Esp quantum healing


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Esp quantum healing

  1. 1. EXTRASENSORY COMMUNICATIONSWHAT ARE EXTRASENSORY COMMUNICATIONS?Communication possibilities within the realm of extrasensory perception can bereferred as spiritual communications. When one message is transferred from onebrain to the other via use of mind power, without the use of words, that ideologycan be stated as communications extrasensory to the physical capacities. Thustransferring messages occur in the very beginning of these communications.While many ways could be practiced, some of these forms least lead you to aspiritual journey to begin with.We certainly don’t need to be an extraordinary person to communicate in this lan-guage. Perhaps, we happen to use it in a daily routine, apart from not even havingan awareness of it. Even though we don’t realize how we make a lot of decisionsof life, there happens to exist a conscious mind of our own. Every person is prob-ably a reflection of its ‘self’.What can be concluded when hear a person telling the time even without lookinginto the watch? Or when a person speaks up whatis going to happen next? Orleast when you randomly meet a person you were thinking about? These factscould seem like normal things only if we could ignore them. It is nothing else butthe language of “sixth sense”. It is the ultimate power of brain which produces in-tuitions out of our conscious. It is the language without the existence or usage ofwords.WHERE CAN EXTRASENSORY COMMUNICATION ARE CLEARLYOBSERVED?Below are 5 points that will analyze the areas where extra sensory communica-tions can be clearly observed by anyone.1.Sign languages are the best examples. The deaf and dumb community of hu-mans survives through the language beyond the words, since they cannot speakor hear. It is one concept encouraging the existence of extrasensory perceptionsthrough quantum healing2.At emotional times, when a person has a situation of not being able to speak hisheart out, he can either cry or laugh as words fall short3.Absence of speech, which is often, noticed at noisy dance clubs, swimming un-der the water or even in library
  2. 2. 4.When a person, happy or sad, laughing or crying or having a feeling of beinginferior or superior, nervous or confident, can clearly be seen from his body lan-guage or facial expressions. This is indeed very common in human beings5.This communication can often be seen in a couple, they both know and under-stand exactly what the other has to say or feelsEXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION IS REALLY BEYOND HUMAN SENS-ES!Thus, the extrasensory communication, more of a non verbal communication isbeing used in every possible walk of life – Education, health, business, work, re-lationships, etc. The use of these communications, or unknowingly, a trend of be-lief in extrasensory perception is increasing at its own levels. As a matter of fact,extrasensory perception is not a universally accepted ideology, but it is definitelysomething beyond our senses of the body and out of the world of words.