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Jumbo king strategy

  1. 1. Friday, October 07, 2011JUMBO KING- The Vada Pav SpecialistCompany HistoryJumbo King began its journey to brand the Vada Pav on 23rd August 2001 with aninitial investment of Rs. 200,000. Inspired by western models and applying it toIndian food, Jumbo King believes that the common man has the constitutionalright to get hygienic food at an affordable price! Jumbo King has been founded byMBA couple from SymbiosisDheeraj Gupta and Reeta Gupta. Jumbo King has ateam of people spanning the functional areas of operations, businessdevelopment, franchisee relations and marketing. Operations looks into storerunning, logistics and training. The head office at Jumbo King is called the SupportCentre and the operation team supports the franchisee network and their staff torun the store as per the guidelines laid down by the franchising system of JumboKing. The business development team looks at increasing the number of outlets byensuring a new outlet to be opened as fast as possible, for which they do a strongsurvey and ensure that the outlet is in the best possible area. Franchisee relationshave to be maintained by solving their queries and lending a helping handwherever possible. Marketing looks after the media, promotions, branding etc.Jumbo King celebrates 23rd August as the Vada Pav Day since on that day of 2001it came into existence.The Journey…23rd August 2001 – First Outlet was opened.Currently, we have only 38 outlets in Mumbai and Thane area (20 self-owned and18 franchises). If we compare this numbers with 20,000 Vada Pav sellers then wehave only about 2% market share. Vada Pav in Mumbai is a big business.What’s on Offer?On offer are vadapavs (a potato-based patty in a bun), Pepsi and lassi. This is fastfood Mumbai style. Basically, Jumbo King has four Vada Pav recipes, namelyButter, Cheese, Grill and Brown Bread. Further we add flavours and offer about 16varieties of Vada Pav. For instance, butter range offers Butter Jumbo King, ButterGrill Jumbo King, Butter Cholle Jumbo King.Assignment By Rajat Sharma[Type text] Page 1
  2. 2. Friday, October 07, 2011Vada Strategies:Market Penetration & Development: (Market Development)Distribution through Franchisees- Target to open near to 5000 outlets all overIndia in a span of 8-9 years. From one outlet in 1991, Jumbo King reached 45 byearly this year. It is targeting 250 this year, and has already forayed toGujarat(Ahmedabad & Baroda) from its home state of Maharashtra andhavechalked out drastic expansion plans in Gujarat and Mumbai.According to thecompanys plans, the funds will be used for setting up more owner-operatedoutlets (outlets are franchised now), and kiosks within malls, retail chains andairports. A deal has been signed with Bharat Petroleum for kiosks at gasolinepumps. And Jumbo King plans to move inside railway stations; talks are on withIndian Railways for outlets on platforms.Currently, the franchisee relations team is negotiating for 10-12 locations inMumbai. Two or three people can jointly open a franchise store.Product Innovation:Gupta has changed all the rules by introducing automation, packaging, a largersize, different cheese, round bread (otherwise the pav is square) and flat pattiesinstead of round.New recipe would be Paneer Jumbo King. In the coming 2-3 months would beadding new range of Vada Pav in the menu.Assignment By Rajat Sharma[Type text] Page 2