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IBM targeting Social Media software for business as a key growth area in 2013


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IBM targeting Social Media software for business as a key growth area in 2013

  1. 1. Analysis & Outlook IBM targeting Social Media software for business as a key growth area in 2013Our performance in the fourth quarter and for the full year was driven by our strategic growthinitiatives -- growth markets, analytics, cloud computing, Smarter Planet solutions -- whichsupport our continued shift to higher-value businesses," said GinniRometty, IBM chairman,president and chief executive officer.Ms. Rometty also highlighted IBM is focusing on newgrowth areas such as mobile technology, social media software for businesses and securitytechnology.Mike Rhodin, senior vice president of the IBM Software Solutions Group, has saidthat businesses are adopting social media technologies and collaboration tools have becomemandatory for employees to communicate and collaborate in the organizations. Employees in thebusiness organizations are expecting to have such social media based collaboration tools withinthe organization’s intranets.To further prove the significance of social business technologies,IBM referred to a 2011 Forrester study during the IBM Connect Conference which highlightedsocial business as an "emerging business category," and social technologies are expected to beworth $6.4 billion by 2016.IBM has renamed its Lotusphere, an annual conference hosted by Lotus Software (one of IBMsfive software brands) as IBM Connect in January 2013 and during this event it highlighted itssocial business strategy with the debut of several new software and cloud services products. Theintentions of these new services are to enable businesses to integrate IBMs social networkingand analytics technologies with critical business processes. The new IBM Connections socialnetworking platform software is intended to enable users to analyze big data from inside andoutside an organization, including Facebook, Twitter, audio and video, embedded documentmanagement capabilities allow members of a network to access, analyze and act on different datatypes relevant to their work for improving decision-making and business results and will beavailable from march 2013.Another feature is enhanced integration of social capabilities in theMicrosoft Outlook client that will allow users to access their social data (such as profiles, filesand communities) directly in Microsoft Outlook.In December 2012, IBM released IBM docs toinclude social document editing on-premises and in the cloud as part of the IBM SmartCloud forSocial Business that allows browser users to simultaneously collaborate on word processing,spreadsheet and presentation documents.IBM acquired Kenexa in December 2012, merged its Applicant Tracking System for talent datainsights and launched a new web-based social networking environment in the form of the IBMEmployee Experience Suite which is targeted at HR managers to "attract, empower and motivatetalent" as the firm puts it and features social networking, e-meeting and instant messagingcapabilities. IBM also announced that it expects to ship IBM Notes and Domino Social Edition 9in March 2013 and expected to be a truly social email client" that delivers a social experience tousers. Gartners Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace highlights IBM as aLeader in Social business technology market and IBM is investing heavily on the socialtechnologies for future growth.Rajesh Prabhakar Analyst bio @