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                                    If you thought using far-flung resources to handle y...
IPW is
InfoPro Worldwide (IPW) provides solutions through the utilization of its
technical expertise and proven methods of...
InfoPro Worldwide (IPW) provides resources and support throughout the
entire project life cycle in order t o ensure proper...
InfoPro Worldwide (IPW) understands t hat the ability to deliver innovative
solutions depends on t he ability to utilize v...
The diverse range of
The diverse range of industries that have utilized the services of InfoPro
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Ipw Company Profile

  1. 1. Get yourself a dedicated partner If you thought using far-flung resources to handle your finance and Cut your costs substantially accounts function and to tackle complicated IT projects w as a solution fraught with danger, think again. Outsourcing is now a trillion- dollar industry representing 25% of the typical U.S. executive’s budget. InfoPro Worldwide (IPW) gives the standard outsourcing approach a twist by partnering with its clients and providing a dedicated team. We understand technology partnering and the issues that affect a successful partnership initiative. Whether you are a start-up, a company in your first or second stage of funding, or a large established company looking to reduce operational costs, we have the solution to address your needs. IPW can provide you the technology solutions that would help you have a sustained competitive advantage. What makes us so sure we can deliver the solution you require? Simply put our core strengths. Our Approach Understand business needs and setup custom designed teams based on our proven service model approach. Our People Work with managers, developers & accountants, who are experienced, proactive, diligent, and bright. Our Solution Integrate cutting-edge technology with proven standardized methodology to deliver solutions that meet client expectations. What can you expect from us? A dedicated professional team to handle your complete requirement Cost-effectiveness through our offshore center Knowledge Transfer through extensive documentation and training Availability of monitoring tools to ensure no surprises on delivery A dedicated US Project Manager with whom you can pickup the phone and talk
  2. 2. IPW is InfoPro Worldwide (IPW) provides solutions through the utilization of its technical expertise and proven methods of customer service and support . dedicated to partnering with its IPW is dedicated t o partnering with its clients, in order to achieve clients. Our vast resources allow solutions, which meet their business objectives, and assists in positioning us to undertake projects of them as world-class organizations. varying complexities. Our commitment Co m pan y Background Our commitment to providing our clients with superior IPW was incorporated in the year 1989, in order to ser vice and support has lead to the development of focus on and take advantage of its expertise in the proven service models created to effectively meet the delivery of effective software solutions. wide range of our clients' needs. With access to Headquartered in Monmouth, New Jersey, IPW numerous resources, IPW will be able to provide has the capability to address various challenges faced the necessary components needed to assist in solutions by organizations including the need to acquire or that will help increase productivity and reduce costs. improve their Internet presence and capabilities. IPW is committed to maintaining the latest technological capabilities in order to provide the ser vice and support needed to ensure the success of We specialize in providing project based solutions to our clients as they strive to realize their full business address the growing needs of an organization. Our potential. areas of expertise include complete outsourcing of finance and accounts functions, Software Development, Process Development and Re- engineering, Migration, Networking, Maintenance and Our Philosophy Training. IPW believes in partnering with clients that are in various stages of their business life cycle. If you are a Offices start-up, a company in your first or second stage of funding, or large established company looking to IPW has offices located in US, UK, France and India. reduce operational costs, IPW has the solution that Our offshore development facility help us in r educing will address your needs. Building partnerships with our development cost to our clients. clients is a priority, which is why in selective cases, IPW can offer the option of providing its ser vices at Offshore Corporate Office & a highly reduced cost. Development Center Development Center C-4, Sector 58 InfoPro Worldwide, Inc. Noida, UP 201301 12 Perrine Road, Suite # 104 IPW understands its capabilities and ser vice, which India Monmouth Jn., NJ 08852 is why our company will only partner in projects that tel: 91.120.2586.524 USA truly fit our service offerings. Also, IPW will only fax: 91.120.2586.523 Tel: +1 609 606 9020 commit to a select number of projects, which will Fax: +1 732 875 0781 allow us to spend all the time and attention needed to properly address and complete an assignment.
  3. 3. InfoPro Worldwide (IPW) provides resources and support throughout the entire project life cycle in order t o ensure proper development , installation, trouble-shooting and training without interruption of our clients' day-t o-day business operations. Our seasoned project managers and experienced soft ware engineers work closely with our client s t o ensure t hat our software solutions meet their technological needs and expect at ions. O n- Sit e Service Model Fixed -Cost Development Model IPW can setup an entire team of technical If you have well-defined requirements, we can offer professionals at your location. By using on-site ser vice, you a fixed cost solution. This eliminates the our clients benefit from an ongoing production uncertainties of development cost and helps in environment and the ability to oversee day- to-day planning your project budget in advance. This is best development and progress of the project at hand. By suited for clients with complete project specifications gaining a full under standing of our client's needs, in place. If you do not already have well defined IPW utilizes its project management skills and requirements, we can first develop your requirements expertise to take full responsibility for an entire project on a Time and Material basis and then, provide you from start to finish. with a Fixed Cost solution. Offshore Development Model Right - to- Hire Model Due to the extensive amount of resources available to IPW offer s the service of setting up a team of InfoPro, we ar e able to provide service via our offshore experienced project managers and developers to development facilities. IPW can significantly r educe initially develop a system and then offering the client the development costs associated with labor by the option of hiring them on a full-time basis. While drawing on the extensive resources at our facilities in IPW incurs the risk, the client has the benefit of an India. With our project managers in the U.S., IPW experienced technical team as well as saving the costs is able to effectively manage and utilize a credible and associated with project handovers & knowledge reliable pool of knowledge and expertise. This transfer. provides the added benefit to our clients that the project is being executed by a known source that has pr oven skills in the areas required to move development forward. Consulting Service Model InfoPro is also able to draw upon and utilize the support of its vast array of resources in the U.S. and India, in order to offer consulting services that may Hybrid Development Model suit our clients' needs. This consultation ser vice model helps to address short term and extremely When fast turnaround is needed for a project, IPW specialized expectations. can offer the combination of both our on-site and offshore capabilities. By providing round the clock development time to our clients, IPW can provide the necessary response needed to complete a project and at the same time reduce production costs through the offshore facilities.
