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Procure to Pay Transformation Case Study


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Procure to Pay Transformation.
Presentation originally made at the SMART Supply Chain Conference, June 2013. This transformation won the Award for Procurement Excellence.

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Procure to Pay Transformation Case Study

  1. 1. Optus Procure to Pay Transformation The Journey 26 June 2013 Karen Carmichael Director, Procurement SingTel Optus Raj Dhawan Senior Manager, Operations Management Consulting Accenture 1
  2. 2. Optus Procurement Transformation AGENDA Procurement @ Optus Fix the Basics Procure to Pay Drive Value Enhance capability Change Management 2
  3. 3. Optus Procurement Transformation Our Procurement From Stickers To Satellites 10,000 Staff requesting over... ...$3.5bn in goods and services each year... ...with more than 3000 Suppliers. All to ensure we deliver daily service and products to more than 10 million consumers services along with Wholesale and Business customers. Our procurement team delivers one of the industries lowest cost to spend model, supporting sourcing across a diverse range of goods and services. We are almost at our goal, it hasn’t always been easy but we have come along way in our transformation journey. 3
  4. 4. Innovative Sourcing Solutions Optus Procurement Transformation Why Transform? To lead our business in the development and execution of innovative sourcing and purchasing strategies in an advancing digital world. A reactive transactional procurement capability that was seen as complex and confusing along with inconsistent and disaggregated supplier management. We were seen as a roadblock Our Situation 2010 Our Goal • Fix the basics: standardise our processes • Procure to Pay: improve effectiveness and efficiency •Drive value: enable cost benefit to the business • Enhance capability: continuous improvement, upskilling, buy talent Our Approach 4
  5. 5. Optus Procurement Transformation AGENDA Procurement @ Optus Fix the Basics Procure to Pay Drive Value Enhance capability Change Management 5
  6. 6. Optus Procurement Transformation Fix the Basics Deliver sustainable cost management strategies Be streamlined and efficient Have effective governance and compliance Ensure superior performance Enable business strategy $- $200 $400 $600 $800 $1,000 $1,200 $1,400 0 20 40 60 80 100 Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June TendersinProgress Direct Indirect Value ($mil) # $mil New Process New Engagement & Governance New Tracking and Analytics New Supplier Governance Deliver Quick Win Value The Goal The Change 6
  7. 7. CLOSER Optus Procurement Transformation Fix the Basics Results are being seen in compliance to Top Gun process and process timelines Intensive coaching model and weekly measurement to embed Top Gun process Key metrics and processes are in place, allowing us to pro-actively manage our business $- $200 $400 $600 $800 $1,000 $1,200 $1,400 0 20 40 60 80 100 Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June TendersinProgress Direct Indirect Value ($mil) # $mil Embedding new Tender process and delivering Efficiency. Delivering Procurement Efficiency 40% reduction in time to market A new ‘Top Gun’ process was introduced across procurement to deliver an efficient and effective sourcing strategy. Phase II intends to focus on the automation of this embedded process. Accountability Collaboration Champion Empowerment Development A rigorous governance and tracking of the process allows us to ensure it is operating effectively. Individual tracker for every Top Gun tender measures timeline and marks the completion of every step. Visual Tender Wall with Fortnightly ‘Round Wall’ meetings ensure challenge areas are discussed as a team. Roll Up view allows us to Champion the most critical cases. Tender on a page allows for Post Implementation reviews to continue development Tender boards promote healthy competition and empower to succeed. New process 7
