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Chithramela 2015 - Finals


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Chithramela, a quiz on Malayalam movies was conducted as part of Reverberates 9 at Malabar Christian College, Kozhikode on June 6th

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Chithramela 2015 - Finals

  1. 1. Chithramela -IV Finals
  2. 2. Thanks for the support Bejoy R Cine Matters, ( Forum Kerala, Hrishikesh Varma, M3DB community( ) Manjith, Adv Narayanan Ramakrishnan, Rakesh Konni, Snehaj and team, Snehasallapam Sreeram , Vipin Nair ( )
  3. 3. Written round +5 for each correct answer Bonus 5 for getting all correct
  4. 4. Id the movies from these posters
  5. 5. Exchange
  6. 6. Normal bounce
  7. 7. 1 A poem that came in Kala Kaumudi sometime back. The poet and the person to whom it is addressed studied together. Id both
  8. 8. K Jayakumar , Jagathy Sreekumar
  9. 9. 2 Rajeev Nath had planned a movie ‘Ezham Mudra’ (Seventh Seal) with Suresh Gopi and Mandira Bedi with the Sri Lankan civil war as backdrop. He planned this movie as his tribute to an alltime classic. Which one?
  10. 10. 3 Whose obituary?
  11. 11. ചീരു അമ്മ അറിയാനിലെ അമ്മ
  12. 12. 4 From which movie is this song?
  13. 13. The Russian song from Neelaponman
  14. 14. 5 Thaikkoru Thaalattu starring Shivaji Ganesan was a remake of a Malayalam movie. Both were directed by the same person. This remains his only Tamil directorial venture though he had some unsuccessful attempts later. Who was the director?-.
  15. 15. Directed by Balachandra menon. Remake of his Oru Painkili Katha
  16. 16. 6 When TV Chandran went to register the his movie KrishnanKutty in film chamber he was asked to have the name of company producing it.Since he had not thought about any name the one that came to his mind was used - Under what name, which kind of indicated his then current state was this movie registered and released?
  17. 17. Illayma Movies (ഇെലായ്മ ) On the title it was shown as Illaymayude Krishnankutty
  18. 18. 7 This title was initially planned for a Shyamaprasad project starring Mammootty. This project never materialized and Mammootty later acted in a Ranjith movie of the same title. On whose novel was the Shyamaprasad movie based on? Id the title of the novel as well (no half points)
  19. 19. Anchu cent By Malayatoor Ramakrishnan
  20. 20. 8 K Padmanabhan Nair was among the people who were responsible for setting up Malayala Samajam in Madras. Once when Radio was considered a luxury, he happened to hear a Malayalam radio drama which had heavy Tamil influence in its language. A letter to the AIR station resulted in him being involved in the first ‘true’ Malayalam Radio drama. He soon joined AIR and was instrumental in starting programs like Chithravani, Navamadhuri, Madhurima etc. The question is about a program the he conceptualized while in AIR which had a huge market long back but is unheard of these days. Which one?
  21. 21. Chalachithra Shabdarekha
  22. 22. 9 During the years 1972, 1974-81 and 1984 one category of State film award had 2 winners. This was not a duo working on a single project but was always for their work in different movies. Which category and why?
  23. 23. Best Cinematography - Color Best Cinematography - B&W
  24. 24. List
  25. 25. List them Among the winners of best cinematography award (state), Who all have won for their work in a Color and B&W movie? (first n ‘answers’ will be considered) These are for the awards they won specifically for a Color and a B&W film separately.
  26. 26. Mankada Ravi Varma : Swayamvaram, Utharayanam,Mukhamukham (B&W) Elipathayam, Nokkukuthi, Nizhalkoothu (color) Balu Mahendra Chuvanna Sandyakal ,Prayanam(B&W) Nellu (Color) Madhu Ambat Aswadhama, Sooryente Maranam, Yaaro Oraal (B&W) Amaram Purushartham and Swathi Tirunal(Color)
  27. 27. 10 Reminiscence of Director Rajeevnath on Venu Nagavally ത ൊഴിൽ പരമൊയി ഞങ്ങൾ ഒരുമിക്കുന്നത് എന്തെ അഹം എന്നൊ ചിത് ത്തിലൂതെയൊണ് . അഹത്തിന്തെ മൂലകഥ ________ ആണ് എന്ന്നൊട് പെഞ്ഞത് . ആ കഥ ന്മൊഹൻലൊൽ ന്കട്ടന്പൊൾ അ ിതല ത്പധൊനകഥൊപൊത് ം ലൊൽ തന്ന അഭിനയിക്കൊം എന്ന് പെഞ്ഞു . ന്േണുേിതന തകൊണ്ട് ിരകഥ എഴു ിക്കണം എന്ന് ലൊൽ തന്നയൊണ് നിർന്േശിച്ചത് .
