Artificial intelligence prelims - answers


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The prelims of Artificial Intelligence(General Quiz) conducted at NMAMIT, Nitte along with the answers. Enjoy Madi!!!!

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Artificial intelligence prelims - answers

  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence 4.0
  2. 2. Lets get started!• Fill in the sheet with the names of the participants and a KICKASS team-name as it comes along.• Avoid malpractice, use of cell phones or GPRS. Those who have a problem with it can kindly leave while those who face problems later will be asked to.• The biggest clue I can give u is write the first thing on your mind and attempt every answer coz u never know you might just get lucky!!!!!
  3. 3. 1. Lets start off with an easy one.Can you name the Vice President of India?
  4. 4. Mohammad Hameed Ansari
  5. 5. 2. Name the captain of the Indian Hockeyteam in the recently concluded Olympic qualifiers.
  6. 6. Bharat Chettri
  7. 7. 3.Identify the 2 individuals and the controversy related.
  8. 8. Subramaniam Swamy A. Raja The 2G Scam
  9. 9. 4.Name the hosts of the popular reality show Bigg Boss Season 5.
  10. 10. 5. Name the artist who took home 6 Grammys at this year including record ofthe year, song of the year and album of the year.
  11. 11. Adele
  12. 12. 6.
  13. 13. Anna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal Bill
  14. 14. 7. Text on Nine keys, a patented technology developed by Tegic Communications is apopular feature in Mobile Phones. What is it?
  15. 15. T9 dictionary
  16. 16. 8.Wishes from Cartoon Network to…?
  17. 17. 9.After a study conducted it was found that this Vitamin deficiency is found quite commonly among orthodox Muslimwomen, mainly because of their lifestyle. What and Why?
  18. 18. Vitamin D
  19. 19. 10.• It is located in the rocky hinterland of the Malabar coast of south-west India, about 8km (5 miles) from the Arabian Sea.• From its location on a plateau, it commands a view of the Arabian Sea to the west and the Western Ghats to the east.• This place was supposed to have the largest density of mobile phone users in India (as of 2006) and still features among the top 5. Which place am I talking about?
  20. 20. Manipal
  21. 21. 11.Who set up ‘Catamaran Venture Fund’ ?
  22. 22. N R Narayan Murthy
  23. 23. 12. Which famous personality was the FirstWoman Employee of the Tata Engineering & Locomotive Company?
  24. 24. Sudha Murthy
  25. 25. 13. I was born Kuppali VenkatappagowdaPuttappa. But I am popularly known as?
  26. 26. Rashtra Kavi Kuvempu
  27. 27. 14.Expand AMUL
  29. 29. 15.Western India Products Limited.How do we better know this…?
  30. 30. 16.Name the artist and the movie that won the Oscar for the best actor and best picture.
  31. 31. Jean Dujardin and “The Artist”
  32. 32. 17.The pictures depict thechange in hairstyles ofthe members of whichband…?
  33. 33. 18.How do we better know the followingpersonalities??• Jennifer Anastasakis• Yusuf Khan• Devdutt Pishorimal Anand• Sivaji Rao Gaekwad• Ravi Kapoor
  34. 34. Jennifer Aniston Dilip Kumar Dev Anand Rajnikant Jeetendra
  35. 35. 19. A lazy day dreamer young man used to sit at home just killing time. His mother used to scold & advisehim daily to do some work & earn for living. He didnt heed to her words. One day while killing time, as usual, he was killing the flies that disturbed his daydream. suddenly he noticed that he had killed a great number of flies. He counted them up to be 30 in number. In joy he shouted aloud and told his motherthat he had killed 30 in an hour so why couldnt he do greater things at the Kings palace. A passer by heard his words &, thinking that he was taking about killing 30 enemies at some war, he propagated the youngmans valour throughout & around the village. People started calling him_______.
  36. 36. 20. This band could not settle with a particular name because of legal issues and the bandsubsequently adopted that name for their firstalbum. The lead singer came up with the namewhich was a phonetic version of a place namedafter an U.S. President, near Santa Monica, that he would always drive past. Name the band.
  37. 37. 21. X was a staunch Naxalite before entering thefilm industry, but tragedy struck his family whenhis only brother was electrocuted and killed in afreak accident. He returned to his family and left the Naxalite fold, even though doing so posed agrave risk to his own life. He had also undergone expert training in Martial Arts to the grade of black belt.