  8. 8. CLOSER Optus Procurement Transformation Fix the Basics We also ensured active tracking was in place to allow for the appropriate and timely management of the process. Process efficiency Area From To Aged Tenders No emphasis on the age of tenders, no age targets, no visibility to age We report weekly on aged tender progress, with a target of a 50% reduction in tenders over 1 yr age. Monthly reporting to MDs Expired Agreement No visibility to contract expiry, managed on reactive basis as the business realised contracts had expired Interim manual reporting established, all expiring contracts evaluated and renewal work kicks off where required PO Compliance No visibility to the portion of POs below $100k that complied with Procurement policy Regular audit has kicked off to drive the right behaviour and educate Tender Communication Each Cat Mgr running a disparate process, with different communications, folder format etc. Difficult to arrange cover during absences Standardised, documented process being rolled out based on consistent dropbox format and comm’s templates WOC’s Average 25 WOCs over 2 weeks, no visibility or management of aged WOCs Average 3 WOCs over 2 weeks, KPIs in place, aged WOCs actively managed Active Management of Aged Tenders and Expired agreements 88% Reduction in WOC’s >2 Weeks of Age. 8
  9. 9. Optus Procurement Transformation Fix the Basics A new governance framework was embedded to make our buying decisions easier whilst providing clarity to the Business. Governance Supplier SegmentationSupplier relationship Model Understand their importance External Supplier Governance Internal GovernanceExternal Governance 9
  10. 10. CLOSER Optus Procurement Transformation Fix the Basics New Performance Dashboards and Saving Trackers are in place to ensure we are on track to realise our benefits to Optus. Performance Mgmt $333K savings based on average of BAFO responses less final price Addressing all these have demonstrated the ability to save $$. As seen in the Mobile E2E Planning Tender 10
  11. 11. CLOSER Optus Procurement Transformation Fix the Basics We have aligned our spend and suppliers into the relevant categories and now have a new taxonomy to perform spend diagnostics Spend Analytics Allows for Strategic positioning for cost and delivery efficiency. Understanding our spend and the new taxonomy it aligns to. 11
  12. 12. Optus Procurement Transformation Fix the Basics A monthly Supplier dashboard provides us with detailed information to ensure we are maximising the vendor relationship. Vendor Mgmt Ensuring our suppliers are delivering to our expectations in a consistent and standardised evaluation framework. Detailed scorecards for our Strategic Suppliers performance across common criteria: - Quality / Safety & Sustainability -.Delivery - Cost Mgmt & Pricing - Service Responsiveness - Capabilities & Innovation 12
  13. 13. Optus Procurement Transformation Fix the Basics The key to communicating change and process to the business is our new and interactive PortalEngagement In addition to improvements in usability, the site introduces; • sourcing procedures for each spend bracket (how to buy) • Refreshed Procurement policies • Download packs for key processes • Comprehensive help functions. Just a quick note of positive feedback on your Portal – it is outstanding! From a project delivery perspective, the site offers everything we need to know and more – great work! And our Customers Love It 13
  14. 14. Optus Procurement Transformation AGENDA Procurement @ Optus Fix the Basics Procure to Pay Drive Value Enhance capability Change Management 14
  15. 15. Optus Procurement Transformation Procure to Pay – Context • No clear framework to buy • Manual, sub-optimal processes; inefficient workflows and duplicate approvals • Lack of clear policies • Poor user experience – for both business as well as procurement • Crude way of linking contracts with purchase orders. • No supplier integration. • No catalogues. • Underutilisation of current system • Poor usability. • No spend categorisation • Lack of compliance reports • Overheads with time spent on admin activities • Annualised benefits of $9.5M • Compliance increase by 11% • Better relationship with vendors • Quick and accurate reporting • No longer seen as a roadblock • Improved usability • Specialised/assisted buying Process & Technology Operating Model Reporting & Compliance Benefits
  16. 16. Optus Procurement Transformation Procure to Pay – High Level Buying Model PO Buying Channels Catalog/Material Master i.e. Contract exists P-Card ProcurementPortal SinglePointofEntry PO BusinessRequestors Invoice Payment >$200k² <$200k and >$3k Determine Approach and Execute Strategy Category Manager Supplier Engagement (Sourcing/Variation) Suppliers Contract Manager Develop/Update Contract Spot Buy Team Define Approach and Execute Request Market Engagement (Quote/Auction) POP Yes No On MM /Catalogue ? IdentifiedNeed Receipt Free-Text Request On Catalogue OR above $5K <5k and not on Catalogue/MM Functional Help Desk Sourcing Buying Reactive Buying/Sourcing A new buying framework was defined that introduced compliance, made buying easier and provided category specific flexibility