  28. 28. 11 After Murapennu was released producer Shobana Parameswaran Nair received a letter requesting him to send the romantic dialogues between Balan and Bhagi. This was sent to him by some ladies working as circus artistes in Bombay.He discussed this with MT. What was the outcome of this?
  29. 29. First screenplay book based on a movie was published for Murapennu
  30. 30. 12Long back Toms publication used to publish a film magazine. They tried to differentiate themselves from the existing set of film magazines by the choice of stories they published. Either name the magazine or tell me what were the only news items that they used to publish
  31. 31. Superstars Carried only stories about Mammootty and Mohanlal
  32. 32. 13During the 90’s Jayaraj had announced a movie titled ‘Red Indians’ with Suresh Gopi in the lead.The shooting was planned outside of Kerala. Shortly the project got shelved as another movie with the same theme got announced and started work. Which was this other movie ?
  33. 33. 14 When Shaji Kailas and Ranji Panicker had the story idea of Aram Thampuran they were planning it for certain actor. Maniyanpilla Raju who knew about the project was insistent on Mohanlal playing it. He even met producer Suresh Kumar to say that such a story is being planned but will come out good only if Lal plays it. When Suresh Kumar and Raju went to Shaji and Ranjith they were not sure about Lal and told that their first choice was someone else. They were ready to see if this will work on Mammooty but not really on Mohanlal. Who was their first choice?
  34. 34. 15Tamil movie Dayalan was released in Kerala in packed house but on the fourth day, Travancore government banned the movie. When the distributors made enquiry they came to know that the royals did not like the plot of the movie - A good king, cunning dewan who grabs power after putting the King in Jail. The Kings brother escapes and later returns for revenge by killing the dewan. On being released from jail the king proclaims democracy. The distributors and P Subrahmaniam came out with a plan to rescue the movie which was accepted. What was the solution proposed? Looking for a specific answer
  35. 35. Formation of a censor board in Travancore. The members - Chief Secretary, IG of Police, TVM Mayor, Chidambaram(Secretary to CP) and P Subramaniam
  36. 36. 16 പത്രണ്ടു കിന്ലൊമീറ്റർ േൂരന്മയുള്ളൂ ഈ രണ്ടു ത്രൊമങ്ങൾ മ്മിൽ. ______ എന്തെ അച്ഛന്തെ നൊട്. ______ അമ്മയുന്െ ും. ഈ രണ്ടു ത്രൊമങ്ങളിലൊയിരുന്നു എന്തെ ബൊലയകൊലം. അേിെുതത്ത എലലൊ േഴികളിലൂതെയും ഞൊൻ നെന്നിട്ടുണ്ട്. ഓന്രൊ േീെുകളും എനിക്കെിയൊം. രണ്ടു ത്രൊമങ്ങളുതെയും ചരിത് േും പുരൊണേും എത ിഹയങ്ങളും ഞൊന്നതെ ന്കട്ടും േൊയിച്ചും അെിഞ്ഞു. അ ുതകൊണ്ടു തന്ന എന്തെ ആേയന്നൊേൽ അച്ഛന്തെ നൊെിതനക്കുെിച്ചൊയി- ______________________. രണ്ടൊമതത്ത ന്നൊേൽ അമ്മയുതെ നൊെിതനക്കുെിച്ചും- __________.
