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Messaging For the Cloud and Microservices


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Utilising messaging in cloud deployments isn't straightforward, particularly if you want to take advantage of auto scaling. This talk covers the general problems of scaling for cloud deployments, and messaging for faster inter-service communication for Microservices

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Messaging For the Cloud and Microservices

  1. 1. Messaging for the Cloud and Microservices Rob Davies 2015
  2. 2. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!2 Rob Davies • Director of Middleware Engineering for xPaaS • Over 20 years experience of developing large scale solutions for telcos and finance • Creator of ActiveMQ and ServiceMix • Committer on open source projects, including fabric8, Apache Camel and other stuff …
  3. 3. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!3 All singing, all dancing scalable messaging for the cloud AND … Messaging for Microservices
  4. 4. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!4 Why do we use messaging ? • Robustness to change • Time independence • Hide latency • Event driven • Platform and language independence Broker Message in Message out after enrichment by Process B Process C Process B Process A Queue:Foo Queue:Bar
  5. 5. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!5 Traditional Enterprise Message brokers • Designed to support many different messaging patterns • highly available • Support clustering • Support store and forward • But – are usually very static in nature
  6. 6. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!6 Core Messaging Patterns …
  7. 7. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!7 Requestor Core Message Pattern: Request/Reply Servic e
  8. 8. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!8 Producer Core Message Pattern: Queue Consumer Consumer Consumer
  9. 9. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!9 Core Message Pattern: Publish/Subscribe Consumer Consumer Consumer Producer
  10. 10. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!10 Message Channels and Filters
  11. 11. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!11 Message Routing: Selectors Producer Destination Consumer Color = red Consumer Color = blue
  12. 12. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!12 Message Routing: Destination Wildcards • * matches a subject • > matches sub-tree Topic: BAR.BEER.WHITE Topic: BAR.WINE.WHITE Producer Consumer Topic:BAR.WINE.WHITE Consumer Topic:BAR.BEER.WHITE Consumer Topic:BAR.*.WHITE Consumer Topic:BAR.>
  13. 13. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!13 Message Groups Producer Consumer Consumer Consumer Queue:Prices Message message = session.createTextMessage(“Hi DWP”); message.setStringProperty("JMSXGroupID", ”JavaRocks"); producer.send(message);
  14. 14. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!14 Scaling Messaging – the traditional way …
  15. 15. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!15 Client Scaling: Message Bus
  16. 16. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!16 Client Scaling: Message Bus
  17. 17. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!17 Broker Scaling: Message BusMessage throughput requirement exceeds broker capacity
  18. 18. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!18 Broker Scaling: Message Bus Message Bus
  19. 19. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!19 Broker Scaling: Message Bus Message Bus
  20. 20. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!20 Broker Scaling: Message Bus Message Bus Message BusMessage Bus
  21. 21. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!21 Broker Scaling: Problems Message Bus Message Bus Message BusMessage Bus • Diminished returns • Focused Overload • Stranded Capacity
  22. 22. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!22 How do we scale Messaging for the Cloud ?
  23. 23. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!23 Requirements for Messaging as a Service • Needs to support many thousands of clients • Flexible, brokers need to be spun up and down, based on demand • Client connections may need to be multiplexed, to decrease the load on individual message brokers • Popular messaging protocols support • Flexible routing needs to be supported
  24. 24. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!24 What contenders are already out there ?
  25. 25. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!25 ActiveMQ HornetQ RabbitMQ Proprietary Enterprise Messaging
  26. 26. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!26 Apache Kafka • Publish/Subscribe messaging – rethought as a distributed commit log • Designed for fast data ingestion of logs • Scalable – designed to allow a single cluster to act as a messaging platform, allowing for elastic expansion with no downtime • Messages are persisted to disk, and replicated to prevent data loss • Allows partitioning of data streams across cluster of machines • Created at Linkedin – donated to the ASF
  27. 27. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!27 Apache Kafka Architecture ZooKeeper BrokerBrokerBroker Broker Producer Producer Consumer Consumer
  28. 28. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!28 Apache Kafka Performance From: Kafka: A distributed Messaging System for log processing, Jun Rao
  29. 29. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!29 Apache Kafka – Differences with a Message Broker • Distributed commit log – broker maintains no state • Niche – so works really well for a particular set of use cases • Proprietary • Written in Scala • Consumers have to maintain state
  30. 30. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!30 Kubernetes Helps
  31. 31. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!31 Fabric8 MQ – not a message broker – but a scalable messaging system Many concurrent connections, one out Flexible Protocols Multiplex Connections Vert.x Core Embedded Camel, Integration with APIMan OpenWire, STOMP MQTT AMQP WebSockets – all done asynchronously Scaling Connections NOT a problem Destination Sharding
  32. 32. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!32 Fabric8 MQ Independently scalable: Node Pod ActiveMQ Broker AMQ Replication Controller Node Pod ActiveMQ Broker Node Pod ActiveMQ Broker Fabric8MQ Replication Controller Vert.x Vert.x Vert.x Multiplexer Multiplexer Multiplexer Fabric8MQ Vert.x Vert.x Vert.x Multiplexer Multiplexer Multiplexer Fabric8MQ Vert.x Vert.x Vert.x Multiplexer Multiplexer Multiplexer Fabric8MQ
  33. 33. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!33 Fabric8 MQ Message Flow: Protocol Conversion Camel Routing API Management Multiplexer Destination Sharding Broker Control
  34. 34. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!34 Qpid Dispatch Router BrokerBrokerBroker Broker Producer ProducerConsumer Consumer Router Router Router Router AMQP 1.0
  35. 35. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!35 Multiplexing • Brokers performs better the lower the number of connections – less contention • IoT applications have long lived connections, but small amount of traffic • All configurable – you can decide how fine or coarse grained you want multiplexing • Dispatch Router does this automatically
  36. 36. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!36 Destination Sharding: Benefits • There is an overhead associated with a Destination – restrict the number of Destinations per Broker to improve performance • Co-locate producers and consumers of a Destination to the same broker reduces latency and improves overall performance • Increased scalability for your messaging solution • Dispatch Router does this automatically
  37. 37. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!37 Red Hat Messaging – how we plan to tackle messaging for the cloud …
  38. 38. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!38 What we have today  Separate clients tied to broker- specific protocols  Limited integration between brokers & overlapping capabilities MRG-M (Apache Qpid C++ broker) •AMQP, high performance, routing, HA •No longer sold but actively supported M. MQ 6.x (Apache ActiveMQ 5.x Java broker) • Multi-protocol JMS-oriented broker • Large user community, rich feature set EAP HornetQ JMS Messaging Broker (HornetQ GitHub project) •Multi-protocol JMS-oriented broker •JMS 2.0, best-in-class SpecJMS performance MRG-M 3.1 A-MQ 6.x HornetQ EAP6
  39. 39. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!39 Clients A-MQ Where we’re going • Consolidate to a single messaging product, known as A-MQ • Consists of three components: Broker, Interconnect & Clients • Developed in open, community-based, upstream projects and leveraging open, standards-based protocols Broker Interconnect
  40. 40. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!40 Where we’re going M. MQ Broker • Full-featured, high-performance, multi-protocol enterprise broker • HA through replication and failover M. MQ Interconnect Router • Large-scale, secure, reliable, and manageable messaging networks • Use with or without broker. HA through redundant routing. M. MQ Clients • Ubiquitous, standards-based messaging clients for all common platforms and programming languages A- MQ A-MQ Broker Interconnect Clients
  41. 41. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!41 Where we’re going • AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) • Rich semantics, multiplexing, flow control, extensible • International standard – ISO/IEC ISO 19464 • MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) • Lightweight “first mile” telemetry • OASIS Standard; International standardization in progress • STOMP (Simple Text-Oriented Messaging Protocol) • WebSocket encapsulation A-MQ Broker Interconnect Clients
  42. 42. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!42 Messaging for Microservices
  43. 43. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!43 Reliable, Fast Communication between Services
  44. 44. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!44 Functional Decomposition
  45. 45. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!45 Micromessaging • Whilst external services should often be http – internal services do not need to be. • Using a messaging system can improve performance and scalability • Standards are important – immutable infrastructure leads to disposable infrastructure. Apply that all assets in your design.
  46. 46. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!46 Micromessaging: inter-service communications Broker Service A Service A Service A Service C Service A Service B Service A Service F Service A Service E Service A Service Drequest reply subscribe subscribe publishpublish
  47. 47. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!47 Micromessaging: Control Plane BrokerController Service A Service F Service A Service A subscribe subscribe publish {Start Processing} {Stop Processing}
  48. 48. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!48 Micromessaging: Stream Processing Broker publish Event Listener SMS Event Listener Event Listener HTTP Post Event Listener HTTP Post Event Listener HTTP Post Event Listener HTTP Post Event Listener HTTP Post SMTP publish publish Event Processing Engine
  49. 49. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!49 Micromessaging anti-patterns • Any pattern that is transactional in nature e.g. Transactional Client • Any pattern that relies on Message Persistence Durable Subscriber, Guaranteed Delivery • Any pattern where the message system inspects, or selectively routes messages Message Filter, Content Based Routing, Content Enricher
  50. 50. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!50 Micromessaging: what to use ? Qpid Dispatch Router
  51. 51. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!51
  52. 52. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!52 Demo: Variance Collector Compare Interprocess communication: HTTP vs Messaging
  53. 53. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!53 Standard Deviation Processor: public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception { String message = exchange.getIn().getBody(String.class); ObjectMapper objectMapper = new ObjectMapper(); TypeFactory typeFactory = objectMapper.getTypeFactory(); List<Double> values = objectMapper.readValue(message, typeFactory.constructCollectionType(List.class, Double.class)); SummaryStatistics summaryStatistics = new SummaryStatistics(); List<Double> list = new ObjectMapper().readValue(message, List.class); for (Double value : list) { summaryStatistics.addValue(value); } String stdDev = Double.toString(summaryStatistics.getStandardDeviation()); exchange.getOut().setBody(stdDev); }
  54. 54. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!54 Standard Deviation Route: @ContextName("stddevCamel") public class StdDevHTTP extends RouteBuilder { @Inject StdDevProcessor processor; @Override public void configure() throws Exception { from("jetty:").doTry() .process(processor) .doCatch(Throwable.class) .setHeader(Exchange.HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE, constant(500)) .setBody(constant("{"error" : "Service failed"}")) .end(); } }
  55. 55. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!55 HTTP Calculator @Override public void configure() throws Exception { onException(Throwable.class).maximumRedeliveries(-1).delay(5000); from("direct:start") .multicast() .parallelProcessing().timeout(10000).to(stdDevService, varianceService) .end().setHeader("name", constant("HTTP")).to(collectorService); }
  56. 56. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!56 HTTP Calculator @Inject @Uri("netty4-http:http://{{service:collector-http:localhost:8184}}/results/http") private Endpoint collectorService; @Inject @Uri("netty4-http:http://{{service:variance-http:localhost:8182}}/variance") private Endpoint varianceService; @Inject @Uri("netty4-http:http://{{service:std-dev-http:localhost:8183}}/std-dev") private Endpoint stdDevService
  57. 57. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!57 Messaging Calculator Endpoint jmsSender = getContext().getEndpoint("jms:topic:" + CALCULATION_TOPIC + "?preserveMessageQos=true" + "&replyTo=" + RESULT_QUEUE +"&replyToType=Exclusive" + "&asyncConsumer=true" + "&asyncStartListener=true" + "&concurrentConsumers=10");
  58. 58. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!58 Messaging Calculator from("jms:queue:”+RESULT_QUEUE).aggregate(header(CORRELATION_HEADER), new AggregationStrategy() { @Override public Exchange aggregate(Exchange oldExchange, Exchange newExchange) { if (oldExchange == null) { return newExchange; } String oldBody = oldExchange.getIn().getBody(String.class); String newBody = newExchange.getIn().getBody(String.class); oldExchange.getIn().setBody(oldBody + "+" + newBody); return oldExchange; } }).completionSize(NUMBER_OF_SERVICES).completionTimeout(2000) .setHeader("name", constant("MSG")).to(collectorService);
  59. 59. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!59 The Collector: @ContextName("collectorCamel") public class CollectorHTTP extends RouteBuilder { @Override public void configure() throws Exception { getContext().addRoutePolicyFactory(new MetricsRoutePolicyFactory()); from("jetty:”).setId("HTTP"); from("jetty:”).setId("MSG"); } }
  60. 60. RED HAT | Fabric8 Rocks!60 Links:Links: http://camel.apache.org http://fabric8.io