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  1. 1. Young Turks – the odd ray Mine Detector Robot Young Turks – the odd ray Presents For At Submitted By: - Rajesh Kumar – ECE – Final Year Dixit Raheja – ECE – Final Year Manjul Garg – ECE – Final Year Haryana College of Technology & Management, Kaithal
  2. 2. Young Turks – the odd ray Mine Detector Robot AbstractThis is very wonderful project to display the working of the moving vehicle withintelligent brain. The purpose of this project is to detect the metal and making quickdecisions as it approaches the target. If the theme of this project is merged with certainestablished technologies can be quite effective in number of industries. Mine Detectorsare used as land rovers for various researches now days and idea can be employed intank being used in defense to avoid the land mines also. This technique has also been amajor development in the humanoid Robot, Asimov developed by HONDA in JAPAN.Objective:The objective of the project is to explore two key characteristics: How will robots achieve the goals autonomously? How to navigate in unknown environments?The secondary objective of this project is to put our hands on technologies in field ofrobotics learnt in & out of the classrooms.Last but not the least objective of this project is to learn about the coordination that isnecessary among the actions requested by the different agents of project.Thus, to have great hands on the autonomous and navigation tools, we choose thisproject. This project will be able to perform the mundane tasks for us, those which can’tbe performed by humans in specific areas.TRIUNE: -Triune - Three in oneThe robot architecture is an instantiation of a general bidding coordination architecturethat is proposed in this project.The concrete bidding architecture for landmark-based navigation that we have developedis composed of three systems: the Pilot system, the Sensing system (Sensors) and theNavigation system. Each system competes for the two available resources: motion control(direction of movement) and sensors control (direction of gaze).The three systems have the following responsibilities. The Pilot is responsible for all motions of the robot. It selects these motions in order to carry out commands from the Navigation system and, independently, to detect the metals. Haryana College of Technology & Management, Kaithal
  3. 3. Young Turks – the odd ray Mine Detector Robot The Sensing system (Sensors) is responsible for identifying and tracking landmarks (having metals). Finally, the Navigation system is responsible for choosing higher-level decisions in order to dig the target where metal has been detected.This requires requesting the Sensing system to identify and track landmarks (in order tobuild a map of the environment) and requesting the Pilot to give command to navigationsystem for digging the place. From the brief description of the robot architecture givenabove, it can be observed that the three systems must cooperate and compete. They mustcooperate because they need one another in order to achieve the overall task of reachingthe target position. But at the same time they are competing for motion and Targetcontrol.HARDWARE: -In this project we use ATMEL 89C52 microcontroller to control all the function.Microcontroller controls the two motors .When both the motor run simultaneously insame direction then the vehicle move forward and if motor move in opposite directionthen vehicle takes turn. When sensor senses any metal then the buzzer beeps. TheOptocoupler isolate the main processor to the motor circuit.H-BRIDGEH-bridge is use to control the direction of the motor clockwise and anticlockwise. Herediodes are used to reduce the effect of back EMF.Additional functions included in this are: -1. DIGGING: - when a metal comes in its way, then it is sensed by a Detector due towhich its fan starts rotating and digs the mine. The digging can be achieved up to acertain level. The fan used here is of two blades, which are made of steel, and it is Verysensitive.2. OBSTACLE DETECTOR: - These are in the form of cockroach antennas in the front of Triune. When an obstaclecomes, suppose on the left side of the path of detector, then the respective bit in thecontroller becomes zero and accordingly the direction of the Wheels change i.e. leftwheel rotates anti clockwise and right wheel Clockwise and similar is the case of objectdetection on the right side.3. METAL SENSOR:-We used metal sensor in our project, this detects the metal as it comes in diameter orrange of metal sensor. You’ll never know what treasures you’ll find. Switch on thesensitivity modulator to activate the particle detector. Now you’re ready to find all kindsof metal and treasures. It’s lightweight and portable. Use it indoors and out. Haryana College of Technology & Management, Kaithal
  4. 4. Young Turks – the odd ray Mine Detector RobotDifferent Views: -Future:Besides providing relief from mundane tasks of everyday life, I believe that TRIUNE willhelp us in getting much knowledge and practical hands on the navigation techniqueswhich will further provide us a platform for developing new techniques in the field ofnavigation. The triune can be extended more by just adding more enhanced sensors andnew technologies in the era of autonomous systems. Range of metal sensors may beincreased by using more powerful devices which may be useful in making this project incommercial applications. Haryana College of Technology & Management, Kaithal