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Weak students remedial teaching tips and techniques for teachers and parents

What is remedial teaching ? Who are identified as weak students? Characteristic feature of weak students at home. Characteristic feature of weak students at school.Story of a weak student. How to help weak students. Teacher role and responsibilities, parent role at home

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Weak students remedial teaching tips and techniques for teachers and parents

  1. 1. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 1 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan
  2. 2. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 2 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan Rajeev Ranjan Principal B.Ed(English) Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching English (PGDTE) English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad & BA & MA (English) Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi Email .Id:
  3. 3. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 3 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan Remedial teaching is core teaching methodology to empower academically weak students. Academically weak students possess normal physiological and psychological status however, could not perform well in regular academic work. They pose a challenge before a good parent and well -versed educator. Remedial teaching is a unique way to provide intensive guidance, support and assistance to the academically weak students. In fact, it is integration of observation, interpretation and execution of method, material and motivation according to the level of learner. Everyone of this universe is capable of learning and possesses ability to perform well in day to day school education system. Educator deals with different types of individual in teaching and learning process. We come across good academic performer, average performer and below average performer in the classroom. Below average academic performer is counted either as slow learner or weak learner. Generally they possess natural physical and mental status. Academically weak students show natural physical growth; however they could not perform well in reading and writing. Weak students could not develop understanding of different topics, key concepts and other knowledgeable things. Gradually, they lose self interest of study and develop a sense of delaying, excusing and blaming. They become tasteless to taste the essence of success in a day to day life. Weak students become a product of poor self confidence and poor self image.
  4. 4. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 4 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan Since, academically weak students show natural physical growth as well as show normal behaviour, attitude dealing with different issues of life in the family, society and school. It becomes too much difficult to identify the reason of poor academic performance. Parent and educator tries to find out the basic reasons of poor performance but they find that academically weak student shows nice behaviour with their peers, family member and other stack holder of society when it comes beyond study/academic matter. Academically weak student talks very well, plays well , watches television, operates laptop, solve puzzles, achieves high level in different video game but academic activity does not attract him at all. It is difficult task for weak student to sit at a place to do academic related tasks i.e. reading text, writing question answer, completing homework, doing class work etc. Academic related tasks are big burden for weak students. S/he may be aggressive or reluctant to complete academic tasks. S/he may be become aggressive or hostile at the time of study. Educator counts student’s reluctant and aggressive nature as against norms of discipline. Educator thinks that weak students do not want to study. On the other side, since, weak students do not create self interest in study; they do not want to perform academic activities. It creates a big void between educators’ and students’ perception. Both stakeholders perceive this phenomenon on two different layers. Student weak academic performance is not result of a day, a month and so one. Somewhere, we could not identify the real difficulties. It becomes nature of student to show reluctant nature to read, write and learn something.
  5. 5. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 5 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan Academically weak students’ activities at home: - Weak student performs all activities with interest except study related activity 1. Ready to play, watch Television, play video game etc 2. Does not want to do sitting for study 3. Start doing abnormal activity during study:- feeling sleepy, can skip dinner in night, may start fighting with sibling, can show bad temperament before actual time of study at home, may hide notebooks/books, may do emotional blackmailing or may show emotional disorder (weeping) 4. May show various behavioral problems during study but when regular study time get over ; s/he behaves normal 5. May not share school activity related to learning/poor academic performance in test /instruction given by educators, reprimand, scolding or other necessary and valuable information with parent 6. Very active in telling various stories during study time and skip completing homework, general reading and writing activity 7. May not share assigned home work to the parent and caretaker at home to skip study at home
  6. 6. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 6 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan Academically weak students’ activities at school:- Weak student performs all activities with interest except study related activity 1. May not come to school on regular basis 2. May not follow teacher’s instruction properly 3. May not copy writing work from blackboard/green board 4. May write very slow 5. May take extra time to complete an assignment 6. Filthy handwriting on notebooks 7. May keep head and shoulder down in the class 8. May unable to keep eye contact with teacher 9. May leave notebooks/books at home 10. May show reluctant behaviour in oral activity 11. May good in oral but not willing to write 12. May be very introvert to take participate in other activity 13. May give various excuses for incompletion of notebooks and homework 14. May involve in indiscipline activities
  7. 7. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 7 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan 15. May show decent behaviour; however weak in academic work 16. May be weak in academic but posses’ unique quality i.e. good singer, good in art and craft, sportsmanship, help others on various occasion or handling electronic gadgets smartly/efficiently (smart mobile phone/television) God creates unique individual. Each individual has inbuilt unique and distinctive features. Education nurtures to become an integrated human being. When a child could not perform well in academic, we count his/her as a weak student. An academic weak student is not product of one day and one circumstance. Academically weak student is product of inadequate and inappropriate care at home by the parent and at school by the educator. A child starts learning good or bad behaviour right from the day first at school. Indeed, weak student is product of system. A large number of factors work throughout a child life circle that determines academic performance. A child may be good learner in the beginning of his/her academic life but may be cultivated disinterestedness towards study at later part of life. It can happen at any point of academic life right from nursery class to university level. S/he may start not taking proper care of one subject, more than one subject or in all subjective learning activity.
