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Request for overdrafting facility


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Request for overdrafting facility

  1. 1. Request For An Overdraft Facility 2011 Juniper Pvt. Limited 191/ N, 4th Floor North Block, Plaza Avenue, Agra (U.P)-282010 Phone: 0562-4568952, 53, 54 Fax: 0562- 2653478, 79 Date: 17thOct. 2011Ref: VGT/ 0091ToThe Branch ManagerState Bank Of IndiaJaipur HouseAgraSir, Sub: Request For Granting Overdraft FacilityKindly be informed that for last five years we have been operating our current accountno. 8965423659 with your bank. Ours is an enterprise which has been expanding for lastcouple of years and the transactions have increased for more than Rs. 5,00,000 permonth from the said account and the future has more to come. In order to keep pacewith the rapid expansion of our business enterprise we face problem of securingadditional funds for a certain period of time.In order to make it through such times, we would be highly obliged if you pleaseconsider granting us the overdraft facility of Rs. 50,000 at a time. Please inform of thefurther procedure and terms to be followed. We are sure that we won’t be rebuffed from our above request. Thank You With Regards For, Juniper Pvt. Limited ( ) Rajat Sharma Managing DirectorCommunication For Management Page 1