  17. 17. We introduced a process that would make purchasing easier for goods and services that were on contract. Start at our Portal Search & Select the Product & Populate request Form Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 POP places order in SAP We now show our contracted products through a search and select engine. Easy for the user and enables powerful spend reporting. Based on the analysis of 46,000 PO’s from Jan 2011 to Dec 2011 we expected ~60% to flow through this process. Remaining volumes will be through one of the 3 Alternate PR processes. Requestor POP’s Optus Procurement Transformation Procure to Pay – Simplifying Buying 17
  18. 18. Optus Procurement Transformation Procure to Pay – Assisted Buying When there is no contract or contracted material we have sourcing teams that support a Purchase Request.. No Contract Requisition Raise a PR The SOURCE4U Team will approve and trigger PO The SOURCE4U Team will work with you to source the best vendor and product and approve for you to raise a PO Category Managers will work with you to determine the best sourcing approach. Team of 18 18
  19. 19. Optus Procurement Transformation Procure to Pay – Spend Taxonomy UNSPSC list 4 Levels: Segment Family Class Commodity 39,000 general categories Preliminary analysis Optus categories’ customisation • GL accounts impacted (PO Historical data) • Optus categories (Optus doc. & Discussions) Customised UNSPSC list Mix of UNSPSC levels 1, 2 & 3 List of unique categories Customised mix of UNSPSC levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 900 telco specific categories ~300 Optus customised categories • Telco specific materials • Optimal level of spend accuracy Procurement validation & update of categories Allowing Optus to get better visibility of spend and enabling the identification of sourcing opportunities
  20. 20. Challenge Lack of sophisticated reporting system Only 6% of available SAP procurement reports utilised SAP BW not used for procurement / spend reporting Reporting largely a manual and time- consuming task Limited contract reporting available and no alerts for contract renewal Purchases not linked to contracts – not possible to track contract spend No material master and therefore no product categorisation No meaningful information on what has been bought Lack of a hierarchical sub-category structure We need a powerful reporting capability Contract Lifecycle Management Spend Taxonomy and improved buying High quality analytics Enhance SAP Introduce CLM Enhance BW = Governance & operational challenges Technology Optus Procurement Transformation Procure to Pay – Need for better governance 20 Capability
  21. 21. Optus Procurement Transformation Procure to Pay – Closing the Loop 1 , Publish contract to CMS , Trigger for contract creation Initiate Authoring C1 Collaboration C5 Finalise Contract C6 a) set up vendor C3 Interface MasterData Material Catalogue b) create materials Material Group c) mapto taxonomy Outline Agreement Created C7 Need for Product/ Services Create Requisition Receipt Reconcile Invoice R6 SAP CLM • Choose and edittemplate • Add contract header level data • Identify vendor C4 Acknowledgement from CMS C9 • Contract expiry • Strat sourcing/ tendering • Negotiate Contract • Finalise withBusiness • Completed legal contract • Scan signed copy and attach • Materials setup Set-up Master Data C2 C8 • Contract header • Line items • Price and pricing conditions R1 SAP CMS • Requestor • PoP • Raise free-textrequest if not on contract Generate PO R2 R3 • Link PO to Contractor PR • Generate andsend PO to vendor R5R2 • Goods/services • Three-way match • Make payment SAP BW REPORTING CLMReports REPORTING CMS Reports REPORTING BW Reports New capability Existing – Change Anticipated Existing – No ChangeAnticipated Vendor Master Requisition to Pay SAP CMS Master Data C R Contract Creation Steps Requisition toPay ReportingRP RP RP RP • Financial line of business Seek Approval R4 21 The business architecture helped close the loop between sourcing and buying helping with category management, contract management and vendor management.
