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Psychic abilities a-feast_for_the_soul

  1. 1. Psychic Abilities- A Feast for the SoulWhat is this life if not a feast for the senses? The feel of satin sheets on a warm springmorning, the taste of fresh juice as it rolls down the throat and the comfortable laughterof friends around a campfire; events like these fill our lives with a magnificent pleasurederived from our ability to touch, taste, feel, hear and smell. Our senses give us a lot toplay with, though they don’t give a very well rounded view of how we really experiencelife. To live fully we must use all of our faculties, including logic and reasoning, intuitionand psychic abilities. In this way we can enjoy the spectrum richly.We make decisions in each moment that have as much to do with non-physical interpre-tation as do the facts or the tangibles involved. Ever had a cold chill slither up your backwhile walking through a dark hallway in the middle of the night? Perhaps you couldn’tshake that feeling someone was watching you only to look up to see a stranger on abus gazing in your direction? Or how about a moment when you had one specific stan-za of a song repeating through your brain; a song that you haven’t heard in five years,only to walk through a grocery store two hours later and hear that exact refrain? Wehave all had such experiences, chalking them up to coincidence. But what if the energythat fuels those very events are psychic abilities working their way out into your life fromthe inside out?The energy and the spirits of the non physical realms weave within and throughout oursocieties and our world. We share all realms with all beings, but most of us are so firmlyrooted in the material quest for sensation that we shoulder these experiences ratherthan embrace and learn more from them. We perceive the world in many subtle ways,and this inner knowing is the seed of an expansive realm of psychic abilities that we notonly have access to, but that we can use to develop a unique universal connection toSource.A psychic ability is said to be any perception, sensation or knowing that comes fromsomething other than the material, sensory experience. People with developed psychicabilities operate from a deeper level of trust that what they ‘know’ or ‘see’ is true. It oftenbecomes so. Visions of the past, present or future are seen as something that did, doesor will exist. Such people are very sensitive to changes in energy or vibration. They cansize up a crowd, energetically, before they even walk through the door.There are many layers of psychic abilities. Auric sight is the ability to see and read theenergy field around the human body. We are all made up of a beautiful rainbow of color,pattern and flow that extends out from deep within transcendent realms and manifestsour physical bodies from the heart of being. We don’t simply have an aura... we ARE anaura. It is the energetic basis for our existence. The ability to see or sense the auracomes easier for some than it does for others, but with practice most people can learnhow to recognize it, at least to some degree.Another psychic ability that is more common than most people realize is astral projec-tion, or the process of allowing your etheric body, which is basically your aura, to leave
  2. 2. your physical self behind and experience timelessness in the astral realms. Essentially,during astral projection, the aura goes home to recharge. It happens every night duringsleep, though the majority of people aren’t consciously aware of it. People who havehad out-of-body experiences often report them as being some of the most noteworthyand liberating experiences of their lives. Channeling wisdom from ancients, the AkashicRecords or from collective societies co-existing with us on other planes becomes muchmore realized once you have visited the astral realms for yourself. Astral projection isanother achievable process for people who are interested in practicing it.Psychic abilities are an inherent part of the way that we function, grow and live, whetherwe give them credit or not. Everyone has access to the non-physical world. Each per-son has their own proclivities, or things that they are intuitively good at. Finding theways that developing your psychic abilities can change your life is part of the fun of liv-ing. And though it may clash with the logical, critical nature that our reasoning mindspossess, when acknowledged, psychic abilities provide more food for the soul, morecharge for the battery, than just about anything else we might pursue.So, how do we begin to refine these dormant abilities? Start small. Keep a dream jour-nal and write your dreams down upon awakening. Dreams are potent carriers of infor-mation about our subconscious and they can even be thought of as mini journeys to theastral realms in some cases, such as when you are flying in your dreams. Another wayto develop your non-physical awareness is to slow down. Meditate more, love more andstop often to ‘get a feel’ for what is going on around you. Acknowledge impressions thatdon’t seem to make sense and see where it leads you. And most importantly, trust yourinstincts. If you have an irrepressible urge or an off the wall idea, go with it, even if justfor a few steps, and do so with confidence.The more comfortable you become with the fact that your body is more like an antennathan anything else, the easier it will be for you to recognize these experiences whenthey happen. Develop a mindful practice of paying attention to the non-physical ener-gies that are coming through you. Do not let a day go by where you fail to acknowledgethat you are more than your body, more than your identity, more than even your emo-tions, though emotions can play a very large part in the experiencing of many psychicabilities. Life is a feast for both the physical and the non-physical senses. Taking stepstowards this enlightened way of living, your consciousness will evolve beyond flesh,bone and brain and become immersed in the beauty and complexity of all of the layersof experience that are available to you, and to all of us.Learn more about >>How to develop psychic abilities using the Silva Method