  4. 4. InfoPro Worldwide (IPW) understands t hat the ability to deliver innovative solutions depends on t he ability to utilize vast technological capabilities IPW has established its own and resources as well as the ability t o provide superior service and standards and methodology, support . At InfoPro, we take pride in our ability t o work with our client s which have been tested and on solutions t hat address numerous needs. Due t o our dept h of experience and superior service, IPW can create a collaborative effort proven to be highly successful with its client s that will provide flexible and cost- effective solutions and certified by ISO 9001:2000 addressing even the most complex of challenges. Development Environment Project Management IPW possesses the technological capabilities to Our seasoned project managers and experienced effectively under take projects, however challenging software engineers work closely with our clients to they might be. We are capable of working on many ensure that our software solutions meet their different platforms with a particular expertise within technological needs and expectations. Our team of Microsoft technologies. By utilizing the Microsoft project managers, architects, developers, graphic solution framework IPW can provide the reliable artists, documentation experts and QA specialists, can and quality solutions that our clients expect. If you partner with an organization's IT personnel, in order choose to have a Java solution for the Unix world, to create Internet solutions ranging from building a IPW can help you even with that. portal site from ground zero to systems that require robust back-end operations. Internet Related Technology Standards and Methodology Due to the rapid and continuing evolution of the IPW has established its own standards and Inter net and its r ole within organizations, IPW has methodology, which have been tested and proven to dedicated itself to understanding and continuously be highly successful. These internally developed upgrading its abilities to provide organizations standards and methods are used in all our service solutions that address their Inter net needs. models in order to provide the superior service that our clients expect. Our rigorous documentation standards have helped us in maintaining the high levels of coordination required in developing Enterprise Solutions enterprise solutions with globally dispersed teams. Our standards and process have been certified by ISO With growing competition, large corporations are 9001:2000. looking to automate their operations and searching for IT solutions that give them a distinct competitive edge. While these IT solutions help in increasing the productivity, they also play a very important r ole in Quality Control and Testing reducing their costs. InfoPro has the technical capabilities and Quality Assurance controls that include processes that will ensure the proper operation of software in any setting. IPW has extensive experience in implementing The software that is developed will go through a Enterprise-wide solutions to meet the computing needs stringent testing process to ensure that it is completely of various departments in Fortune 500 companies. Our functional and reliable. In addition, interim testing analysts have been extremely successful in analyzing and progress reports provide the necessary and understanding the business environment, and information to maintain the project's schedule, budget implementing large-scale solutions requiring robust considerations and its overall objectives. backend support.
  5. 5. The diverse range of The diverse range of industries that have utilized the services of InfoPro industries that have utilized Worldwide (IPW) exemplifies the versatility and flexibility that our company the services of IPW can offer. Our ability to perform our services within different industries has provided us with t he added insight required to create processes and exemplifies the versatility designs capable of adapting to any situation. and flexibility that our company can offer. Domain Experience Insurance and Health Care Banking and Financial Services Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Education Publishing Hospitality eCommerce Consumer Products Real Estate & Construction Partial Client List Our selective list of fine companies is a testimonial to the ability of IPW to deliver its promise of technical expertise and superior ser vice. Compunnel K Hovnanian Enterprises Incubation Systems American Stock Transfer Trust Help in It iCollege Inc. NABISCO Holdings Inc., Sprint Consumer Products Inc.(a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) Inc. US Information Systems Inc. Viacom International AM Best Ethicon Inc., (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson) Vestcom Mid-Atlantic (Formerly Comvestrix) Verizon Implex Corporation Tiffany & Co. Inc. Oracle Corporation Publishing Resources Inc. Seagate Technology LLC QEI Inc. Madame Alexander Dolls Inc. SDA Synavant (Formerly Clark O' Neill) Business Transitions Inc. Aston Associates Degussa Corporation Amerex Corporation InsureHelp.Com LLC Aeroflot Cumberland Farms Gartner Group, Inc. Professional Detailing Inc. Symantec Corporation Dresdner Bank Novartis AG Black Board Inc. AMC Corporation Inc.