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  1. 1. SPREADINGAnkita Gupta(07)Mukesh Kumar(14)Rajeev Sharan(23)Saumya Bhargava(26)
  2. 2. may 14 2010 Introduction Spreading is the process of superimposing the plies of fabric one over other according to the predetermined plan. Spreading speed may affect productivity, quality and cost of operation About 40-50% of companies turnover depends on effective fabric utilization
  3. 3. may 14 2010 Requirements of Spreading• Shade sorting of cloth rolls• Correct ply direction and adequate lay stability• Alignment of Plies• Grain Alignment (bowing)• Correct Ply Tension• Elimination of Fabric Faults• Elimination of Static Electricity• Avoidance of Fusion of Plies during Cutting
  4. 4. may 14 2010 Spreading ModesFace To Face & Nap either way Face One Way & Nap One WayFace To Face & nap one way Face to Face & Nap Either Way
  5. 5. may 14 2010 Types of SpreaderIt can be categorized into two categories• Stationary spreaders: portable and fixed• Traveling spreaders: semi automatic and automatic• Stationary spreaders remain in one position on the table during the spreading process• Traveling spreaders traverse the length of the spread during the spreading process
  6. 6. may 14 2010spreading machine
  7. 7. may 14 2010 Supply Roll Positive Feed Roller Frame including Fabric spaced Clutter Box and uprights Clamp Assembly Movement of the clutter box Upstanding Basic bar and RollerFrame orCarriage Catcher Assembly Table Catcher Bar SPREADING MACHINE
  8. 8. may 14 2010 Spreading Equipments• Spreading table• Spreading machines• Fabric control devices• Fabric cutting devices
  9. 9. may 14 2010Spreading Table1. Spreading table surface must be level, smooth, even2. Air floatation system as a conveyor3. Pin /spike table for stripe matching4. splicing marks
  10. 10. may 14 2010Spreading Table Width• Can support 50-1000kgMax width of Max width ofmaterial (cm) table (cm)90 110100 120120 140140 160160 180180 200200 220210 230220 240
  11. 11. may 14 2010Fabric Control Devices• These are those mechanisms that control fabric as it is carried up and down the table and unrolled by the spreading machine• These include- Edge sensor -Tensioning control mechanisms -Positioning devices -End treatment devices Width indicator End catchers Turn table
  12. 12. may 14 2010Fabric Cutting Devices• Knife box contains a cutting unit• Usually a small rotary knife• It cuts across the fabric width when engaged
  13. 13. may 14 2010Fabric Cutting Devices
  14. 14. may 14 2010Manual Spreading Machines
  15. 15. may 14 2010Manual Spreading  One operator at each side of table.  Fabric package supported on frame.  Operator aligns the plies manually  Ply cut with hand shears, circular knife etc.  Ideal for small-scale production
  16. 16. may 14 2010Fabrics Preferred for Manual Spreading• Knitted fabric• Crepe fabric• Stretchable fabric (spandex blend)• Checks• Stripes• Regularly repeating pattern etc.
  17. 17. may 14 2010Manual Spreading FramesFixed type Eastman Pacemaker • Light weight machine withA very basic fixed size manual a fast pacespreading machine
  18. 18. may 14 2010 Manual Spreading FramesExpandable Basic Turn Table Spreading Machine• Spreading machine that is width sizeadjustable.• Has manual edge control.
  19. 19. may 14 2010Automatic Spreading Machines
  20. 20. may 14 2010Basic automatic spreading machine A motor drives the carriage A platform on which the operator rides A ply cutting device with automatic catcher holding ends of ply in place A ply counter Automatic sensing of flaws
  21. 21. may 14 2010 Automated Spreading Machines with special features• Single ply fabric feeder• Tubular systems• Turntable spreader• Spreader synchronic
  22. 22. may 14 2010Cost of spreading
  23. 23. may 14 2010Factors affecting spreading cost• Labour cost• Fabric cost• Equipment cost
  24. 24. may 14 2010Factors affecting labour cost ofspreading• Machine set-up time• Delay during reloading• Fabric type• Roll size• Machine Automation
  25. 25. may 14 2010
  26. 26. may 14 2010Brands• Gerber - USA• Tuka - USA• Eastman - USA• Serkon - Turkey• Cosmotex - Spain• Saber - USA• Veith - Germany• Lectra - France• Oshima - Taiwan• Ramsons - India• Chin Chao – Taiwan•
  27. 27. may 14 2010Thank you