  37. 37. 17 േർഷങ്ങൾ ഏതെ തചന്ന് ഒരിക്കൽ ഒരുത്ത് കൂെലിൽ ______ എതന്ന ഓർമതപെുത്തി . "ഞൊൻ അെൂരിന്തെ േിസ്മൃ നൊയ ഒരു പഴയ നെനൊണ് " "അത ങ്ങതന ?" ഞൊൻ അ ിശയിച്ചു അെൂരിന്തെ ആേയ ഡിന്ലൊമ ഫിലിമിന്തെ നൊയക നെനൊയിരുന്നു ഞൊൻ . പണിമുെക്കിൽ ഏർതപെുന്ന ഒരു ത ൊഴിലൊളി ന്ന ൊവ് . സ്വരം മകളുതെ ഓപന്െഷൻ നെക്കുന്പൊൾ അ െിയൊത ഇലക്റ്റത്റ്റിസ്ിറ്റി േിച് ന്ച്ച്ധികുന്നയൊൾ . അത ശരിയൊണ് മെന്നിരിക്കുന്നു ______ ഓർമയുതെ തചപു ുെന്നു പിതന്നയും ന്ചർത്തു 'സ്ുഭൊഷ് ഘൊയ് ആയിരുന്നു മതറ്റൊരു നെൻ
  38. 38. Mani kaul
  39. 39. 18 Long back, for some Udaya movies , There was an extra clipping shown in theatres along with the movie .One was of a Congress Sevadal camp which was attended by Nehru and also another announcement by someone who was sitting on a horse and saying these words - “ഈ കുതിരലയ ഞാൻ ഇതാ അഴിച്ചു വിടുന്നു.ചുണയുലെങ്കിൽ ഇതിലന പിടിച്ചു ലകട്ടാമമാ ? തിരുവനന്തപുരത്ത് ഹജൂർ കമച്ചരിയിൽ ഇത് ഓടി കയറിനടക്ുും” Why was he saying this?
  40. 40. Mannath Padmanabhan Vimochanasamaram
  41. 41. A long visual connect
  42. 42. 20 visuals, connect them Points: 1-4 50 points 5-8 40 points 9-12 30 points 13-16 20 points 17-20 10 points -10 for a wrong attempt
  43. 43. +50 -10
  44. 44. +40 -10
  45. 45. +30 -10
  46. 46. +20 -10
  47. 47. +10 -10
  48. 48. Projects that were shelved post announcement/shooting Bali Sugreeva yudham (Balachandra Menon with Mammootty and Jayaram) Che Guevara (Joshiy Mohanlal) Batman(Dileep Johny Antony) Suvarna Kshethram (Nazeer Jayabharathi) Nala Damayanti (Udaya’s Nazeer movie) Ettu Veettil Pillamar (Sathyan Nazeer) Iratty Vavachan (Shaji Kailas Mammootty) Kanyakumari to Kashmir (Produced and directed by nazeer) Colonel (Shaji Kailas Mammootty) Gateway of India (Suresh Gopi , Shajoon Karyal)
  49. 49. Kunjana Nambiar (priyan Mohanlal) Karnan (Jayan) Ceaser (Hariharan , Mammootty and Mohanlal) Sakhavu( PA Bakker movie with Premkumar) Sherlock Holmes (Anoop Menon playing a character Zacharia Pothen. Interestingly Zacharia Pothen Jeevichiruppundu was a shelved project of Ranjith involving Mohanlal ) President (Boban and Molly movie) Paramadhikaram(Mammootty as Adv Nandagopal Marar, Shaji Kailas) Bheesmar (Lohithadas Mohanlal) Dhanushkodi (Priyadarshan Mohanlal) Hello Mayavi (Characters of Hello and Mayavi)
  50. 50. History records him as the one who unified and became the first king of a land. A different form of the picture shown here appears in one Malayalam movie, shown mocking at a person. Which movie? 19
  51. 51. Yodha Prithwi Narayan Shah, First King of Nepal
  52. 52. 20 A new experiment in Indian movies at those times, this movie by Velappan Nair starred Keralasree Sunny, Santo Krishnan, ‘Kerala Gama’ Polachira Ramachandran etc . Which movie is this? What was the experiment?
  53. 53. Aryankavu Kollasangham, No dialogues. His aim was to establish that acting was primary, dialogues only secondary.
  54. 54. 21 Released in 1975 and written by Vayalar, Id the 2 names blanked out from this song from Suryavamsam
  55. 55. Emile Zola Van Gough
  56. 56. Reverse
  57. 57. 22 Connect them
  58. 58. AKG documentary and Thakarachenda was released together as a package. A viewer could purchase one ticket to watch both the movies.
