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Vision of a school

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. “My Vision”A leader of clear vision can lead an organization to the zenith. Avision means an image of what the school can and should become.It is deeply embedded in values, hopes and dreams. Leader shouldhelp develop a mission that is centred on student learning. In fact,it can also concentrate on establishing professional workenvironments that supports collegiality, improvement andprofessional growth and an understanding of the importance ofdiversity and equity.At the first phase of school, main motto is to have a good strengthof students with adequate basic facilities of good spaciousclassroom, comfortable tables and chairs and of course goodteachers who has passion to grow the organization. If theorganization will grow certainly the teacher will growsimultaneously/ parallel with organization.A system without recognition is a vehicle without a driver. Weneed an identification to survive in the world. School should beaffiliated to the CBSE/ State Board.Leader of the institution chalk out a plan for 10 years ahead at thesame time year wise planning should be well prepared in advanceregarding man, method and material. Each year 300- 400hundreds new admission should be taken place in new academicsession in ratio the induction of teachers in the school. Thequality of education will be maintained possibly if the quality ofteachers will be excellent in terms of good academic backgroundand well training.A good school consists of well equipped library, Science lab,computer lab good playground, an auditorium, a language lab,sophisticated musical instruments and many more.
  2. 2. The most important element is what types of education we wantto impart among students. It should be students learning whichemphasize high order thinking, problem solving , and otherfeatures of high achieving environments to keep staff attentionfocused on students learning.Obstacles always come with a new innovation and bettersolution. A visionary head of institution sees it as a greatopportunity to grow up. He can face awkward situation, orcompletely unfavourable situation. It can come as lack of supportfrom management, teachers, guardians, society and finance.However, enthusiastic leader always overcome with the hurdles.As a principal, I would like to be dream of a good school withgood academic record as national level, excellent modern look ofschool with modern and sophisticated equipment, brilliantstudents, excellent teachers, name and fame. The name of theprincipal will replace the name of the school.This school tells us a true picture of a good leader. Of course it isgrowing day by day and going on right direction to be called as acentre of Excellency.Rajeev Ranjan