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Social Media adoption @ Fortune 500 companies – Exxon Mobil Perspective Blog, etc.


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Social Media adoption @ Fortune 500 companies – Exxon Mobil Perspective Blog, etc.

  1. 1. Analysis & Outlook Social Media adoption @ Fortune 500 companies – Exxon Mobil Perspective Blog, etc.Exxon Mobil is the largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products in the world and wasformed by the merger of Exxon and Mobil in 1999. The company is also the worlds largestcompany by revenue and largest publicly traded international Oil and Gas Company according toFortune 500 2012. Exxon Mobil adopted various social media channels to be in touch with itscustomers and various other stakeholders. Since April 2006, Exxon Mobil has been active onYouTube and the channel has more than 1200 subscribers and close to 700,000 views. Theofficial channel of the company has videos highlighting the real time updates of the company,employee videos, advertisement campaigns, and videos from the top management and leadershipdiscussing various issues regarding the company and its products, environment issues, challengesand the company efforts.Another major effort of Exxon Mobil is its Perspectives blog which is run by Ken Cohen,ExxonMobils vice president of public and government affairs. The blog talks about companysviews on the issues, policies, technologies and trends that are shaping the energy industry andKen Cohen talks about ideas and actions from industry, governments, researchers and manyothers that affect the world of energy. The blog was started in November 2011 and it is widelyfollowed and read by many people online. Exxon Mobil also has an official twitter account withclose to 26,000 followers and more than 1000 tweets and the company only provides news aboutthe company and various activities of the company in different locations. For further discussions,people are directed to Perspectives blog.Exxon Mobil does not have an official Facebook page but there are many pages on Facebookthat is filled with lot of negative criticism. The company does not seem to be interested in aFacebook page but is very active with a blog, Twitter account and YouTube channel. ExxonMobil uses Facebook to aggressively market its flagship brand Mobil 1 — the worlds leadingsynthetic motor oil. Mobil 1 Facebook page was launched in March 2008 and has close to 60,000likes. With a focus on making new friends and market its brand along with a Facebook page, adedicated channel on YouTubeand an online game was launched enabling players to take part ina virtual race against Lewis Hamilton, awareness of the brand is going from strength to strength– the game alone has been played over five million times worldwide.Exxon Mobil has also launched Apple iPad, iPhone and Android applications for theircustomers. The ExxonMobil application for iPad provides immediate access to ExxonMobil’sPerspectives Blog, a vital source of energy news and analysis, continually refreshed and relevant,and includes access to ExxonMobil’s library of publications, stock information, news, videos andmore. Exxon and Esso Mobile Fuel Finder apps provide real-time maps, driving directions andstation information for nearly 10,000 Exxon and Mobil retail locations across the continentalUnited States and Europe. Overall Exxon Mobil is active on those social media platforms whichit feels relevant for its engagement strategy with customers and other stakeholders.Rajesh Prabhakar Analyst Bio @