  59. 59. 23 Connect
  60. 60. National film award - second best feature film - discontinued. Malayalam winners - Thulabharam, Oppol and Pokkuveyil
  61. 61. 24 He agreed to be a part of this IV Sasi movie(X) released in 1979 starring Soman without taking pay because the makers could not meet the minimum fee prescribed by the actors union. The reason for him to act without taking a pay was because in early 70’s he acted(uncredited) in a movie(Y) appearing in a single scene. He was so overwhelmed by the lead actor’s performance in Y that when a ‘similar’ role(as per him) was offered, he agreed to do it for free. Name the 2 movies
  62. 62. Actor is Henry Marshal X-Ezham Kadalinakkare
  63. 63. Y - Godfather
  64. 64. 25 When Azhagappan was shooting for the movie Photographer, in one interview he mentioned that he was having a deja vu while filming the movie. Filming the travails of the protagonist of the film, who is caught between the pressures of officialdom and his conscience, Azhagappan related this to his own experience on an earlier work he undertook. As per him this was the most difficult period of his career. What was this work that he was part of?
  65. 65. Azhagappan was the only person to videograph Operation Bluestar as part of DD crew
  66. 66. 26 Sometime back Mohanlal had enquired about this person in one of his FB posts. In couple of days someone updated him with this photo and the news that he passed away 2 years back. Why was Lal enquiring about him?
  67. 67. Lal shared screenspace with him in his first shot in Thiranottam. His name is Ajit Rajagopal
  68. 68. 27 This book appeared in the publicity material of a movie. Which one?
  69. 69. AZED
  70. 70. Id A-H 10 points each for getting B and H correct 5 points each for the rest. Bonus 5 for getting all correct
  71. 71. In 1960’s A wrote a drama B . It could not get much booking after initial few shows. By late 60’s Balan K Nair requested A for a drama which he can stage and this story was given. He was concerned about the climax and wanted that to be changed Recently C mentioned that D suggested a change in climax which was adapted to this drama. Aravindan and Thikkodiyan who knew the change supported it. But later D used this original climax of B in his later work E . C’s remark on this was a reply to an article written in Bhashaposhini on D. In this article the author, S Jayachandran Nair had mentioned that inspite of being friends, A wrote the script for Mammootty movie F which had a character having shades of D in a negative touch . F was directed by G C has worked on a project titled H on the life of G’s wife .
  72. 72. In 1960’s A (T Damodaran) wrote a drama B (Udanja Vigrahangal). It could not get much booking after initial few shows. By late 60’s Balan K Nair requested A for a drama which he can stage and this story was given. He was concerned about the climax and wanted that to be changed Recently C(Didi Damodaran) mentioned that D (MT) suggested a change in climax which was adapted to this drama. Aravindan and Thikkodiyan who knew the change supported it. But later D used this original climax in his later work E(Nirmalyam) C’s remark on this was a reply to an article written in Bhashaposhini on D. In this article the author, S Jayachandran Nair had mentioned that inspite of being friends, A wrote the script for Mammootty movie F(Vartha) which had a character having shades of D in a negative touch . F was directed by G (IV Sasi) C has worked on a project titled H(Vishuddha Shanthi) on the life of G’s wife .
  73. 73. Lionel Charles Robbins was head of department at a prestigious institute in Britain. He participated in the first world war and was wounded and returned home.He resumed his studies at the aforementioned institute, where he studied with Harold Laski, Edwin Cannan and Hugh Dalton. He is most famous for his definition of something. And thats why we have him in our quiz today. This definition has been used by a hero of a movie in an argument with his partner thereby leaving the partner in awe of his knowledge. Looking for any of these - Movie/ Definition/ Dialogue? 28
  74. 74. "Economics is the science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses”
  75. 75. 29 In one of Mammootty’s all time hits, there is a character X. The person who played X later directed a movie in tamil by the same name X and starred in it which was a prequel to the happenings in the original movie. Name X
  76. 76. Salem Vishnu
  77. 77. 30 In the movie Kalapani, John Kolvenbach plays the good doctor whose involvement helps the inmates of Cellular Jail. What was the name of character that he played? The name might be of interest to cricket lovers.
  78. 78. Len Hutton
  79. 79. 31 A famous director based one of his famous characters on this person. (Visual on the next slide) Id the character
  80. 80. G Aravindan based Ramu’s appearance on Artist Sabarinath
  81. 81. 32 Appachan in his autobiography specifically mentions about 2 of people who came to him for the role of Jesus in the Bible serial. One was a porter from Ekm station - Rafeeq, About whom he says he actually felt Christ was in front of him. About the other he says - this person came to me with a big album full of pictures of him as Jesus. He initially didn’t recognize who he was and after getting introduced Appachan was sceptical because he was already a big name in his chosen profession and wondered if he would be able to devote time . But he told Appachan that he will give more commitment to this role than any other thing including his current profession. Though this did not materialize, they did work together later
  82. 82. Kochouspeh Chittilapally - associated with him for Veegaland and Kishkinda
  83. 83. 33 Once Albhutha Dweep was released, director Vinayan had claimed that an academy award winning director had acquired the rights of this movie and will get the remade in Hollywood. Which director who won the Academy award in the 2000’s for a movie which happened to be in news recently was he referring to?