  8. 8. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 8 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan Role of Classroom Teachers Generally, an educator possesses quality of a keen observer. Educator observes, analyzes and interprets individual’s learning habits and attitudes in the classroom. The moment, we realize that individual academic interest, performance and growth are not as per as expectation, we should increase our interest and observation for weak students. We should “find out” the real cause of poor academic performance. We can take help from colleagues, other students of class, and parent/care taker of student. Sometimes, school driver also gives insightful feedback especially student’s behaviour during travel. These insightful feedbacks help educator to make specific plan and execute that plan to bring weak student into mainstream. Let us read the story of Bhaskar: Bhaskar got admission in class 3rd . He was performing below average in the class. Activity of Bhaskar at Classroom:-Used to sit silently in the classroom/Not eager to talk to classmates and teachers/Dull facial expression/Used to show laziness in almost all activities (Academic & Non Academic)/Unable to read properly/Used to write something very slow/Performed very poor in class test/teacher used to send in principal office for various lacking points Observation:-Habit of laziness/dullness/incomplete notebooks/torn books
  9. 9. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 9 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan Interesting fact:- We came to know that he only loves to play (chhupa-chhupi) hide and seek so that he can hide himself somewhere and stay there for long times Class teacher started monitoring him continuously i.e. his etiquettes at school & at home/learning interest & habit etc through collegues/peer students/parent. Proper guidance and continuous assistance started reflecting in Bhaskar performance after 60 school working days. Three concerned subject teachers only complained about his non-performance in almost all areas; the one teacher (class teacher) discussed the case with principal, planned properly, and executed those plans. Bhaskar turned into a new Bhaskar and coming up with positive learning traits, i.e. resulted in a nice poem recitation in morning assembly with full of confidence. The teacher made this difference. To help a weak student to perform better in all academic activities is a time taking process, requires patience, persistence and consistent desires to work for longer and for long time. 1. Help weak students to realize that you love them and care them irrespective of their all weaknesses 2. Help weak students to communicate with you without fear of punishment/scolding/threatening 3. Help weak students to speak in the classroom i.e. initially one word to one sentence in different situations
  10. 10. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 10 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan 4. Help weak students to learn most common and easiest things i.e. spelling of a simple word, meaning of most commonly used words in a day to day life, most easily and basic points and facts of topic/lesson (name of character or things, number of character or things etc, basic mathematical formulas, scientific or social facts) 5. Help weak students to learn and write correct spelling related to all subjects i.e. most commonly used words which they encounter during regular reading and writing activity 6. Help weak students to frame correct sentence/write correctly i.e. starting from one word answer, one sentence answer to 2-3 sentences answer 7. Help weak students to improve writing style i.e. correct formation of letter/word/sentence (sensitize them regarding “gap between two letters, gap between two words, and number of words in a line) 8. Help weak students to develop interest of attentive listening in the classroom i.e. call him by his name during lesson, ask most basic and known facts related to the text so that s/he can reply you with confidence 9. Help weak students by asking answer supported question in simple words/questions based on illustrations 10. Help weak students to develop interest of writing from blackboard/green board to their notebooks
  11. 11. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 11 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan 11. Help weak students to read the text easily and pronounce written text properly 12. Help weak students to complete the subject related assignments on time (initially focus should be to develop a habit of work completion on time later on, focus should be on correct writing and learning as soon as weak students gain confidence). Pending work on daily basis creates extra pressure, havoc and a sense of disinterestedness to complete tasks on time. 13. Help weak students while completing class work/homework/learning points/concepts etc. We should not expect that weak students will complete learning activities by own effort. Be there to support them ‘no matter’ in ‘what ways/ which methods/means’ at early stage, however we can avoid gradually proportionate to the growing interest and learning level of students to avoid complete dependency on teacher, parent and guide. Our whole effort should be to make weak students self dependent. They have to learn. They have to stand by own. We will not be everywhere to support them. Make them self desired learners 14. Help weak students to develop an interest to write “homework” in Student’s Alamance instructed by all subject teachers 15. Help weak students in developing a positive self image and positive attitude for him. Help them in realizing their own worth and potential that yes “he can”