  22. 22. Optus Procurement Transformation Procure to Pay – Implementation Timeline Start Mon 26/09/11 October November December January March April May June Plan Mon 26/09/11 - Thu 20/10/11 Design Mon 17/10/11 - Fri 23/12/11 Build Mon 21/11/11 – Fri 27/01/12 Test Mon 23/01/11 - Mon 23/04/12 Deploy Mon 30/01/12 - Fri 23/04/12 Warranty Support Mon 23/04/12 - Mon 16/07/12 SIT 1 Completion Fri 17/02/12 Go-Live Data Migration Approach Contract Master List Project Charter RTM Testing Strategy Functional Designs Technical Designs Sign off Trial Migration Plan Test Plan Test Scripts Detailed Business Processes Tue 21/02/12 SIT 2 Completion Fri 2/03/12 UAT Completion Thu 23/03/12 Handover Documentation Thu 19/04/12 Taxonomy IA & Solution (Custom) Taxonomy IA & Solution (Standard) Taxonomy SIT Completion Thu 9/02/12 22 The implementation followed a typical systems lifecycle, however it was business led rather than technology led. The focus was on business benefits (compliance, savings, user experience, simplification) rather than technology.
  23. 23. 23 A post deployment support structure has been established as follows, the details of which are currently under discussion: CMS Team Optus Procurement Transformation Procure to Pay – Support Structure
  24. 24. Procurement @ Optus Fix the Basics Procure to Pay Drive Value Enhance capability Change Management Optus Procurement Transformation AGENDA 24
  25. 25. Optus Procurement Transformation Procure to Pay – Summary of Business Benefits 25 • Competitive sourcing process of obtaining 3 quotes for all purchases between $5K -$200K • Purchase requisitions <$200K managed by central team • Centralised Management Information reporting • Increased governance, compliance and fraud prevention • The result has been a 2% increase in contract compliance, when compared to FY11 • The result has been a 11% increase in contract compliance, when compared to FY11 • Central repository for supplier contracts established • Strong governance of an agreed purchasing process • Ability to enforce linking of purchases to the contract terms and value • Ability to buy off a list of standard goods and services; enables centralised and specialised buying • Ability to link purchases to contracts at the time of purchasing thereby providing improved visibility of purchasing activity on and off contract across Optus Estimated @ $3.2M per annum Estimated @ $5.5M per annum Fixed Core Engineering (FCE) & Customer Provisioning (CP) • Independent sourcing process in place • Pre-approved panel of suppliers are leveraged for every RFQ • Source4U team validate all quotes received and process the PRs Estimated @ $5.4M per annum Savings Category Key Highlights Estimated Annual Benefits
  26. 26. Optus Procurement Transformation Drive Value Optimus has allowed for the introduction of process control and powerful reporting. Reporting Understanding our Spend All the work behind the scenes that has gone into converting our process into a standardise system based process . This allows for new and exciting reporting and analytics. Ensuring we can help the wider business meet it’s strategic goals. A standardised Taxonomy for materials, whether contracted or not, will allow a greater level of reporting by Material Spend. Linking that spend and materials with Contracts provide and even greater level of spend analytics. 26
  27. 27. 27 Total tenders has fallen from 86 in Feb 2011 to ~30 in June 2012. The aging profile has also improved dramatically. ‘Tenders in progress’ has fallen due to an improvement in median time from 187 to 95 calendar days… …and because we’re cancelling or pipelining tenders earlier. 65% reduction 49% reduction Old process New target Actual Performance against target Performance against old process Simple 203 88 80 -9% -60% Medium 210 151 119 -21% -43% Complex 545 217 150 -31% -72% Tenders Cancelled 44 Pipeline 4 Optus Procurement Transformation Drive Value
  28. 28. Optus Procurement Transformation Drive Value FY13 Incremental OPEX Target FY13 Incremental CAPEX Target FY13 Incremental Target FY13 Existing OPEX Stretch Expectations Final FY13 Cost Benefit Target $0m $100m We now take accountability for shared KPIs to drive down $100m costs in our business for FY13 28
  29. 29. Procurement @ Optus Fix the Basics Procure to Pay Drive Value Enhance capability Optus Procurement Transformation AGENDA 29
