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Web 2.0 Networked Enterprises – Indian IT Service providers


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Web 2.0 Networked Enterprises – Indian IT Service providers

  1. 1. Web 2.0 Networked Enterprises – Indian IT Service ProvidersWeb 2.0 include social networking sites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites etc that allowsusers to interact and collaborate with each other. These collaborative technologies arewidely being used in the organizations to connect the internal employees of theorganizations to share knowledge and expertise that ultimately benefit the clients andcustomers. These platforms engage employees and encourage them in providing theinnovative ideas and discuss and collaborate on the ideas and control attrition.Management also used such platforms as a two way communication channel withemployees and invite ideas form employees to tide over the recession and Indian ITservice vendors used these well in recent recession. McKinsey has studied the enterpriseuse for the past four years and found that the adoption has increased tremendously inorganizations, saw significant rise in their margins and market share gains andimprovement in customer/client relationships.Tata Consultancy services (TCS) developed a platform called Ultimatix which helps toconsolidate internal systems and take advantage of group knowledge. TCS invested inthis platform of wikis, personalized sites, blogs that not only bring employees togetherbut also help employees to collaborate for organizational benefits. Justask is similar tothat of a Q&A forum that enable employees to ask questions openly, Ideamax encouragesemployees to share their ideas about a particular technology or a process. Ultimatixintegrated 50 core applications to streamline operations and internal collaboration formore than 700 business processes. It integrated all internal processes, including HR,finance, and project management, to support over 100,000 staff.Infosys intranet Sparsh, the information intranet of Infosys, allows every single memberof Infosys to be connected at all times was rated among the world’s top 10. It serves asan internal social network, and members can exchange ideas by email, bulletin boardsand can also hold discussions. Sparsh has helped Infosys in reducing operating costs andmeeting clients’ needs even more efficiently, and increase in operating margins. Sparsh iscoupled with KShop; a knowledge database where Infosys has book reviews, casestudies, even materials, FAQs, tutorials, downloadable software etc for every employee.Wipro intranet is called as ‘Channel W’, which was launched in 2000 is a communicationchannel. Employees can discuss what is happening inside the company, shareideas/thoughts and post advertisements (such as, looking for an apartment or selling oldfurniture) in their discussion boards. The intranet provides a platform to share knowledgeamong Wipro employees and collaborate with one another across various locations.Wipro launched ‘My Wipro World’ in 2009 on the Web 2.0 platform which is anevolution of ‘Channel W’.Cognizant spent nearly $10 million on its C2 platform according to IDC. Cognizant 2.0maps the entire workflow, across varied skills, geographies and business units and itreduces time to identify the best team for the project. The network connects associates,clients, and stakeholders and also helps to share knowledge using blogs and wikis, and
  2. 2. manage projects using consistent tools and process. The C2 has around 60,000 activeusers and the site records over six million page views every month.HCL Technologies has many initiatives such as social network called U&I thatemployees can use to interact with CEO, Communities called Employee First Councilsaround health and hygiene, art, music, corporate social responsibility and business relatedpassions such as a particular technology or a vertical domain area, My Blueprint, anothersocial networking system allowing managers to share plans for their specific businessareas and get feedback from another 8000 HCLT managers. The company EmployeeFirst and Customer Second policy itself highlights the importance for a strong intranetwithin the organization to engage in open dialogue with his employees.Adoption of Web 2.0 technologies into the organizations and use of these technologies byemployees on a day to day basis have lead to good operating margins and increase inmarket share for the organizations. Employees actively participate in such initiativeswhich will lead to reduced attrition and increased productivity. The organizations cantake a step further and use these technologies in managing their relationships withcustomers which will be a win – win situation for both the parties.Discussion Points: 1. How to adopt and invest in Web 2.0 Technologies and how to integrate into Organization? 2. How to encourage the employees and other stakeholders to actively participate and derive the benefits? 3. How can organizations profit from Web 2.0 Technologies?