Social Media Content Strategy


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Social Media Content Strategy

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy UCI Assignment 5 Based on the creation of the Brand Value Proposition (BVP) you developed in Week 4, you are now ready to develop your content strategy. Answer the questions (in bold) on this slide and on the next two slides for this week’s assignment. 1. What is your Brand’s story? Explain how your story can help people connect with your brand. Coca-Cola calls this the brand’s “North Star” -- the promise your brand makes to consumers. Examples: Oreo: Celebrate the Kid Inside Mercedes Benz: The Best or Nothing Red Bull: Gives you Wings Coca-Cola: Open Happiness IBM Smarter Planet 2. How can we develop content that will help us communicate with our audience and motivates them to speak to us? 1.  Two-way dialogue 3. How can we create content that will help us collaborate with our audience? 1. User-generated content (i.e., testimonials, stories, etc.) 2.  Crowd sourcing 3.  Bloggers/partners 4. What type of content will educate and/or entertain our audience? 1.  How To’s, tips, humor, etc. 5. Lastly, create a template (see sample below) for your recommended content types. (note: I do not have this template in a PPT or Word version) Answer: 1. What is your brand story? Taking from the details of Lesson 4 and Assignment 4 and keeping the previous details in front my example will be ‘’ Easy Convergence of things ’’ (which matter).
  2. 2. 2. How can we develop content that will help us communicate with our audience and motivates them to speak to us? (Two way Dialogue) a) For our audience and employees the content needed / of relevance will need to be of search, display and social, all 3 put together as a genuine confluence. The kind of organization we are setting up, by design as well as default we will need social employee. The consumers, other stakeholders including initial customer will be highly oriented towards – internet, digital, social, mobile device, rich media, influencers, early adopters, opinion givers/leaders, expressive, participative technology oriented. This has been earlier explained through the persona development. b) We will need universally identifiable, shareable and networked content. The content will need to be readable by humans as well as machines given sophistication of persona. The content must be understood by people as well as algorithms. It must resonate in ways that it is readable by algorithms and technology with desired influence across networks. c) Content must be inherently capable of being disseminated or distributed by people and algorithms to spread beyond our direct and hard efforts alone. d) The content ought to be based on the concept of networks of networks in which a chain reaction can occur from one like-minded individual in a network to cross over into another network. It extends the concept of one-to-many to many-to-many. e) Content must make it easy for people to distribute content via networks. f) Content must follow rule of reciprocation. You give, and you get. You give away a lot in order to earn what you receive (e.g. gaining knowledge, expressed in the form of content, volunteering and helping to “crowd source” online projects, building useful applications in anticipation that they will be used widely, providing a voice or point or view to further a conversation, speaking / volunteering / participating / documenting at industry events and conferences). g) Content must provide trust and authority in search, display, social networks. It must be socially relevant and authentic. h) Content must help our readers and people in our network with their problems and concerns. i) Content must be based on listening to our audience, data and competition. This will result in our brand emerging as real time content publisher, enabler and facilitator.
  3. 3. 3. How can we create content that will help us collaborate with our audience? 3.1. User-generated content (i.e. testimonials, stories, etc.) 3.2.  Crowd sourcing 3.3.  Bloggers/partners Initially our content marketing goals will be in terms of priority which is as follows: a) Brand awareness b) Customer acquisition c) Lead generation d) Customer retention / loyalty e) Thought leadership f) Engagement g) Website traffic and share of social noise (disproportionate to one’s effort or investment) h) Lead management / nurturing i) Sales j) Crisis management and service recovery k) Any other The content will be sweet spot between traditional marketing, print media, digital media and social. It will comprise of paid, owned, shared and earned – all 4 media. The content will be mainly oriented towards aforementioned details. We will focus on: Mobile as top platform Strategy, hiring professional journalists / writers, repurpose our content, develop rent to own content strategies, develop professional editorial practices, maybe buy a media / content company, making readers our number 1 priority. We will move from creative excellence to content excellence. 4. What type of content will educate and/or entertain our audience? 4.1. How to dos, tips, humour, etc. Our content will: a) Fill a need in an assuring and transparent way, with clear communication and demonstration b) Will be consistent (internally, externally and dynamically)
  4. 4. c) Will have a “call to action” without necessarily / overtly a “Sales Pitch” d) Be human e) Will have a shared point of view consistent with our audience and brand f) Will be best of breed without any compromise, will set trends and create benchmarks g) Content will be real time, fact driven yet humanized, visual, efficient, curated and shareable. CONTENT MARKETING MATURITY MODEL Content Aware Thought Leader Story Teller THE CONTENT MARKETING FUNNEL – Takes into account the call to action process before, during, and after the life cycle of a customer Visitors Leads Opportunities Sales Customers Customers Delight Retention Upsell Evangelism Create Trust Meet Demand Active Funnel Be Found Generate Greatness Trust Creates Demands Differentiates Creates Evangelists
  5. 5. 5. Lastly, create a template for your recommended content types. ( in a PPT or Word version) Selecting Types of Content for Strategy Website / Portals Blogs Magazines Digital Magazines Newsletters eNewsletters eBooks White Paper Lead Generation      Brand Awareness       Customer Education         Thought Leadership        Perception Modification       Customer Retention       Internal Communication      Sales Support       Technology Education        