Healing power 100% best work


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Healing power 100% best work

  1. 1. Healing powerHealing is actually the restoration of damaged tissue that has been dam-aged from performing its normal function. It is generally a process bywhich the cells in the body are regenerated and repaired to reduce the sizeand effect of a damaged or necrotic area of the tissues. A healing factor isknown as the ability of some character or characters in fiction which is usedto help someone in recovering from bodily injuries or disease at a superhu-man rate or in an unnatural manner. Whenever one is sick or ill it is theirhealing power of mind which helps them to recover as soon as possible.There are different types of healing power like healing power of prayer,mind, precepts, music, psychic healing power etc. We have often heardabout some cancer patients who have completely recovered from their dis-ease while some other do not. But this question often comes to one mindthat how come some are cured off the disease where as some are not. Theonly answer to this simple question is a secret which is known as the heal-ing power of the mind. Having a healing power is having a capability toheal human beings. It can be a person who has a healing power to heal oth-ers. In our current time now, there are people who claim that the LordAlmighty gave them powers to heal the sick. With just a healing touch on abody part of a sick person, this powerful man can heal. A lot of pretentiouspeople tell the others they have healing powers just to earn money andfame. Others heal the ill people without asking anything in return.In this modern time, a lot of edible items are said to have healing powers.These are called healing foods. You just have to follow some instructions onhow to prepare it and eat or drink it regularly and you will sooner or latersee the effect. Many people who are sick turn to these hoping for medicinal
  2. 2. remedies. One example is honey. It is said that honey that is not pasteur-ized and filtered has healing powers. We all know that honey contains min-erals and vitamins. Honey amplifies calcium absorption. For people whohave arthritis, combining apple cider vinegar with honey can do well. Hon-ey can also be used as an antiseptic. It can also help to fight obesity, consti-pation and allergies. Garlic also has its own healing powers. It has allicinand the sulfur content of it acts as an antibiotic. It’s also known as an anti-viral and a fungicide. A good blood pressure can also be maintained usinggarlic. It also aids in lowering cholesterol. It can also prevent some types ofcancer. Some other edible items that are said to have healing powers arewater, cayenne pepper, apple, apple cider vinegar, beans, celery, fish, salt,green tea, nuts, olive oil, onions, fiber, prune juice and many more.There are also persons who believe in the energy healing powers of stonesand gems. People who believe in the healing powers of stones and gems saythat the stones get their healing powers from the various types of energythey attract. There are many kinds of stones and gems and each has it ownbenefits for the user. These stones deal with people who have emotional,psychological or even physical complaints. Some examples of these are rosequartz, hematite, amethyst, amber, aquamarine, copper, diamond, alexan-drite, agates, aqua aura, aventurine and a lot more.Others resort to the healing power of love. It is known to us that love is themost beautiful feeling in the world. When you love someone, you becomehappy. On the other hand, the person whom you show your love to becomeshappy as well. Love is a very powerful and efficient healing force here onearth. The most important among all is the healing power of prayer. Noth-
  3. 3. ing is impossible when we pray and ask for God’s guidance. No one can everdisagree with that. If we pray heartily and sincerely, the Lord will provide.Everything happens for a reason that is why sometimes, we feel rejected,even if we pray. But it doesn’t mean that He doesn’t love us but it is to teachus a lesson.The term healing power of the mind is not a mysterious thing that can beactivated by some gibberish and by some mumbo jumbo rituals or wordsrather it is based on what is called positive thinking. These types of peopleare also not super optimists because they have their own share of discour-agement which make them reacted to it as they have felt that life has beenunfair to them. The best example to prove the healing power of the mindis that suppose let one assume that they have an illness; mentioning againthey have to assume that they are ill. If one is ill, he cannot deny that he isnot sick. On the contrary, he has to deal with the situation regarding how tofight the disease by being positive to the present circumstance and by tryingto heal themselves by the so called power of their mind. This type of peopleshould approach a doctor for their better treatment, research on the optionsof the treatment given to them by the doctor’s for their illness.They should stop thinking about their helplessness and rather should startthinking what they should do at this situation and what things they can doby making time from most of their days. They should start thinking posi-tively - that they are getting to be get cured soon, because studies haveproved that those who believe in higher power or their mind power tend toheal fast than any other patients. They should try to take control of their lifeby making themselves less anxious, so that they can heal faster and shouldstop thinking that they are helpless. Thus it can be clearly rectified from
  4. 4. this fact that mind is a terrible thing as because of its healing power anydisease can be cured, any problems can be solved in a very less time.Learn more on >>>www.SilvaMindBodyHealing.com