  38. 38. 22.• Engineering graduate; did a stint at Oracle Corporation.• Trained in Carnatic and Hindustani classical music. Grew up listening to Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder and Bobby McFerin.• Been part of a Swedish band and dabbles in jazz and fusion music. Has cut his own album; playback singer and part of a music director trio. Identify this singer cum music director.
  39. 39. 23.THE ROOTS a Chennai band, was a quartetcomprising John Antony, Jojo,_________ & ________.Just fill in the blanks.
  40. 40. 24. In the last of Gullivers travels, he goes to aland ruled by wise horses, where there exists a species of primitive human-like animals, thoroughly evil and contemptible. They disgust Gulliver so much that its a long time before he is reconciled to being a human. What were these human-like creatures called? (Hint: Think Internet)
  41. 41. 25. FITBButch, Spike, Tyke, Toodles Galore, Miss Mammy Two Shoes, Tuffy, Quacker, __________ and _________
  42. 42. 26.• The shape of this product is modeled after a hyperbolic paraboloid.• This design characteristic is beneficial as it helps keep the product from breaking during distribution by eliminating lines of stress along which a small crack may easily propagate. Further, it keeps a stack of the product tightly interlocked or nested during distribution.• The name of the product came from a street in Cincinnati. The name was chosen simply for its sound and appeal.
  43. 43. 27.The khadi-duck is an unconventional type of weave that meshes three threads into a weave as compared to two weaves used in conventional weaving. This type of weaving is extremely rare, and thereare fewer than a dozen weavers in India professing this skill. The guidelines also state that there should be exactly 150 threads per square centimeter, four threads per stitch, and one square foot should weigh exactly 205 grams.
  44. 44. 28. Put Funda
  45. 45. The first X-Ray, of Mrs. Roentgen’s hand
  46. 46. 29. Id
  47. 47. Oscar Pistorius – The Blade Runner
  48. 48. 30.His unofficial epitaph is a fitting reflection of what his greatest contribution to science. It states, "He lies somewhere here." Who is he?
  49. 49. Werner Heisenberg
  50. 50. 31.A statue built on theisland of Samos inhonour of someone weall know. Who?
  51. 51. Pythagoras
  52. 52. 32.An advertisement by______ during the________ gate scandal.
  53. 53. Vaseline
  54. 54. 33. We like Huey, Duey and Louie a lot. Like them we are also triplets.If they have Donald as uncle, we have Daisy as our aunt. We are the sweet trio of…
  55. 55. April, May and June
  56. 56. 34.This is the vintageimage of a famousperson. Identify him(Clue: Connected toHollywood)
  57. 57. Steven Spielberg
  58. 58. 35. According to Hindu historians, the Muslim emperor came down from Ferghana in 1527 and overcame the Hindu King of Chittodgad, Rana Sangrama Singh at Sikri, using cannons andartillery. After this victory the emperor dominatedthe subjugated Hindu population. His general, Mir Baqi, was in charge of the region. What historic reason is Mir Baqi famous for?
  59. 59. He built the Babri Masjid
  60. 60. 36. Gary Gilmore was an American criminal, and murderer, who gained international notoriety for demanding that his deathsentence be fulfilled following two murders hecommitted in Utah. Gilmore’s last words were ____ __ __! This was said just before he was shot by the firing squad in 1977. FITB
  61. 61. 37.While at college, the company founder was given the Cornell lacrosse team 1) ____by his grandfather. People would turn to him to solvetheir problems and he was referred to as that guy in the 2)_____. By the time he wrote the manualof the beta version of X, he had lost the 1)______, so the manual included an appeal to readers to return his 2) ______if found.
  62. 62. 38. A Unique Achievement:Which grandfather, son, grandson trio have been Chief Ministers of the same Indian state?
  63. 63. Sheikh Abdullah,Farooq Abdullah, Omar AbdullahAll CMs of J&K.
  64. 64. 39.Id the person beside Gandhi.
  65. 65. Frontier Gandhi – Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
  66. 66. 40. The jingle with four magic notes that became part of our commercial breaks – “____ ____ __-____” – was the handiwork of Louis Banks, celebrated jazz and contemporary musician from Darjeeling. “X” came up with a number of products, and the ads were all ordinary. But the one signature of Brand “X” was thejingle, and this has probably not been matched by any other till date, at least on Indian television. In fact,Banks (the composer of the “unofficial Indian Anthem”,Mile Sur Mera Tumhara) says that he’d like “____ ____ __-____” as his epitaph! FITB and Id X
  67. 67. X – Brittania“Ting ting ti-ting”