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Marketing Plan - Solar Company

Solar Electricity.
Executive Summary
Marketing Objective & Strategy.
Projects I & II.
Systems, Products, & Service.
Target Market.
Competitors & Competitive Advantage.

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Marketing Plan - Solar Company

  1. 1. Marketing Plan Welcome to U R Energy
  2. 2. Scope of Presentation  Introduction.  Solar Electricity.  Executive Summary  Company.  Marketing Objective & Strategy.  Projects I & II.  Opportunities.  Systems, Products, & Service.  Team.  Target Market.  Competitors & Competitive Advantage.
  3. 3. Introduction. Solar energy as its name shows, The energy of the sun, since the beginning of mankind, we have used the energy of the sun, to dry clothes and food but, it wasn’t until 1954 scientists in the United States worked out a way to use, the sun to create electricity.
  5. 5. Executive Summary Current Situation - Electricity crisis, need of renewable energy. Use of UPS / Generators leads to high utility bills & Pollution. Our aim is to reduce expenditures on light and ensure savings on replacement costs. Solar energy is freely available without caring for utility expenses.
  6. 6. Company U R ENERGY (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED. •Marketing Vision Statement: Within next 5 years grow U R Energy into among first choice company in India for Solar Power Products and its installation to residential, Commercial and Utility solar power to customers. •Marketing Mission Statement: Building sustainable solar energy business in India. our aim to create 1000 MW installations and 6500 crore turnover till 2018. We will be first choice company for consumers for roof top solar power projects in India.
  7. 7. Marketing Objective& Strategy Marketing Objective: •Market Share: Achieve 10% market share. •No. of Channel Partners: Achieve 30 operational dealers. • Creating image Digitally and first choice company of solar in B2B market segments. Marketing Strategy: •Conducting market research regular interval of every six months. •Creating Sales & Marketing Team to execute our business. •Registration of products with designated Government departments. •Planning advertisement campaign.
  8. 8. Projects 1/2 Providing the solar energy service with a reasonable price. Increase the rate of growth of sales ahead of Market Growth. Provide the product/service quicker then the competitors. Create awareness among customers to become first choice in mind. Keep team enthusiastic to provide experience of best choice company in Industry & known for its services to customer.
  9. 9. Projects 2/2 To reach monthly average sales in first year operations to reach break-even. To provide long lasting and durable products. Increase customer awareness regarding the solar energy alternative through effective promotional tools.
  10. 10. Opportunities With about 300 clear, sunny days in a year, India's theoretical solar power reception, on only its land area, is about 5 Petawatt-hours per year (PWh/yr) (i.e. 5 trillion kWh/yr or about 600 TW). Our aim is to provide the energy based on solar energy by offering products that would be cost effective in the long run . Provide our target market with a complete Solar Panel System comprising of a battery & a charger or Inverter.
  11. 11. Solar Power Systems 1/4 There are 3 types of solar Energy Category available: Residential Commercial Utility
  12. 12. Solar Energy Products Solar Panel 2/4 CELL Excellent efficiency and long term reliability Good performance under high temperature and low irradiance conditions Inverter Automatically control solar energy as self consumable Solar Energy can be stored in battery or transferred by inverter.
  13. 13. Supportive Products 3/4 Light Emission Diode (LED) are environment friendly with approximately 6 years life. Mounting & Tracking Systems Additional applications include stand-alone water pumps and off-grid power systems. Mobile Solar Power Stations (MSPS) Solar cart integrates the whole power system in the cart, with the storage battery installed in the unit.
  14. 14. Services 4/4 Sale of Solar Panel System for household Sale of solar equipments and custom made commodities to the target market Rent / sale solar panel systems to advertising agencies for lightening the bill boards. Lighting services for event management.
  15. 15. TEAM GM Marketing Manager (1) Sales (RM – 4) Design Manager Executives (3) Executives (12) EPC (1) ROOF TOP (1) SERVICE (1)
  16. 16. Target Market Outdoor Products & Services Corporate sector ( bill boards & hoardings) Retail outlets Beauty saloons Fast food chains Educational institutes Street lights and Street signals (Long term planning) Real-Estate Developers Builders Residential Societies
  17. 17. Users of Indoor Products Target Market Household users Hostilities Hospitality service providers
  18. 18. Marketing Strategies Conduct seminars on corporate level to attract clients Information about company and products on Website; Social Media; Groups; Associations; SEO. Above the Line Advertisements on B2B; Digital Marketing & Print Media Inserts. Creating Awareness
  19. 19. Partners in Growth Our main Partners would be Channel Partners Existing Solar Dealers Dealers of allied products Solar power startups as dealer. Franchisee in Rural area EPC Installers
  20. 20. Competitors Regular Study about competitor activity in Market Review regularly as per market feedback & research Activity tracking at Government level The marketing strategies of the competitors are very important study and creating counter strategies timely is effective marketing tool. But we keep our main focus on the marketing of our products as long term goal with our products usage and benefits to customers
  21. 21. Competitive Edge Increasing number of player every year in this segment Cost effective equipments Real time marketing strategies Durability of products 100% Customized product B2B and B2C Products & services Renting services After sale services.
  22. 22. Thank you!