The Unlimited Possibilities of Parallel LivesHave you heard of Plato’s Cave? I mean the famous Allegory of the Cave writte...
change your views and attitudes and control your bad habits. Also, it is important to start prac-ticing meditation. You ne...
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Parallel universes


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Parallel universes

  1. 1. The Unlimited Possibilities of Parallel LivesHave you heard of Plato’s Cave? I mean the famous Allegory of the Cave written by theGreek philosopher in the 4th century BC. Plato retells a dialogue he had with Socrates who de-scribes a group of people who have lead all their lives locked up to the wall of a cave, facing ablank wall. The people are able to see only the shadows projected on the wall by things pass-ing in front of a fire behind them. Lacking a better view of reality, they start ascribing formsto the shadows. Socrates explains that philosophers, in their attempts to understand the meta-physical, can be compared to these prisoners set free – looking at the true forms of the worldand realizing that the forms on the wall were only shadows of reality. This allegory was thebasis of Plato’s theory of forms which states that forms and ideas, and not the material worldthat we perceive through our senses, construct the sublime and most fundamental reality.Reading Plato’s Cave today, we can attach interesting new meanings to it. For those acquaint-ed with parallel universe regression, it is an allegory of the true possibilities of the humanmind. People should not stay imprisoned by the limits of their own imagination. Visualizationof the infinite universes we are part of can lift the chains and set us free – enabling us to crawlout of the cave of ignorance and disbelief and look at the true infiniteness of reality. And thusenabling us to experience the full potential of our parallel lives.Humankind is just beginning to grasp the new opportunities offered by the parallel worldstheory. It is even difficult for us to consciously understand the newest developments in quan-tum physics that prove the existence of an infinite number of universes. But once we are com-fortable with this new perspective, we can understand that our lives will be changed for good.The multiple universes hold all the secrets we need to achieve happiness and success, underone condition: to learn how to travel between them and find our alternate selves and our paral-lel lives. Jumping between our parallel lives we get the chance to become familiar with all as-pects of our self. Have you ever been honest to yourself in answering the question what is thewildest dream of your life? Do you want to be extremely rich, to be successful in your profes-sion, or to be famous? These dreams are not so difficult to achieve if you know how to jumpbetween universes and find the successful and rich ‘you’ that you want to become. When youmeet him or her, all you have to do is bring back the rhythm and energy of that person and ap-ply them in your present life. You do not have to ‘kidnap’ your other self, but transfer thequalities he or she possesses to the world we consciously perceive.Parallel lives are infinite, so once you master jumping between universes, or quantum jump-ing, you will have a limitless number of alternative selves to gain experience and knowledgefrom. The encounter with one of them can bring enlightenment and major change in your life.People who are successfully practicing quantum jumping tell of the incredible joy they feltfrom this experience. It is like a beautiful dream that seems real and meaningful and stays inyour mind for a long time, influencing the decisions and actions you take. It will serve as amotivation to act and ultimately change your life for the good. The ability to cross betweenuniverses is amazing in itself but the feeling of actually meeting your twin selves is a life-changing experience.You are able of visiting your parallel lives in other dimensions. Just remember that anything ispossible and get rid of the prejudices your consciousness imposes on you. That is why visual-ization in a meditative state is so important: it allows you to enter into a state in which com-munication with the subconscious mind is possible. In fact, we are all connected to the paral-lel universes but it is a phenomenon that cannot be realized; it can only be detected by yoursubconscious mind and your intuition.In order to visualize your parallel lives, there are certain rules to be followed. You need to finda special place and time to relax and reduce the stress. Try making small changes, do some-thing crazy like wearing socks that don’t match: it is really important because it will help you
  2. 2. change your views and attitudes and control your bad habits. Also, it is important to start prac-ticing meditation. You need to learn how to enter a different level of consciousness in whicheverything is possible. It is not difficult, although it might require some practice, but withoutdoubt, meditation is essential for jumping between universes. Once you have mastered it, tryto awaken your senses. It is a good idea to use pleasant scents as they will stimulate your abil-ity to connect. Open your mind and try to resist all the ‘arguments’ that will pop up while youtry to enter a parallel universe. This is just your conscious self trying to drag you back to real-ity. You can use guided meditation in order to feel more secure in your journey. It is worth isto give it a try, as this technique offers you virtually unlimited potential. Anything is possibleif your imagination is bold enough to visualize it.By visiting your parallel lives you can collect knowledge, experience and positive vibrations.It will help you synchronize your life rhythm with the universal mind and attract happinessand prosperity. Maybe one day quantum jumping between parallel lives will be everydaypractice. Everybody will travel between dimensions, enjoying the immensity of the cosmos. Itis wonderful that we are given the chance to start doing it today, and experience the joy andbenefits of meeting our twin selves, the emotional bliss of finding the essence of our individu-ality.