  84. 84. Ron Howard ‘A Beautiful Mind’ was in news recently when John Nash passed away
  85. 85. 34 This is a clip from the Kannada movie 1943 - Vani. Connect this to the world of Malayalam cinema
  86. 86. നക്ഷത്തദീപങ്ങള് തിളങ്ങി നവരാത്തി മണ്ഡപലമാരുങ്ങി രാജധാനി വീെുും സ്വാതിതിരുനാളിന് രാഗസ്ുധാസ്ാഗരത്തില് നീരാടി ........................................ ലചമ്പടതാളത്തില് ശങ്കരാഭരണത്തില് തചമ്പപ േൊയ്പൊട്ടു പൊെി വടിമവെു തിരുമുന്പില് പെു കാണിയ്ക് ലവച്ച േയലിനില് ചൗഡയ്യ ഖ്യൊ ി ന്നെി..... മൃേംരത്തില് പൊലക്കൊട്ടു മണി ലനയ്ത െയതാള തരുംഗങ്ങള് ഉയര്ലന്നങ്ങുും ത്പതിധവനിച്ചു (2) Movie - Nirakudam Sung and acted on screen by KJY
  87. 87. Theme
  88. 88. Non exhaustive +10 for each correct answer Answers to each question points to the theme. Relevant part of the answer will be highlighted Points for cracking theme: 1/2 +60 -10 3/4 +40 -10 5/6 +20 -10 7/8 +10 -10
  89. 89. In Jeevitha Nouka - 4 lines from a poem was used and the poet was paid Rs 100 per line as per agreement. Later they added 4 more lines and send Rs 400 but the poet filed a case demanding Rs 1000 per line. Which poem and poet - 35
  90. 90. Vallathol’s Magdalana Mariyam.
  91. 91. 36 Whose filmography as an actor? Iniyum marichattilla nammal, Aranjanam, Nokkukuthi
  92. 92. Kadamanitta
  93. 93. +60 -10
  94. 94. 37 When the director (X) went to show the script to the cinematographer (Y), he already knew that Y had a completed script on the same story. Y read the script and said that this was much better that his own version and went on to film the project for X. Both X and Y are State and National film award winners. Id the movie/story in question.
  95. 95. Basheer’s Mathilukal
  96. 96. 38 He was the first king of Somavamsha. According to the Vishnu Purana, his father was Budha, and he was ancestor of the tribe from whom descended the Kauravas and Pandavas. A movie released within last 5 years had his story as a part of its narrative. Name the 2 characters that the lead actor in this movie portrayed?
  97. 97. The king in question is Pururavas The movie is Makaramanju Santhosh Sivan played Raja Ravi Varma and Pururavas
  98. 98. +40 -10
  99. 99. 39 The lead actress of this Malayalam movie (poster shown) has co authored a biography of X. Y played the role of X in a 2010 movie which had a Tamil actor in the lead role. Id X and Y
  100. 100. Babu Antony Ayyankali
  101. 101. 40 Which movie had this song. Which form of singing is this?
  102. 102. Gaurishankaram Pulluvan Pattu
  103. 103. +20 -10
  104. 104. 41 Sreekumaran Thambi wrote and directed Swantham Enna Padam starring Madhu and Srividya in 1980. Some years before that he had directed a movie which had a song Swantham Enna Padam. Which One?
  105. 105. last or 2nd last Connect 42
  106. 106. Movies of kalamandalam Gopi
  107. 107. +10 -10
  108. 108. Year Documentary Director 1978 Vallathol P Bhaskaran 2003 Nishadam (On Kadamanitta) Madhu Eravankara 1987 Basheer The Man M A Rahman 2007 Before the Brush Dropped (On Raja Ravi Varma) Vinod Mankara 1997 Ayyankali R S Madhu 2002 Jeevanakalayude Pulluvageetham (On Pulluvan Pattu) M Venukumar 1990 Mohiniyattam Sivan 1999 Kalamandalam Gopi Adoor Gopalakrishnan 2010 Making of a Maestro - kalamandalam Gopi Meena Das Narayan Subjects of Kerala state film award for Best Documentary