON TM-ECON TM-ECON Leaders this week: Leaders this week: International News: *THE COLLAPSE OF *FLYING BLIND - The tragedy of the TURNING THEIR BACKS ON THE MANUFACTURING - The financial commons meets the final frontier. WORLD - The economic meltdown crisis has created a manufacturing Space is a public common and has popularised a new term: crisis. What should governments do humanity needs to value it. Space deglobalisation. Is globalisation about it? Having bailed out the waste stays in orbit for decades, or really ending? World trade has financial system, governments are even centuries. It is time to stop so plunged. The integration of the now being called on to save industry many satellites from flying blind. world economy is in retreat on too. *** Pick up the latest copy of The almost every front. *** Visit Economist from a vendor near you *** Visit Feb 20th, 2009 Feb 21st, 2009 Feb 22nd, 2009 sms TE to 575758 to get daily updates from The Economist 13
  14. 14. Invertising for Enterprises TM-IKW TM-IKW TM-IKW *Google Everywhere: As the Search *The Economic Incentives of the *The Crowded, Caffeinated Soft Giant Grows, How Much Is Too 'Store-within-a-Store' Retail Model - Drink Sector: Who Will Bubble Up to Much? - Although real-time mobile New research by the Top? - With the market for ad relevance could be viewed as a Wharton's Z. John Zhang and traditional soft drinks dominated by sign that one company has too much Kinshuk Jerath of Carnegie Mellon giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, power, Wharton faculty say, so far, University, looks into the alternative beverages have become a the convenience Google provides dynamics of manufacturer-run shops rapidly growing and highly profitable outweighs any apparent privacy operating under the roof of piece of the beverage industry. worries. traditional retailers. *** Visit Sep 8th, 2009 Sep 9th, 2009 Sep 10th, 2009 sms IKW to 575758 to get daily updates from Knowledge@Wharton 14
  15. 15. Invertising for Enterprises TM-FABINDIA TM-FABINDIA TM-FABINDIA TM-FABINDIA Re-vitalise your HOME and Fabindia invites you to an Fabindia exbh of FABINDIA FURNITURE - OFFICE with the new range exhibition of GARMENTS, FURNITURE & DHURRIES 14- NEW COLLECTION AT of UPHOLSTERY at Fabindia ACCESSORIES and 15 Feb 11 am - 9 pm at SUNVILLE, 9 DR. Annie store KALAGHODA 23-25 JEWELLERY 7 - 8 Feb at the CLUB PREMISES SHER-E- Besant road, Worli, Mumbai Jan. PALLI HILL store PUNJAB SOCIETY MAHAKALI 18. Ph. 989323650230 from CAVES ROAD ANDHERI EAST. 20 - 22 feb, 10am - 7pm Open to all. Jan 24th, 2009 Feb 6th, 2009 Feb 14th, 2009 Feb 20th, 2009 sms START FABMUM to 575758 to get regular updates from Fabindia 15
  16. 16. Idea 2: SMS Ads and Database Push for Branding and New Customer Acquisition TM-MyToday TM-CoxKings BIZ: Win 200 Free holidays to *RBI staff strike disrupts bonds Ireland worth Rs. 184000 to Rs. trading 82000. *HDFC sees 20% growth for sms CNK to 57575 to loans in FY10 participate. Ad: T&Cs on INTEL CORE 2 DUO BASED PC RS 19,500 ONWARDS. sms INTEL DB to 566776 FOR INFO 16
  17. 17. Profiled Database Marketing for New Customer Acquisition 17
  18. 18. Idea 3: Real-time Alerts on Transaction to inform and deepen customer bond TM-NSDL TM-KOTAK 96404xxxxx,PAN alloted to 93250xxxxx,Our you is BAIPP9358M. PAN Card representative will visit you will be dispatchedshortly.SMS today for Kotak Credit Card PAN 0307506002xxxxx to application & documents. 53030 or visit www.tin- For assistance call to check further Pooja:02041050555 status 18
  19. 19. Idea 4: Promotional Messages and Special Offers to Customers TM-BigBzr TM-GreenCrd Aayiye karein tyoharon ka Show SMS & get 5% Green swagat Big Bazaar ke Card Fashion Friday saath,Diwali Se Pehele discount at Pantaloons Diwali Manayiye aur offers today 2nd Oct.Check out ka laabh uthaiye. Hurry, the new festive range of offers valid only Mens Formal, Semi Formal till 4 Oct. & Party wear. T&C 19
  20. 20. mCoupons on Customer Purchase 20
  21. 21. Idea 5: Email2SMS for real-time Push Mail Alerts on any mobile  Imagine Push Mail on Mobile Key Breakthrough: Long (480-char SMS)  In short, an alternative to Blackberry for the Masses  And all you require is An email account with auto-forward capability Your existing mobile phone  Read, Compose and Reply to emails using just SMS  Using just SMS on existing mobile phones. No GPRS required. No purchasing new phones. 21
  22. 22. Communication Strategy at All Stages of Customer Lifecycle • Custom Alerts • Custom Alerts • Request - Response Advocate • Footer Ads • Invertising • Voting • Voice-based SMS • Voting • Polls • Mass Email • Polls/Contests • Voice SMS • WAP Advertising • Email Newsletters Loyal Customer Customer Customer Customer Acquisition Engagement Feedback • Purchase • mCoupons • Request - Response • m-Payments • Rich Media • Permission Customer • Gifts Downloads Marketing • Serial Feed • SMS Communities Customer Customer Transaction Non-Customer Gratification Retention
  23. 23. Key Points 5 Coming Mobile Disruptions 5 Actionable Ideas for Business • MNP • Invertising • 3G • Profiled Database Push • MVNO • Transactional Alerts • Voice Competition • Promotionals and • MVAS Competition mCoupons for Customers • Email2SMS 400 million Magic Lamps are out there… What’s Needed are the Genie-like Services 23
  24. 24. Mobile Broadband Consumers “Mobile as Magic Lamp” Computing, Education and VAS Operator Entertainment – as a Utility Enterprises Enterprise Data MVNO VoIP; Software-as-a-Service IT Operator; “Computing-as-a-Service” Digital Services Operator Enterprise IT Operator • Paid Content • Computing – Desktop Network Computer • Real-time Alerts / Updates • Connectivity / Communications • Advertising – DSL – Mass – Fixed-Mobile Convergence – Targeted (based on Profile) • Server Infra and Apps – Intent (a la Paid Search) – OS, Desktop Apps – Location – Collaboration Apps / Document Sharing – Business Apps: Accounting / CRM – On SMS, Portal, Voice, Video • Cloud Services • Invertising – VPN; Backup • Lead Generation – Remote Desktops (Windows / Linux) – Video Conferencing • Transactions (mCommerce) • Mobilising Apps – Email, CRM, SFA… • Email2SMS – Integration of Mobility into Business Processes (eg. Email2SMS, Alerts) • Premium Paid Subscriptions • Mobile Marketing • Education eReaders – Mobile Presence • Entertainment: Mobile TV – Ads, Leads, Transactions • AppStore (for ISVs) 24