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Documentation by the Techies, for the Techies; Documentation in Agile


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A very unique and first of its kind workshop for Software developers, Testers, Business Analyst, Product/Project managers, Administrators, Architects, and other engineering team members on how to create the internal engineering documents such as:
- Design Documents, Requirement Specifications, User Stories, Epic
- API Guides, Functional Specifications, Porting Guide, Cook Book
- Architecture Docs, ERDs

Duration: 4 hours to 3-Days


Published in: Software
  • Really it seems to be unique for most of us as time is demanding all this change and I am sure that you will have good response of this work !
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Documentation by the Techies, for the Techies; Documentation in Agile

  1. 1. 1 99100-19171, rajeevjain72@gmail.com99100-19171,
  2. 2. C2C:Campus2Corporate rajeevjain72@gmail.comC2C:Campus2Corporate Engg Documentation at various stages of SDLC
  3. 3. ◦ Requirement (PRD, SRS, FRS) ◦ Architecture Docs  Design, Implementation, and Deployment ◦ Test case, Process Docs, Induction (engg) ◦ Pre-Release Notes, Engg Release Notes ◦ API Guides, Developers Guide, Cookbook ◦ Coding Guidelines, Naming conventions ◦ DFDs, Data Models, E/R diagram ◦ FAQs, Knowledgebase, Abbreviation, and Key Terms ◦ Platform and porting guide, Service manuals ◦ Application Note, Technical Article, White paper ◦ Reports, Meeting Minutes, Emails, Policy and Process document ◦ List of errors (internal Vs external), Your own list…. C2C:Campus2Corporate rajeevjain72@gmail.comC2C:Campus2Corporate
  4. 4. Key Challenges  Time constraint  Limited Resources  Hard to find technical writers for this task  Documentation time not logged  Not part of project planning  Priority is always delivery/release  C2C:Campus2Corporate rajeevjain72@gmail.comC2C:Campus2Corporate
  5. 5. ◦ Before Writing  Purpose of writing  Pre-requisite and Assumptions  Doc Estimation (with release timelines)  Sign-Off and Publishing (Releasing) Process ◦ DDLC (for internal documents)  Architecture, Product , SRS, PRD, SFS, Design Docs, Data Architecture, Release Notes, ERDs, and others (with examples)  Induction and Knowledge Transfer documents ◦ Code Commenting ◦ Document Structure  Key Sections  Self explanatory headings  Using Lists, Tables, Figure, TOC  Look and Feel; Understanding Stakeholders C2C:Campus2Corporate rajeevjain72@gmail.comC2C:Campus2Corporate
  6. 6. ◦ Finding/Tracking Documentation Time  Focus on Agile Methodology ◦ Establishing Review and Sign-Off process ◦ Tips and Best Practices ◦ Do’s and Don'ts ◦ Language Basics ◦ Exercise C2C:Campus2Corporate rajeevjain72@gmail.comC2C:Campus2Corporate
  7. 7.  20+ years of IT experience  Worked as ◦ Program Manager, System Analyst, and Programmer ◦ Technical Publication Manager, API/SDK Writer  Hired, trained, and managed global teams  Moderator: ◦ APIWriters (Yahoo group) ◦ C2C:Campus2Corporate (Google group)  Published Titles: Y2K and India, IP (CBSE)  Bridging Academia-Corporate gap  Promoting Technical Writing profession  Free help for Intern/Fresher hiring  FB/Linkedin: rajeevjain72 C2C:Campus2Corporate rajeevjain72@gmail.comC2C:Campus2Corporate
  8. 8. C2C:Campus2Corporate rajeevjain72@gmail.comC2C:Campus2Corporate
  9. 9. C2C:Campus2Corporate rajeevjain72@gmail.comC2C:Campus2Corporate ◦ Narayan Murthy and Y S Rajan, for my first book titled “Y2K and India” ◦ P Rajendran, for my efforts to bridge Academia-Corporate gap ◦ Listed among the “Top 400 Most Influential in #Techcomm and #ContentStrategy” ◦ Mentor of STC-India (Society of Technical Communication) ◦ Presented papers at STC-India Annual Conferences of 2004, 2006, 2009-2011 ◦ Judge for Thinkquest competition (An Oracle initiative) ◦ Won many innovation and performance based awards ◦ 100+ workshops, webinars, and trainings on Technical Documentaion ◦ Volunteer: Ashoka, iVolunteer, READ, Bill-Melinda Gates Foundation
  10. 10. C2C:Campus2Corporate rajeevjain72@gmail.comC2C:Campus2Corporate ◦ Professional Business/Email Communication ◦ Agile: Methodology, user stories, JIRA ◦ Managing  Your Bosses/stakeholders  9-2-6  Global Teams  Multiple Programs  Last Minute Updates ◦ Art of Negotiation (for IT teams) ◦ Art of Mentoring (focus “Mentoring at office”) ◦ Proposal Writing ◦ C2C:Campus2Corporate for Fresher
  11. 11. Questions and Comments? -Rajeev Jain 9910019171 Linkedin: Facebook: 11