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Quantum healing


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Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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Quantum healing

  1. 1. So You’re Stuck in a Bad Relationship…. Quantum Healing Through Past Life MemoryRegressionYou once heard about a friend of a friend who fell into a coma for a significant period of time. When shecame back to consciousness, she told you about the most wonderful experience of her life. It was whileshe was unconscious that she requanembered who she was from another life, and no…while she wasn’tHenry VIII’s second wife or Cleopatra, she did discover a fascinating existence she led in the 17th century.This secret memory now gives her the ability to have a fresh perspective on this life, and mostimportantly, can help us to correct our physical pains – one of the many things that quantum healingcan give us the tools to do.Past lives can at times be a pain in our side…. Or at least it can when it comes to the present blockagesand difficulties that manifest in this life. If you think in terms of ‘being around the block’ several timesbefore becoming who you are in this life and with these experiences, then you may wonder why youcan’t remember what happened and who you were previously. Simply put without making your headspin, it goes like this: we are meant to discover and experience many sides of any one thing, and byremembering who and what we were in a past life, that may interfere with what we are meant to learnin the here and now. Not sure why you have pesky headaches or get claustrophobic? Try quantumhealing through past life regression therapy.Our Current Fears Sting – Are They a Past Life Trigger?So how do we conquer our most challenging life situations today? If you have a problem with ‘needing’someone in your life at all times – that is, you have a deep fear of being alone and everything you do iswith the end result of making sure that that boyfriend/girlfriend/wife or husband won’t leave you, youmay live a life that’s not really authentic. You may feel like you can’t escape your own prison of feelingtrapped by the sensation of fear. Why can’t you be more comfortable being alone? What’s the worstthat can happen? But, your fear of being alone is unexplainable, and it has consumed you for as long asyou can remember. The answer may not be anything that you have done in this lifetime, such as achildhood abandonment experience from your parent’s divorce, but something deeper such as a pastlife fear that hasn’t been fully learned yet.What Past Life Regression IsImagine being relaxed in a big comfy chair, a soothing meditation by a professional past life regressiontherapist who knows just how to not only make you feel safe, but help you to unlock one of the greatestskills you will ever tap into – past life memories. Past life regression therapy is a great quantum healingtechnique for people to tap into a different, more thorough part of yourself. Think you know yourselfpretty well as who you are in this life? As a small wave in an endless ocean, you have much, much moreto learn and discover about yourself – which you’ll realize when you experience past life therapy. It’s aform of hypnosis which you are completely safe doing, and conducted by a professional who knows justhow to guide you gently into the hidden memories of your deep subconscious mind. Consider thefollowing scenario:
  2. 2. Jason was having a difficult time getting out of an abusive relationship with his girlfriend. He knew shewasn’t good for him – she treated him awfully. Putting his down in front of their friends, telling him hewasn’t worth her time anymore, she was verbally abusive but refused to leave him and also knew hewould never have the guts to leave her either. She liked the comfort of having someone to come hometoo, but didn’t respect him as a person or a partner. Jason felt “stuck” and recognized this feeling from arepetitive pattern from childhood in which he was always “good and polite”. Why couldn’t he get out ofthis vicious cycle? During a past life regression therapy session, he discovered by means of deephypnosis some clues of his relationship woes in this life. He had suffered lifetimes of being afraid ofother’s loud voices, threatening tones and as a young girl in the era of the Depression, he witnessed hisparent’s being killed on the streets of New York. This information helped Jason to voice his opinion inthis life and to finally learn what his spirit needed to to feel complete, whole and confident for change.Invest in the Power of Knowing Yourself Fully – Through Past Life WorkOur present situations are constantly giving us clues into our past life memories, but many of us chalk itup to silly nonsense, the ability we have for an active imagination, etc. In the back of your mindhowever, don’t you wonder when meeting that person you have a strong, instant connection to – “whatif…” What if he/she is your true soul mate you have been searching for, for lifetimes now? What if yourfinancial woes that creep up on you at the end of every month is telling you that in a past life you weregreedy and selfish, like an Egyptian king? What if that profound interest you have in Western films isreminding you of a life you have already lived? What if past life regression therapy does work andsuccessfully helps you tap into your most exciting and interesting secrets of your past? While we maynot all have been ruling Emperors and powerful Queens, we do have the power to know who we wereand what experiences we lived through.Discover yourself when you learn who you were in a past life. Like your favorite, enticing novel thatunfolds a thick plot page by page, so will your own story. You may not discover an entire past life in onehypnotic past life therapy session, but it will come in layers. Expect to be uncovered, rediscovered and ina way that only you can recall. Discover who you are and what your true potential for this life is, throughthe achievements you made in previous lives. Best of all, learn to get rid of physical illness and chronicpain through the deep secrets of your past lives.Learn more: