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Fuse overview

Overview of JBoss Fuse and JBoss A-MQ

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Fuse overview

  1. 1. RED HAT JBOSS FUSE Rob Davies Technical Director, Fuse September 2014
  2. 2. Innovate faster, in a smarter way A family of a lightweight, enterprise-grade products that are ideal for open hybrid cloud environments Red Hat JBoss A-MQ Red Hat JBoss Fuse Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization 2 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  3. 3. History of Fuse open source Development CodeHaus ActiveMQ May 2004 CXF Aug 2006 Fabric ServiceMix May 2005 ASF Camel Mar2007 Karaf Mar 2013 Dec 2013 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 IONA April 2007 Progress October 2008 FuseSource created October 2010 LogicBlaze Formed May 2005 3 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks! Feb 2011 GitHub Red Hat acquire Sept 2012
  4. 4. We work on many open source projects 4 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  5. 5. Leader in Forrester Wave: Hybrid Integration 2014 Red Hat leader in 3 categories: Deep Integration Cloud Integration Internet of things (IOT) 5 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  6. 6. JBoss Fuse Integration Product line Additive capabilities to fit different use cases A-MQ Fuse Fuse Service Works Messaging Fuse ESB Service Governance Service Orchestration Messaging Fuse ESB 6 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks! Service Development Messaging Platform Integrate applications, devices by notification or exchange of data using multiple protocols in any runtime Integration Platform Mediate, transform, route and connect between loosely coupled components, services and applications using enterprise integration patterns Business Services Platform Develop and choreograph business services, manage lifecycle, define and enforce service policy and monitor service activity
  7. 7. Business Challenges
  8. 8. Challenge facing enterprises: Enlightened integration beyond the data center Partners SaaS applications Cloud applications Public and Private Distributors 8 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks! Data center Need solution that is ● Flexible, ● Cloud-friendly, ● Inexpensive, and ● Has a small footprint
  9. 9. What do some organizations do to address the Integration challenge? ● Do nothing – Manual touch points (expensive solution) – Error prone solutions – Bad customer experience ● Direct links between applications – Inflexible solutions – Difficult to change – Spaghetti code: difficult to maintain across organization – No control and no ability to reuse ● Integration stacks from proprietary vendors – Expensive – Heavyweight and inflexible solutions – Unable to provide better products or services (Business unhappy that IT is not delivering appropriate products/services) 9 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  10. 10. Challenges of Integrating the Extended Enterprise ●Integrating all enterprise assets many business assets are at the edges (outside the data center) ●Avoiding centralizing all services hub-and-spoke architectures are limiting ●Getting deployed quickly lengthy development cycles reduce ROI ●Controlling run-away costs from initial outlay to on-going maintenance ●Avoiding creating yet-another legacy system want new technology, need to stay agile ●Creating infrastructure that can scale up...and down elasticity should be easy 10 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  11. 11. How do you integrate everything... + HQ + integration stack ...when the enterprise extends far beyond the data center? 11 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks! partners devices cloud / SaaS apps distributors
  12. 12. Traditional integration stack is too expensive, too difficult to manage and maintain... + HQ + integration stack point to point point to point point to point cloud / SaaS apps ...and many make do with batch delivery and hub-and-spoke architecture 12 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks! point to point batch batch batch point to point distributors partners devices
  13. 13. With JBoss Fuse, You Can Integrate Everything... 13 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks! partners devices cloud / SaaS apps distributors + HQ + integration stack M Q M Q M Q M Q M Q M Q E S B E S B I n t e g r a t i o n b e y o n d t h e D a t a C e n t e r – d e p l o y E S B s a n d b r o k e r s a t d i s t r i b u t e r s , o u t l e t s a n d d e v i c e s N o l o n g e r l i m i t e d t o h u b - a n d s p o k e – d e p l o y i n t e g r a t i o n i n t e l l i g e n c e a t a n y l o c a t i o n a r o u n d t h e g l o b e E l im i n a t e b a t c h d e l i v e r y – b r o k e r s c a n e a s i l y a n d i n e x p e n s i v e l y b e d e p l o y e d e v e r y w h e r e
  14. 14. What JBoss Fuse Brings to Red Hat’s Customers: Integration that extends to the edges of enterprise Easy to deploy – sophisticated tooling, connectors,small footprint makes it easy to deploy with less hardware and limited IT staffing Many deployment options – deploy on-premise or in the cloud in any configuration, and change on the fly with automated provisioning Standards-based – commitment to industry standards ensures that JBoss infrastructure is easy to modify and maintain Centralized management – innovative tooling makes it ease to configure, deploy, manage and maintain integration infrastructure Open source – less expensive and pay as you go to reduce over all costs in all stages of the project 14 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  15. 15. Technology Overview
  16. 16. Why JBoss Fuse? Connect islands of information Reuse of business data, Real-time information exchange Enhance business information Automate business processes Decouple applications and services Standard way for enterprise applications or services to interact Business Benefits New and improved products/services Better business decisions Unified customer experience Better business decisions New and improved products/services 16 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks! Reduce overall IT costs New and improved products/services Reduce business errors More agile/flexible enterprise Reduce overall IT costs Improved business execution Reduce business errors Reduce overall IT costs
  17. 17. JBoss Fuse: An open source enterprise integration platform and service bus Enables integration everywhere for a real-time 17 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks! enterprise New in 6.1 - Ubiquitous connectivity 150+ connectors (SalesForce, SAP, Social integration, cloud integration) - Unified management console which leverages Fuse Fabric - Improved High Availability (shared-nothing configuration, LevelDB: Developer preview) - Integration in the Cloud (OpenShift Cartridge: Developer preview )
  18. 18. JBoss Fuse – Open Source Heritage Apache Camel JBoss Fuse Fabric8 18 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks! Apache CXF Apache ServiceMix Apache ActiveMQ hawtio Apache Karaf
  19. 19. JBoss Fuse Includes: Apache Camel
  20. 20. Enterprise Integration Patterns  A Book by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf  Patterns and Recipes for common integration problems  Message Centric  Used as the basis for all the major integration products  Should be the the first thing to reference when starting an integration project  20 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  21. 21. What is Apache Camel?  Implementation framework for most commonly used Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP)  Speeds time to solution and provides multiple connectivity options  Popular and vibrant community  Requirement for a really simple way to do integration • Started as a Sub-project of ActiveMQ in March 2007 • 36 committers (15 work for Red Hat) • 80-100k artifact downloads a month • 120k website views a month • 1000 user mailing list posts per month • 200+ connectors and growing • Most widely used integration framework 21 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  22. 22. Apache Camel Camel provides an embedded DSL (in Java & Spring) for implementing enterprise integration patterns The DSL uses URIs to define endpoints which are combined by form integration flows from("activemq:topic:Quotes”) .filter().xpath("/quote/product = ‘widget’”) .to("mqseries:WidgetQuotes") .filter().xpath("/quote/product = ‘gadget’”) .to("mqseries:GadgetQuotes"); 22 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  23. 23. Some Integration Patterns 23 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  24. 24. JBoss Fuse Includes: Apache CXF
  25. 25. Apache CXF • Entered Apache Incubator in August 2006 • Leading open source web services stack for Java • Best feature support • Most flexible approach • Configure using annotations • Manipulate configuration directly in code • Configure using Spring • JAX-WS and JAX-RS Certified • DOSGi reference implementation of OSGi Remote Services Specification 25 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  26. 26. Apache CXF: Rest • Representational State Transfer – based on Roy Fielding’s doctoral thesis on HTTP • HTTP verbs provide actions on resources: • GET to retrieve current state of a resource • PUT to replace the current state of a resource • POST to create a new resource • DELETE to remove a resource • Powerful and flexible structure for resource oriented-systems • GET – guaranteed safe, responses can be cached • PUT and DELETE – are idempotent 26 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  27. 27. Apache CXF: JAX-WS – Standard SOAP Services • Uses source code annotations • Defines interface representing service • Attach actual implementation to interface • Supply pre-generated WSDL for the service • Reference implementation uses JAXB data binding • can generate code from existing service definition • CXF provides wsdl2Java tool • CXF provides wsdl2corba tool 27 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  28. 28. JBoss Fuse Includes: Apache ActiveMQ
  29. 29. What is Apache ActiveMQ? • Top level Apache Software Foundation project • Wildly popular, high performance, reliable message broker • Clustering and Fault Tolerance • Supports publish/subscribe, point to point, message groups, out of band messaging and streaming, distributed transactions, • Myriad of connectivity options • Native Java, C/C++, and .NET • STOMP protocol enables Ruby, JS, Perl, Python, PHP, ActionScript, ... • Embedded and standalone deployment options 29 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  30. 30. Apache ActiveMQ – Enterprise Features Failover High Availability Clustering Scaling 30 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks! Head Office FuseMQ Clusters
  31. 31. JBoss Fuse Includes: Apache Karaf
  32. 32. Apache Karaf ● Apache Karaf is a small OSGi based runtime which provides a lightweight container onto which various components and applications can be deployed ● Supports the latest OSGi 4.3 containers: Apache Felix Framework 4.0 and Eclipse Equinox 3.8 32 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  33. 33. Apache Karaf Features Include ● Hot deployment ● Dynamic configuration ● Logging System ● Provisioning ● Native OS integration ● Extensible Shell console ● Remote access ● Security framework based on JAAS ● Instance Management 33 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  34. 34. Apache Karaf console karaf@root> osgi:list 34 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  35. 35. Working with bundles karaf@root> osgi:list | grep camel 35 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  36. 36. Deploy with features Features group bundles into a logical unit of deployment Installing feature "Foo" installs bundles A, B, C and D 36 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  37. 37. Karaf Camel Commands Start/stop routes and contexts deployed in ESB View route XML and stats Many commands available 37 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  38. 38. JBoss Fuse Includes: Fabric8
  39. 39. • Simplifies deployments • Provides management tools for centralized configuration • Visualize your middleware with HawtIO • Polycontainer • Blurs the line of PaaS 39 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  40. 40. Why Fabric8? ● Configuration of JBoss Fuse and A-MQ may be complex. ● Enterprise deployments without fabric require a lot of manual and often repetitive configuration that is easy to get wrong. ● Enterprises may need to deploy across different environment, on-premise, on a private cloud, on a public cloud and a combination of these. ● Enterprise deployments need location transparency, and support of failover of endpoints. 40 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  41. 41. • Provides cluster capabilities, coordination Service discovery, load balancing, failover Deploy to cloud (IaaS, PaaS) Supported as JBoss Fuse (managed) • fabric8 1.0 is in Fuse 6.1 41 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  42. 42. Architecture 42 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  43. 43. Core Concepts • Fabric registry • Holds all configuration data • Runtime registry for looking up distributed services • Profile • Describes the container set up • Features, Bundles, ConfigAdmin PIDs, system properties • Hierarchical structure • Container versioning • Agent • Runs on each container • Communicates with registry to make sure container provisioned correctly 43 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  44. 44. How’s Fabric8 different from Puppet/Chef ? • Middleware centric • Container agnostic • Deep knowledge about the running processes • Consistent configuration • Visualizations • Versioning built in, upgrades, rollbacks, selective upgrade, etc • Use puppet/chef to provision your machines, use fabric8 to provision and manage your middleware/ apps 44 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  45. 45. JBoss Fuse Includes: hawtio
  46. 46. 46 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  47. 47. 47 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  48. 48. JBoss Fuse Includes: Lots of other stuff …
  49. 49. JBoss Fuse Tooling ● Fuse Fabric Perspective ● Fuse route Editor ● Debugging Tools 49 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  50. 50. Red Hat JBoss Fuse
  51. 51. JBoss Fuse An open source enterprise service bus Enables integration everywhere for a real-time enterprise 51 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  52. 52. Why JBoss Fuse? - Integration everywhere Reduces the pain of integrating disparate applications, services and devices Faster time to solution Based on commonly used enterprise integration pattern based framework (Apache Camel) Integrate all enterprise assets Extensive connectivity options Cloud-ready Foundation to run integration capability in the cloud Easier to configure, monitor, manage and maintain Lightweight, smaller IT footprint Multiple deployment options Centralized, distributed, embedded Lower total cost of ownership Easier to get started, easier to consume pricing 52 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  53. 53. What is included in a Managed Subscription? Support for the features provided by Fuse Fabric: Provisioning – the ability to provision new brokers on local or remote hardware using fabric agents. Configuration Management – centrally manage the configuration of any number of brokers, apply a broker “profile” to newly created brokers for consistency, and store broker profiles centrally in git. Fabric patching mechanism – distribute patches uniformly amongst your brokers using fabric Unified Management console ( console) to manage fabric features The A-MQ Fabric Gateway (currently tech-preview) JBoss ON for monitoring and alerting 53 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  54. 54. Unified Management Console JBoss Fuse or JBoss A-MQ instances can be joined into a managed fabric. Once joined to a managed fabric the management console is able to manage all members of the fabric. 54 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  55. 55. Unified Management Console Fuse Fabric and the management console simplifies the creation and management of master/slave broker groups, networks of brokers, or individual brokers. 55 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  56. 56. Unified Management Console Camel routes, REST endpoints and SOAP endpoints running of Fuse instances are visible and manageable in the management console. 56 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  57. 57. Use JBoss Fuse Today ● No need to rip and replace JBoss Fuse works with existing infrastructure ● Get up and running fast Apache Camel implements EIPs with minimal code ● Reduce the cost of future expansion Free yourself from vendor lock-in ● Extend integration to all facets of your business Remove the limitations of your existing infrastructure ● Deploy easily on-premise or in the Cloud Sophisticated tooling brings about rapid ROI 57 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  58. 58. Customer Success: Sabre Holdings
  59. 59. Travel: Customer Success with JBoss Fuse ● National US travel gateway – Sabre Holdings ● Was using inflexible, expensive-to-maintain proprietary infrastructure based on a TPF mainframe installed in the 60s ● Predicted rapid growth and need to add customer services to stay competitive, and the aging infrastructure was a viability Challenges: ● Large: managing 32,000 transactions a second (that's over 1.4B a day), and growing ● Mission-critical: lost transaction = failed travel itinerary 59 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  60. 60. Travel: Customer Success with JBoss Fuse Requirements: ●Need to quickly connect Suppliers ●Need to isolate mainframe application from consumers (suppliers, internal applications) ●Need to distribute integration solution across multiple locations Solution: ●JBoss Fuse (Fuse ESB Enterprise) + Consulting Benefits: ●Successful supplier migration ●No system failures ●Fast partner content deployment ●Extremely scalable, enterprise-class QOS ●Enterprise-class support ●Significant cost-savings 60 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  61. 61. More Customer Successes with JBoss Fuse 61 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  62. 62. Customer Success: Federal Aviation Authority
  63. 63. NextGen Next Generation Air Transport System (NextGen) Consists of five elements: Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast System Wide Information Management Next Generation Data Communications Next Generation Network Enabled Weather NAS voice switch 63 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  64. 64. SWIM Project Overview SWIM will: • Implement a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the National Airspace System (NAS) • Allow the FAA to create new system interfaces more quickly and cost effectively than is possible today • Facilitate the data-sharing that is required for NextGen 64 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  65. 65. SWIM System En Route Controllers Terminal Controllers NextGen Applications FTI IP Backbone Non-FAA Users (e.g., Airlines, DoD DHS, etc.) 65 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks! FAA Command Center SWIM Enterprise Infrastructure
  66. 66. FAA Selects Fuse for SWIM FAA identified the need to introduce Service-Oriented Architecture FAA issued a request or proposal (RFP) to multiple vendors FuseSource offered multiple technical advantages FAA offered some major challenges Moving from point-2-point to SOA Scalability Reliability Fuse was selected – on openness, standards, ROI and TCO 66 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  67. 67. Why Fuse? Innovative Technology – enabled moving away from a fixed network connection custom point-to-point data interfaces Reduce Cost – from using an open source core and subscription model Enterprise QoS – from decades of experience building mission-critical systems and enterprise security and administration components Incremental Adoption – enabling migrating from an existing system gradually and safely Reliability – proven robust performance and responsive and knowledgeable professional services organization 67 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  68. 68. Learn More About SWIM visit: provides: • Program overview • News announcements • Q&A • Key documentation • Newsletters • Briefings • Compliance documents • and more…. 68 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!
  69. 69. QQuueessttiioonnss aanndd DDiissccuussssiioonn 69 RED HAT | Fuse Rocks!