Hrm in bank of baroda


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Hrm in bank of baroda

  1. 1. The evolution of technology is one factor to contribute theadvancement of every sector of the business. When it comes to human labour, the involvement of the Human Resource Management is still visible because the productivity of every employee depends on them. In the view of a business, specifically in the banking industry, employees and technology usually work together. The bank feeds theinformation and process in acquiring technology and the employees are highly trained to drive the system. To make the harmony and standardization possible in the banking industry, the human resource fills the missing part of the story.
  2. 2. Shri Dhawan Varinder Nath HR Manager, Rajat Gupta Bank of Baroda, Student of 1st Floor, 24, Vijay Nagar, Football Chowk,GJIMT, (Mohali) Jalandhar – 144 002
  3. 3. Good morning, Sir Good morning
  4. 4. Please , can I ask fewquestions regarding HRM of your bank….. Sure, why not
  5. 5. Can you please tell me, What are the objectives of your bank? Our objectives are:
  6. 6.  To initiate & institutionalize globallycompetitive HR practices in the bank in ourpursuit to become a bank of internationalstandard & first employer choice. To put relevant HRD strategies and usemodern methodologies to undertakeorganizational renewal. To create performance-driven culture andexciting workplace for the employees. To create a learning organization foremployees intellectual growth and creativity. To create a pool of entrepreneurialmanagers and business leader for future.
  7. 7. What are the practicesof HRM in your bank? Our practices are:
  8. 8.  Recruitment and Selection: our banks can recruitand select group of personnel with required skillsstudent from graduate schools . This has led to theimprovement of these banks’ operation. Training and Development: our bank can provideon-the-job training programs for employees at thesupervisory level, to maintain the bank’scompetitiveness. Performance Appraisal: our banks use theirperformance appraisals for the administrative purposesuch as for pay raise and promotion consideration.Which help emphasize teamwork and creativity, etc.other than interpersonal skills or managerial skills, ortechnical skills. Employee Involvement and Job Security: our bankseek employees involvement and provide job security. Employee relations: our bank create a healthynetwork among employees.
  9. 9. What is your HR process? Our HR process is :
  10. 10. What are your HR initiatives? Our HR initiatives are:
  11. 11. People oriented Deployment, Promotion andselection policies: HR Resourcing policy Promotion policy for officers Transfer policy for officers Promotion policies for clerical Overseas selection policyTalent identification & Groomingprogrammes: SEED (Self efficiency and effectivenessdevelopment)Customised Leadership developmentprogrammes: PROJECT LEAP PROJECT UDAANEmployee performance management systemBaroda Sujhav(Role-change programmes and executivedevelopment programmes
  12. 12. Thank you sir, for giving me such My pleasure…beneficial information.