  30. 30. Optus Procurement Transformation Enhance Capability We introduced 3 new support teams for our system and process change. New Teams Contract Management Category Management Operations & Performance Supports the Business With ‘Off-Contract’ Purchases under $200k Supports POP’s with a Unique ‘how to’ help desk for our new process. Ensures our Material and Vendor Data is clean and up to date, Current Structures remained as is and is the stage 3 of transformation 30
  31. 31. Optus Procurement Transformation Enhance Capability Our new teams are critical to ensuring a smooth sourcing process.Reporting Performing: • Creation, updating and blocking of materials, vendors • Contract pricing • Linking materials to existing categorisation by liaising with category managers Performing: • First point of contact for POPs around new procurement processes related queries • Link to alternate support based on the query type and complexity (link to Procurement category/contract managers, IT, SAP, etc) Performing: • Competitive sourcing of non contracted spend ($5K to $200K) • Optimal pricing as per business specifications and/or requirements • Validation of <$5k PR purchases 31
  32. 32. Optus Procurement Transformation Enhance Capability We have begun the final journey in transformation, we are restructuring and retooling our workforce. PEOPLE Procurement Organisation Alignment Full Strategic Sourcing 18/6 25/06 02/07 09/07 16/07 23/07 30/07 06/08 13/08 20/08 27/08 03/09 10/09 17/09 24/09 01/10 08/10 15/10 22/10 29/10 05/11 12/11 19/11 26/11 03/12 10/12 17/12 24/12 31/12 07/01 14/01 21/01 28/01 04/02 Category Planning Restructure our Team Enhance our resource capability Educate and Enhance our resources. Contract Calibration Enhance Contract Capability Aligned with Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Mgmt solution Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan 32
  33. 33. Procurement @ Optus Fix the Basics Procure to Pay Drive Value Change Management Optus Procurement Transformation AGENDA 33
  34. 34. Optus Procurement Transformation Change Management Firstly we created a brand and then got busy…. We have introduced a lot of change to our business in a very short period of time. What was key to our success? 34
  35. 35. Optus Procurement Transformation Change Management We had a multi layer of change management. Wider Audience, Detailed Engagement and Training. Change Mgmt Wider Communication Engagement Training We continued to educate our Change Network and expanded to more targeted areas. -Corporate Services Quarterly road show presentation. - VIRGIN SLT Update - Networks SLT update - VIRGIN POP Info Session - Fixed Core GM Update - MDSS Targeted Communication and Process - UECOMM Walk through We performed regular communications drops and highlighted our Category Mgmt in our Videos. Talking about OPTIMUS. We developed a unique Training Portal and face to face training 35
  36. 36. Base your requirements on a standard build and communicate high level change Understand any unique needs of the business areas that you may need to be flexible with and communicate in a more targeted fashion Ensure those who use the process the most understand the overall change and any unique processes for their area. Optus Procurement Transformation Change Management We drilled down on all previous spend to understand the highest traffic areas and ensured tailored communications were developed Change Mgmt Over 45,000 PO’s Spending over $3.5 bn Networks Consumer OB SMB Corporate T&P OWS Mobile Core Fixed Core Service Assurance MDSS XXX XXX Standard Process Unique Process Engage the Users Requestors POP’s Business Unit Division Department Our People Using Networks as an example we understood Networks to be a large user of our process and that Mobile Core Engineering was one of the largest divisions within this spend. Inside Mobile Core Engineering a Department called MDSS was the largest contributor. We spent a lot of time with Mobile Core Mgmt and their Top Requestors / POP’s ensuring they were comfortable and that any unique needs were addressed. 36
  37. 37. Optus Procurement Transformation Change Management We developed Information booklets as well as ebooks for our users.Change Mgmt 37
  38. 38. Optus Procurement Transformation Our new dawn has come and we are ready for the future New Brand New ways to communicate Continue to Improve Drive Cost Efficiency Enhance our Taxonomy Interact Globally Focus on Vendor Relationships