Mind body healing


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Mind body healing

  1. 1. Mind Body Connection And Y Well Being ourSkeptics may disagree but there is undoubtedly an intimate relationship between the physical,and mental or emotional aspects of our being. For the most part, this is commonly referred toas the mind body connection. Mind empowerment expert Jose Silva spent over two decades indeveloping meditation techniques and mind conditioning systems to help people achieve deeplevels of relaxation. Our mind controls the body and therefore has a direct impact on yourhealth. A healthy mind in a healthy body is what all of us must strive to achieve in order to be intune with our inner being.The mind has the ability to produce chemical changes in the body and alter the state of ourbody. Health conditions such as high blood pressure are often due to the state of your mind.The state of your mind can create many physical disorders, hormonal imbalances, and affect theimmunity system. Therefore, it is essential to undergo psychic healing to prevent most of theseconditions from playing havoc with your health. This will help reduce your reliance on medica-tions, and enhance the production of endorphins that brings you to a state of well being. Formost illnesses, as much as 60 percent of the solution can come from your mind.The most powerful is the subconscious mind. Your thoughts can alter the state of your subcon-scious mind where negative emotions can result in anger and bitterness that ultimately mani-fests as a physical disease. Suppressing these emotions isn’t the solution to the problem.Through mind body healing you learn the art of forgiveness, self love and acceptance whichleads to better health. There are several methods for spiritual healing which include meditation,exercise, positive affirmations, anger management, time management, and more. Meditationand deep breathing can help you de-stress, an exercise that requires not more than a few min-utes every day.Most illnesses are connected with stress which again in a condition of the mind. Therefore, it isimportant to have a healthy mind in order to maintain a healthy body. The main objectives ofmind exercises like the Silva Method are to reduce stress and have a positive influence on a per-son’s health. Most importantly, it is a good way to kick bad habits and bring about a positivechange in attitude. When you establish a mind body connection, it has the potential to enhancecreativity and develop your intuitive wisdom.The conscious mind is the part that influences your thought processes and your reasoning pow-er. It is also the part of the mind that represents free will,. You use your conscious mind to tocreate and imagine things, set goals, make decisions, focus on your goal, find solutions to issues,and much more. On the other hand, the subconscious mind is not only more powerful but livesand works in every cell of your body.
  2. 2. It is not possible to separate mind and body although we don’t often feel the connection. This iswhere all the problems start. An altered state of mind will alter your body. The opposite alsohappens where body sensations can alter your thoughts. Even when your body responds invol-untarily, it is regulated by your thoughts. A change of thoughts will induce cells in our body torespond accordingly. Body language is the perfect example of a mind body connection. The pos-ture of a person who is depressed is significantly different from a person who is in a state ofhappiness A depressed person may walk with shoulders slumped while someone who has suc-ceeded at something will stand tall with head held high. The mind body connection is whatmakes some people do seemingly extraordinary things like walking on hot coal, twisting theirbody into contorted positions, balancing on tight ropes, breaking world records, and muchmore. One simple thing that everyone can accomplish to prove the connection is to controlbreathing.It is easy to notice when someone is ill through his or her body language. Our body doesn’t liebut reveals exactly how we think and feel. The solution is to heal your mind and body which canbe achieved through various techniques. In the process, it is important to pay attention to yourthoughts and corresponding body symptoms. There are many subtle but important messagesthan are transmitted through the mind and body. Sometimes it could indicate a change inlifestyle, your attitude, or the emotional state of your relationships. Learning to interpret bodysignals help you to become attuned with your feelings. The body is an outward manifestation ofthe conscious and subconscious mind. The mind uses your body as a tool to enact yourthoughts. The body obeys your subconscious mind that command it what to do. The way yourbody reacts is a demonstration of the thoughts you have planted. In other words, your body is acanvas for your mind.Mind body healing begins with the mind since you need to work your way from the inside in or-der to heal the body. It makes sense to focus on your thoughts and then observe its effect onyour body. Sound emotional health makes you aware of your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.You begin to feel good about yourself. However, stress, anxiety, depression, and sadness playhavoc with your emotional health, which ultimately results in physical illnesses such as backpain, constipation, diarrhea, loss or increase in appetite, headaches, insomnia, high blood pres-sure, and much more. Many sexual problems are also a result of an imbalance in mind andbody. Problems such as divorce, job loss, and financial difficulties can result in emotional stress,which causes an imbalance between mind and body.It is important to recognize your emotions and determine the root cause of the problem if youare experiencing stress or anxiety in your life. Learn to express your feelings in appropriate waysand share your problems with someone close or a counselor. Learn to live a balanced life and
  3. 3. cope with negative feelings. However, make it a point to focus on the positive aspects of yourlife.