  12. 12. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 12 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan 16. Help weak students in developing a sense of achievement/taste of being successful in regular teaching learning activities by giving them “initially easiest and achievable task” 17. Appreciate weak students on their small non-academic or academic efforts and achievement (showing improvement/helping others /supporting others/ shown wisdom in an activity) 18. Point out weak students’ weak areas initially in a mild note i.e. writing simple word’s spelling incorrect or simple sentence incorrect which they can improve with little effort 19. Develop a rapport, a trust with weak students to explore their personality traits, and bring them back on academic platform to perform as an integrated individual 20. Instill the idea of being successful and let them feel the difference between a performer and non- performer 21. Observe weak student’s progress minutely i.e. behavioral, habitual, psychological and attitudinal with the help of colleague at school, peers at classroom and parent/caretaker at home
  13. 13. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 13 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan 22. Keep your moral/inspirational/intrinsic values high while helping academically weak students; consist of persistence and consistence to bring desired changes. Educator trust on self effort and trust on weak students’ capability will certainly bring positive changes in academic performance. Your positive approach will certainly bring noticeable changes. Indeed, it is a time taking process, however slow but noticeable progress in weak students leads us to walk on the path of success towards our goal. We should hope for the best and remember universal thought by PB Shelly “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”. Let us hope for the best, do right effort for the best for gradual progress of academically weak students if not magical progress! Let us read the story of Arnav and Sumit Arnav studies in class 5th . He never completes his work. He does not bring notebooks and sometimes book in the classroom. He performs very weak in the class. He is under the observation for more than one year. Class teacher, subject teacher and principal of the school shared his learning traits and etiquettes with mother of the child on different occasions. She expressed her ignorance. She fulfills all unnecessary demand of Arnav with no command since she is second wife of her husband and Arnav is only one child of the lady along with other step daughter and sons. Arnav father is a teacher but he never ever cares at home in his study.
  14. 14. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 14 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan School has been trying to help Arnav in every single moment at school time. His academic performance fluctuates in day to day; however he has shown a little bit improvement in academic. Sumit studies in class 7. His father is a contractor and mother is a teacher. His father met principal of the school and shared Sumit poor academic performance. Principal started doing minute observation. Sumit is a naughty student however can perform well in almost all areas. He has shown a little bit improvement. His father never ever sits with Sumit at the time of study; never ever check his Alamance, except his report card of term end examination. Principal was sharing Sumit’s poor academic performance with his mother and came to know that although Sumit mother is a school teacher but, she does not sit with Sumit to check his regular academic progress. She shared that Sumit does not share school activities with her. These days, she was not caring and observing Sumit. Several questions arises in my mind i.e. What could happen if Sumit parent cares him at home, could share regular feedback with educators and could develop a strong channel with school authority? Does Sumit father regular check his academic activities? Does Sumit father share some parental moment with him? Does Sumit father sit with him for half an hour during study?
  15. 15. Weak Students’ “Remedial Teaching” 15 “Teaching is an art.” Rajeev Ranjan Parent plays essential and central role to nurture a weak student. He helps to develop learning traits, his self confident and self desire to perform well in academic as well as learn the skills to face real life situation rationally. 1. Help your ward to develop good manner at home- respect for family member, elder as well as older people of society and develop habit of living a mannered life 2. Help your child to form good habit in day to day life 3. Help your child to complete achievable task first to gain proper confidence 4. Help your child to form positive self image that s/he can learn this 5. Help your child to complete academic tasks on time 6. Help your child to learn basic facts of learning lesson 7. Help your child to improve his weak areas with great tips and specific techniques 8. Always spend some parental time with your kids to know what is going on 9. Always share real observation of your child with educator 10. Coordinate with educator and executes fundamental suggestions given by educator time to time for the welfare of your child A child is born with unique ability and unexceptional potentiality. Parent, school and society should nurture this inherent talent and potentiality in right direction. Change will be there.
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